The Reasons Why Salvatore Kiir Took Nuer With Him to USA

By Lt. Col. Mandak G. Rundiaal,


James Kok Ruea and Gordon Buay Malek traveling to Washington(Photo: Buay)

James Kok Ruea and Gordon Buay Malek traveling to Washington(Photo: Buay)

August 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I am hereby calling upon all my comrades in United states of America to rise up and show the world that Salvatore Kiir lost his legitimacy on 15th December 2013 when he unleashed his reign of terror on innocent Nuer civilians and put our country into abyss, by organizing a big protest against why United States of America, the world police and the voice of voiceless and justice for injustice invited Salvatore Kiir to Washington District of Columbia.

And make sure you invited your American friends, rights and faith groups who worked tirelessly during our struggle and took our cause to the Congress which paid dividend by putting pressure on National Congress Party to accept peace negotiations that led to signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that paved way for the independence of South Sudan. The blood of our fallen heroes and heroines who laid their lives for South Sudan was put into dustbin and nothing was put in place to honor the sacrifice they made. Our country’s affairs are runs by opportunists’ stagnant sycophants who are not interested into what is good for South Sudan, just to fulfill Salvatore Kiir diabolical plan of turning our beloved nation into one man private entity and South Sudan became hegemony of Warrap. Undoubtedly our country is known in the world for all the wrong reasons, rampant corruption, tribalism, poor international relation and lost vision of our founding’ fathers and South Sudan within its infancy named NUMBER ONE FRAGILE STATE in the WORLD and in the top five of world failed states.

In addition, Salvatore Kiir knew he has committed genocide on Nuer people in Juba in watchful eyes of international community and inflicted immortal wounds that will never heal leave alone held those who committed atrocities to account. And in the mist of despair there come opportunists who are always looking for a disaster whether man-made or natural to scavenged what is meant to save lives. Salvatore Kiir and his thugs came up with the plan to pay huge amount of money to Nuer opportunists just to fool the international communities that, the government in Juba is an inclusive to all the tribes and they just did that by recruited these people:

  1. James Kok Ruei,
  2. John Khor Diu Gai,
  3. Riek Gai Kok,
  4. Nyadak Paul,
  5. Buay Malek,
  6. Barnarba Marial Benjamin(Marial Bil Lual)
  7. Simon Kun Puoch Mar,
  8. James Hoth Mai,
  9. Joseph Nguen Monytuel,
  10. John Gach Yoa ,
  11. John Kong Nyuon;

and many more as they thought these individuals with exceptional of Gordon Buay are influential in Nuer nation. The so called government coerced these individuals and their main task is, to mobilize Nuer in diaspora to support the rotting regime by paying them money just to talk bad about Dr. Riek Machar. And they did that by recruited these individuals in United States of America and that is why he sent his advance team of Khor Diew,Buay Malek,James Kok Ruei, Nyadak Paul and Salvatore will be accompanies by Simon Kun Puoch,Barnaba Marial Benjamin(Marial Bil Lual) to arrange the meeting with their supporters in the States .

Below are their names and brief backgrounds:

Moses Koang Ruot Jany in Nashville, Tennessee this guy is an opportunistic, arrogant and duplicitous person who never paid attention to other people’s pain and sufferings and he was security agent for the Sorah Ingaz National Salvation Front (NIF) later changed to National Congress Party (NCP). And during his time in northern Sudan a lot of people (South Sudanese) disappeared without a trace because he was fully connected with Ibrahim Shamsedin, the chief security and architect of the National Salvation Front who murdered a lot of South Sudanese during the North-South war. He fled Sudan when he was discovered that all the things that he said were not bona fide .and he later associated himself with Dr.Riek Machar and rang Dr. Machar at least three times a day. Plus he has been in the United States of America for more than ten years and yet he did not complete a single diploma from community colleges. He traveled to South Sudan in 2009 a ticket that was funded by the community members because he cannot afford his own ticket, he asked Dr.Riek Machar to fund his mysterious and nonexistence organization and asked to be appointed to be a minister in the central government in Juba or governor of Upper Nile state. Due to his lack of qualification Machar was so generous enough and offered him to be in protocol team to manage the guests’ accommodations in which he reacted angrily and his mini god (Salvatore) he is worshipping today asked Dr. Machar to eliminate him(ghosts house) because he was disrespectful to the then government of southern Sudan. Hitherto, he was a friend to Dr. Machar and he was infuriated when Dr. Machar asked him to have at least a certificate to be appointed. He switched his allegiance from Dr. Riek Machar to Salvatore. In addition, he has been government employee since then because he said bad things about Dr.Machar. When the war broke out in South Sudan he found an opportunity to exploits and immediately rang Juba to pay him extra money to recruits some supporters in the United States of America plus talking to White Army in Eastern Jikany to abnegate the fighting for survival and summit to Salvateror. To all the people in Tennessee cognizance of this ostensible buffoonery individual who always insinuated the truth! He got paid to hires someone to maim anyone who is against the injustice in South Sudan by Salvateror.

