Government Troops Advancing on Greater Upper Nile and Jonglei.

Press release N o. (1), SPLA-IO


Updated at 1:48Am, March 8, 2015(Pacific Standard Time)

An SPLA Tank captured at the front line by the members of SPLA-IO, the Freedom Fighters(Photo: file)

An SPLA Tank captured at the front line by the members of SPLA-IO, the Freedom Fighters(Photo: file)

March 8, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — While the world is busy with peace discussion in Addis Ababa, Kii’r troops are undermining the peaceful process; this is an indication of serious lack of government’s committed to peace negotiations.

  1. The Government is preparing for what they called; dry season offensive with all heavy weaponry and equipments, launching attacks on our forces in five fronts:
  • Government is preparing to launch an attack from Kodok to our positions in Wadakona west Nile. While doing the same towards Mathiang and Maiwut front.
  • Today early morning government troops attacked our positions in Jerbeni and Dukduk around Renk and Maban our forces repulsed these attacks scoring casualties on the enemy.

Such a move at this time is intended to obstruct the long awaited peace process by people of South Sudan.

  1. Call for the peace loving bodies to intervene:

IO-Military leadership registers its sincere intentions to peaceful settlement to this conflict. Thus we appeal for the International community and friends, Regional bodies in persons of IGAD mediation team, AU, Tanzanian, and Troika, including Ethiopian leadership who tirelessly hosted this Peace process to intervene in containing government’s ill intentions.

Col. Lony T. Ngundeng.

Military Spokesperson- SPLM/A –I.O.

Mail no.

  31 comments for “Government Troops Advancing on Greater Upper Nile and Jonglei.

  1. Riek Koang
    March 8, 2015 at 1:57 am

    Congregulations Brig. General Lul and Commader in Chief of the SSRM/SSRA, that’s why I thanks you when you bravely broke away from Fool riek, Fool Riek has no future and room any more in South Sudan rather than dying in Exile, so those who do not listen to abandon him will one day end in exile with fool Riek, Brig. General Lul Ruai is some body who has vision, after critically studying Riek’s evil plans of giving South Sudan back to Sudan, he decided to abandon him, see how wise people like Lul can easily fore see things, so go ahead to liberate Greater Uror, Yuai, Akobo and general cleansing of Jonglei from Riek’s militias, also advise those with shorsighted vision to rethink and make bold decision to abandon Riek so that his rebelion will automatically collapse for total peace to come.

    This visionless rebelion of Riek has given shame to all South Sudanese world wide, if you travel out of this country, you couldn’t proudly say you are a South Sudanese, people outside there see south sudanese as being backwards, illiterate and arrogant who believe in violence to solve their problems, simply because of this greedy skeleton called fool Riek. We are tired of Riek’s violent way of taking power, mind you power is God’s gift to only those He has chosen, Leave Salva Kiir alone, let him fullfil what God has for him and wait when God will decide to give to the second person, you don’t know how God did things, Salva is being rewarded to become Leader by God because he fought for this country with whole of his heart, you time will come ( Riek) but with all the killings and the destructions, you instructed you white armies to kill the sick on their beds in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu, killing Innocent women and Children who took refuge in UNMISS base in Akobo, rapping Catholic Sisters in Malakal & Bor, I don’t think you will get the chance of rulling this country any more. You are satan of this country, believing in Ngundeng, what kind of Folk are you????


    • Mabior Alier
      March 22, 2015 at 10:57 am

      Who can ever be fooled that your name is Riek Koang. By absolute degree of truth, you are not Riek Koang but a fool who just want to divert people’s attention.


  2. March 8, 2015 at 1:59 am

    Congratulation, SPLA, SPLA ohyee! your victory is our concerns but am urging you to keep the captive alive don,t kill them, they are our brothers, they were misled by Riek Machar who has his family in Holland and he is now killing innocent children of South Sudan with his self gain


  3. March 8, 2015 at 2:33 am

    My comments to what happen we going to be with you full of our support


  4. Hoiloom
    March 8, 2015 at 3:20 am

    People don.t celebrate prematurely. This is just the beginning of a long ugly struggle between opportunists like Riek Koang and Freedom fighters like Riek Machar. You can capture towns but does not translate to the defeat of SPLM-IO. Remember your forces have been in Nasir for 8 months now but Nuer civilians in this area do not interact with the evil forces. In fact they’ve been confined in their tranches during this period. Those of you who think that this war is for Riek Machar are indeed mentally challenged.


    • March 8, 2015 at 3:47 am

      There is nobody celebrating about war,Riek Machar has only highjack borders while his people in UNMISS Camps across the country,while he still demand Highest Positions in the government..


  5. March 8, 2015 at 3:33 am

    You money lovers, let me tell you this; Dr. Riak Machar is a real Nuer-man[Ram mi ran] who can never ever sell Nuer[Naath] because of money and only photocopy Nuer can abondant him. Dr. Machar is a man who says no to wrong rule even if you are a robbort machine because he[Machar] is caring human lives person not money. So, you thugs don’t be proud of machenaries forces which you fasly called SPLA but for your info, Dr. Mcahar is the most powerful South Sudanese liberator General since during the North-South struggle up to now and we are all optimistic on his success like he did in self-determination which led to S. Sudan independence in 2011.


