By Stephen Pajok Kong Kulang


General James Hoth Mai, chief of staff of South Sudan's army, speaks during a media update. There is a state of emergency in Unity and Jonglei states as negotiations between the two factions in Addis Ababa(Photo: James Akena/Reuters)

General James Hoth Mai, chief of staff of South Sudan’s army, speaks during a media update. There is a state of emergency in Unity and Jonglei states as negotiations between the two factions in Addis Ababa(Photo: James Akena/Reuters)

Oct 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — James Gathoth Mai. The invisible Judas is worse than Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ. According to Matthew 27:5-8 when Judas realized his crime is too big to handle, “he threw the money into the temple floor and left. Then he went away and hanged himself. The chief priests picked up the coins and said, ‘It is against the law to put this into the treasury, since it is blood money.’ So they decided to use the money to buy the potter’s field as a burial place for foreigners. That is why it has been called the Field of Blood to this day. But James Gathoth the invisible Judas collect his money and went for vocation in Australia.

These two men shared a lot in common. They both hated those who loves them. And in death, they are friendless. During December 15-24, 2013. Invisible Judas James Gathoth Mai could not talked to his dying relatives whom their only crimes is because they are born to a Nuer mother and father, the powerful General who claimed to liberated South Sudan from the North, offered no help. Hang up the phone and congratulated his relative’s killers. Judas Iscariot and an invisible James Gathoth Mai are the elements and the influences of evil. Their only differences is how they used their blood money. Then Judas Iscariot realized his mistake stood like a man and face the confrontation with a judgment verdict of his delusion and disappointment. He Judas Iscariot of Jews took responsibility end his own life by hanging himself. The invisible Judas James Gathoth of Nuer never until this day realized the crime he himself perpetrated against his own brothers, sister and their children.

The sad fact about invisible Judas James Gathoth is, his real accomplishment in life is fighting with his Nuer tribe. But the good thing is, this time he betrayed the nation. Nuer are the tribe of South Sudan, since he was the second powerful man. The innocents Nuer who die on December 15-24 owed him protection because they are his subject. Invisible Judas James Gathoth, committed act of Genocide against the Nuer. He Judas Iscariot James Gathoth Mai is constitutionally responsible ruler at the times of genocide. He choose not to protect them because he was a willing full participants. I choose the word Genocide here because it doesn’t need a lawyer or law degree to define what happened in Juba against Nuer people do constituted genocide. It is purely a genocide. Why? Because Nuer are killed, they were singled out, sometimes by the scares on their forehead or discovered their ethnicity based on their ID cards. They are executed to death simply because they are members of Nuer tribe.

Salfa Kirr gave hate speech on two occasion before genocide took place, James Gathoth Mai whom I suspected of being an invisible Judas Iscariot concealed behind Salfa Kirr and Kuol Manyang Juuk. The invisible Judas keep himself busy by talking on South Sudan TV, directed his messages especially to Nuer in army. In many occasion before and after Juba genocide took place, invisible Judas James Gathoth Mai was quoted by Sudan Tribune “South Sudan army chief warns against involvement in politics”. Thank god his goofy conspiracy backfire and failed to produce anything of value to deterred Nuer son and daughter from rescues their own people. Invisible Judas, James Gathoth Mai is the military leader who overseen the killing of Nuer women and children and at the same time expecting Nuer in army will bow to his plead.

My friends from Dinka Bor community argued that invisible Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai did not killed the Nuer in December of 2013. I confront them with the question who has the power to prevent Juba massacred than invisible Judas, James Gathoth Mai? I was blast to hear their claimed that former governor of northern Bar-Elghazal Malong Awan is the one who is responsible for killing of Nuer in Juba. The main point here is who has the power and constitutional authority to protect the lives of innocent women and children no matter what their tribe is? No other person rather than Salfa Kirr and invisible Judas James Gathoth Mai. I cannot believed that people forget the facts short their eye and even contradicted themselves Malong like majority of Dinkas kills Nuer with guarantee from Chief of Staff Judas Iscariot James Gathoth that there is no Nuer threat. Dinka are free to kill. Malong Awan did contributed with recruitment and selection of Dutku Bany and Gwelweng. With instruction of invisible Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai Nguth. This is cunning ways to detached people is attention from present danger. I am sorry to say the least but the plan worked, many innocent lived are lost because Nuer in particular anticipating the general chief of staff a Nuer by birth Judas Iscariot by alienation will protected their innocent children from Dut-ku Bany and Guelweng. Nuer always mentioned the conjunctions word “if” (Dung MI, LAMI, and Kami) regardless of all the warning sign, Nuer forgot to say if. If they did the result could have been different. Many life could have been save from massacred.

If Nuer, profiled Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai is background from the time where the deviled James started his military career, they should have seen too many red-flags, this is a general who spend all his military life independently killing and fighting with Nuer. Nuer are blinded by the loved of a country called South Sudan. They are hopeful the past is forgotten and live will continued. Until when war broke out within presidential guards, invisible Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai used his constitutional power of chief of general staff to protect the Dinka presidential Guard against their Nuer colleague. This is Judas’s responses to a flashback that resulted from his discrimination and violent crime against Nuer people, this is a general who is in delusion and paranoid in fighting with Nuer resistant movement known as the separatist. Or Anyanya II abbreviated as (A.2) the simple question is, if Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai is able to protect well equipped Salfa Kirr is Dinkas presidential Guards from their Nuer colleagues, why? And only why he never tried to stop genocides against Nuer innocent women and children from Dutku-Beny and Guelweng? This must be trillions dollar question. The answered is obvious, Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai and his boss (Banydit) Salfa Kirr Mayardit previously blueprint the heinous crime against Nuer people.

To South Sudanese the truth is Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai is involvement in crimes, made the entire Nuer community left with nothing but, the feeling of victimization, vulnerability, fearful, isolation and unprotected by the law. In the history of Nuer tribes anything that threatened the life of Nuer women and children always lead to war-cried. The technical term in Nuer is (Wiwi) when Nuer heard the messengers of war cried there is no question asked. It is a messages that tell Nuer women and children life is in real danger. Thank god the four sons of Denah namely Yien, Dak, Baal, and Bany heard the war cried answered the call according to the threats. And will always be the first responders to anything that threatened Nuer Homeland, whether the threats arise from Sky, Land or River DENAI SON of Geah, and Gaawar son of Kar or Jakar will always be the first defense for the Nuer Homeland and her people is dignity. Judas that is the message.

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