Salvatore agents are too many and John Gilo Ujuade his grandfather was assimilated into Nuer long time ago and in the lieu of this mess he personally denied being a Nuer a man who was considered by Naath to be one of them betrayed them in the time of strife and he is in total denial of his brother in law death in the hands of Salvatore’s thugs in Malakal when they brutally murdered anyone they perceived to be Nuer. He was about to travel to Ethiopia and proceed to Nasir just to collect some information to be used against the freedom fighters movements in Upper Nile state. His ticket was paid for and he received $3,000 pocket money. His betray began when SPLM secretarial Dinka Chairman Tribalist Mongok Mangok Mayan Mangar fired everybody in secretariat and hand-picked those whom are loyal to him. Eventually his tribe man by the name of Joseph Manut introduced him to John Gilo Ujuade. Joseph told Mangok if you made John Gilo your vice chairman then everything will run smoothly because John will always listen to you. Now you have to remember back in 2003 when SPLA soldiers were fighting Sudan armed forces in Juba traitor John Gilo Ujuade organized event in downtown Nashville whereby he invited Sudanese ambassador from Washington DC to Nashville Tennessee for celebration. I wonder why on earth such an individual could invite someone whose government was killing Southern Sudanese soldiers back then.

Another person is Steven Miyong Kawang former of chairman of SPLM local chapter in the state of Nebraska. This individual has been known for being a traitor and trouble-maker in Nuer community who hate Dr. Riek Machar to death. He can hate Dr. Riek Machar all he wants but why support Salva Kiir brutal regime that has killed thousand and thousands of Nuer innocent civilians including the murder of Later former governor Gabriel Gatluak Deng ‘s son ? He first began his reign by destroying Nasir Community Association (NCA) in 2001 when he used to live in the state of Tennessee. He had stolen the community money and was never recovered. Several years later, he moved to Lincoln Nebraska where he ran for chairmanship of SPLM chapter. His Champaign for SPLM chairmanship has not only divided people of Nasir, but also his home clan Cie-Thiep. Since the war broke out in December 15, 2013 this traitor has been in direct communication with Juba leaking out information. The only reason why he hasn’t gone to Juba is because he got a strong woman behind who keep him in check and told him if you leave to support Kiir government that has killed my family I will divorce you (911 on static dial). And the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) is monitoring his movements.

Furthermore, Peter Hoth Tuach also known as Atto is an egocentric individual and one of the foreigners who are exploiting South Sudan resources by joining the paroxysm because the country is runs by egotistical thugs who ascended to power by default as a result of the real heroes being killed. In reality this guy should not receive anything because he refused to volunteer for the then Movement the SPLA by declaring himself Ethiopian. Peter Hoth Tuach was deeply involved in villagers’ conflicts by resurrecting old feuds, paid money to his clansmen to attack other clans and perverted justice. His appointment by Simon Kun Puoch in Upper Nile showed us why Kun Puoch is such an ignoramus individual who is only worshiping Salvatore, because he knows in “Real Democracy” he cannot be a mayor of Kuet-rengke leave alone of being governor of Upper Nile state.

John Wiyual Nyoak or John Jock Nyoak also known as John India who has been working as security agent in Khartoum and all his entire life he is known as duplicitous person who put his interest above everything else, even if it can, cost someone else life this guy would not hesitate. And his past bad deeds are catching him up now. And he contacted Juba to be on Salvatore Kiir Sycophantic Television (SST) program called “One Nation One People” that trying to fools international audiences that, there was no genocide committed in South Sudan. If South Sudan is one people one nation, why only Nuer are fearing for their lives and sought safety and shelter at the United Nations compounds in the Country? Please warn our Freedom Fighters I may not get here in South Sudan not to talk to this egomaniac puppet and parasitic individual.

Moreover, Pendeng or Pendeang Nhial Kier is an ultimate opportunist who never shies away from diabolical act. He wantonly participated in lawlessness during the struggle. He is now an agent like the rest of cliques recruited by Salvatore Kiir in North America and his current state is Minnesota. Salvatore and his stagnant sycophants paid him huge amount of money to recruits and try to shut up those who are against the rotten regime. According to latest information he is looking of hiring a hitman or gangs to kill anyone who is talking about Salvatore Kiir facing justice, therefore people like Tut Makuach and Bidit Luak should report this terrorist to authority as soon as possible. In addition, Gatwech Koang Ring from Minnesota is Pendeng’s accomplice and he roaming the entire state just to find some people to recruit to talks to people back to abnegate the fighting against tumultuous and shambolic and rotten regime. He was told if he recruited five people he will be pay some money and around the world ticket.

The list of sellout Nuer is very long but I have to mention some dangerous ones, illiterate twin brothers Both Jock Deng and Duoth Jock Deng are Gatwech Jock Deng’s brothers who were put behind bars with legendary Gabriel Gatwech Chan popularly known as Gabriel Tanginye with no apparent reason other than being Nuer. Gatwech Jock Deng was released in 2013 and since then he never went back to his mental thinking capacity and he is suffering from Stockholm syndrome: an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of continuous stress, dependence, and a need to cooperate for survival. This was the reason Gatwech was dropped in Kiech Kuon with BAGS FULL OF MONEY by the rotten regime in Juba to recruit some people in Nasir county. And some of this money was sent to his brothers in USA, since then these individuals, Both and Duoth Jock Deng were employed as spies for Juba rotten regime in United States of America.

Those in Utah cognizance of this guy called Tarjak Reath who is like his accomplices trying to get money by condescended himself into diabolic plan of denying the death of 37,000 innocent Nuer in Juba in the hands of Gelweng predominantly from Warrap and Northern Bahr El Gazel State recruited by chief architect Paul Malong Awan.

All these individuals converged to Washington DC to meet their superior Gordon Buay Malek Chuol Kam of Canada who was appointed by Salvatore to lead North America. Let me highlight this delusional alcoholic, cowardice egotistical called Gordon Buay who was appointed by Salvatore Kiir to his current role as the result of a meeting between James Hoth Mai, Dr.Lul Puot, Reath Thoan Wakow RIP and many others just to get someone who would not hesitate to personally attack Dr. Riek Machar, therefore, they talked to Joseph Nguen Monytuel to convinced his brother Bapiny Monytuel to accept Gordon Buay as their spokesperson.

In conclusion, the people I mentioned above do not care about the death of their family needless to say Nuer community. These are individuals who can exchange their wives just to get some money. In closing, I urge all the supporters of the SPLM/A in North America under the leadership of visionary leader Dr.Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon to reject and isolates these individuals because they have chosen to side with the detrimental rotten regime that committed horrendous atrocities and other ignominious and abominable crimes against humanity.





  3 comments for “The Reasons Why Salvatore Kiir Took Nuer With Him to USA

  1. August 3, 2014 at 9:25 am

    Nuers killing Dinka, Dinka killing Nuers.Happened 20 years ago. Happening now. What about 20 years from now? Point fingers all day long. Both sides losing, people dying for a no good reason. That sad bitter truth is if Southerners killed each off until there were none left, almost none of the world would care. To all those that do care, value Southern life and talk about peaceful solutions.


  2. August 3, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Salvatore Kiir Took Nuer With Him to USA. Sounds like a good idea. I know most Americans don’t know enough about Southern Sudan to care. But I am glad President Obama cares. I pray that results of the trip will be positive for all Sudanese.


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