  6. GatNor
    March 8, 2015 at 4:20 am

    The one thing you all seemed to have forgotten is that South Sudan government’s own court of law have dismiss any claims of coup. Kiir did not dispute this and therefore he must be brought to ICC for all crimes he Kiir committed in the name of that coup he failed to summit evidence of.. Rebellion or no rebellion, the commander in shit Kiir actually has committed treasons against the state of South Sudan participating in the ethnic cleansing and massacres and further more in violations of the constitution. Whether Machar is in the picture or not justice for the victims if not properly handled prepare for cycles of revanges and rebellions. Machar would be gone today but you Jaang would still have a problem with Nude as a tribe that you feel is a threat to your kingdom much less there is another Nuer seeking to get into the king’s chair. Abandon the mentality of born to rule and you might have peace or expect war for the next generations this is what will bring about just. You are very fortunate that Machar is leading the Opposition and wants peace. The sooner he steps aside the sooner war will be in your village with as much destruction you as a tribe using South Sudan’s national wealth to destroy Nuer people. This you are fortunate but it will not be the case forever I promise you.


    • From they people that cannot be easily uprooted.
      March 8, 2015 at 3:34 pm

      You Nuers has try with northern Sudan plus mujahideen in the 90s,but failed to succeed and now you guys really believe Nuers alone as a tribe can defeat Dinka. When the whole Sudan went against Dinka for twenty-two years and failed. then go ahead let see how you Nuers win. I believe is much better to just coexist with each other than trying the impossible.


      March 8, 2015 at 10:18 pm

      Dear GatNor you think big,if there was no coup why machar is demand the position what i know so far machar is not the real nuer his real background is dinka gogrial who was move to nuer area because stupid did by forefather watch out he is going finish you nuer,if there somebody intellegence then judge how many nuers in government position was there before coup and now,before coup nuers was rich and why nobody question machar and challenge him that we can not repeat 1990 coup,machar always bring south sudan back to 00,he don’t feel shame he was enjoying the fruit of independence and that why Garang fought, machar group i hope the man like him i don’t know why you don’t make descion like general lul abadance him,he is just machar he will leave you there come back a lone like what he did in 199-7 he joined NCP and came back again to SPLA I think he is runing mad.


  7. Riek Koang
    March 8, 2015 at 4:42 am

    Ya Poor Kerker or what so ever you call your self, when did Fool Riek become some one of National Character, if you talk of people been lured coz of money, what did you and your fool riek did when Salva and Garang were busy fighting Arabs? other than running up and down confusing the movement due to bloody money of Arabs?? Arabs used you including Fool Riek to protect for them the Oil wells in South Sudan which oil money was used for buying more weapons to destroy south Sudan, Arabs used you as slaves and potters, my friend you will never decieve people about Fool Riek, all South Sudanese know him from day one till now, go and decieve you illiterate white army to support him. Riek will never succeed in over throwing Salva Kiir, they will continue fighting untill International Community kick both out from South Sudan then who become the looser other than Fool Riek, coz Kiir should have tried rulling the country as Preident but Fool Riek will end up not testing what he lust for.

    In other words I mean, fighting will continue unstoppable to the extent Kiir and Riek will be out of South Sudan politics, so who become the looser other than fool Riek, Stupid Nuer Man with forged Doctorate for killing people, Uneducated people even reason far better than Fool Riek.

    Salva is more smarter than Riek, I don’t support some one just because he is from my tribe, No, the truth has to be told here in South Sudan.

    Riek was the vice president responsible for the Government of South Sudan when Salva was First vice president in Khartoum, what has Riek done when Salva gave him all the Executive powers other than busy stealling Oil money to depost in his Foreign account???, These are all disgruntle politicians who run after fool Riek after being fired from their positions due to under performance. Riek is tribalistic. After getting defeated by the SPLA forces in Bor, Malakal, Nasir and Bentiu, he ran to her Husband Omar together with Taban Deng Gai who is planning to assasinate Angelina Teny now, confessing to their Husband Omar ( WE REGRETTED THE SEPARATION OF SOUTH SUDAN FROM SUDAN), please accept our appology, now what we need from you is Help us over throw Salva Kiir Government so that we get re-united as one country, Me Riek will be president of the Semi Autonomous South reporting directly to you Omar, then Taban Deng Gai will report to me Riek, So Omar asked, now that Ladu Gore is your deputy in this movement, don’t you think could be right for him to deputise you: Riek was quick to respond, no no no please, Ladu is just there but we don’t take him seriously, he is not even fighting in this war, we shall kick him away as he is from Equatoria and we want to make our government to be dominated by only our loyal Nuers, same way with the current Government of Salva kiiir been dominated by Dinkas and some Equatorians, don’t mind, we shall kick Ladu Gore out, he is just there for the sake of position but we don’t disclose to him openly, we shall kick all the Nyam Nyam and Dinkas out of our party once the goal obtain which is quit certain.

    Alternatively, your excellence ( Omar), help us capture all the oil fields of greater upper Nile and unity state so that we amalgamet it as part of Sudan so we divide the oil money.

    See for your self what Fool Riek is planning, too dangerious for South Sudanese in general, this is First hand information given by undisclosed person who is planning to respond to the amnesty announced by the government and was part of the secred Rebel delegation to lobby Omar Albashir for help, He promised to disclose every thing once in Nairobi on his way and group to Juba. Same person has also disclose that Taban Deng Gai plan to Assasinate Angelina Teny-Wife of his Boss because Angelina Teny assumed the powers of her husband which angered Taban Deng Gai, stay tun for more updates.


  8. Riek Koang
    March 8, 2015 at 5:44 am

    Another thing I forgot to mentioned about this Artical is on the Picture of the Tanks which is claimed here to be the SPLA-Juba Tanks captured by Rebels in frontline, this is a wild lay and Rebel propaganda, the above Tank is never for SPLA, this Tanks pictured above was for the SAF in South Kordofan when the SAF of the Rapid Support forces ( RSF) were battling the SPLA North late last year which resulted to the killing of the Commander of the RSF unit by SPLA-N, the commander was first working as the elite Presidential Guard in Khartoum before his deployment in South Kordofan which resulted to his death,.

    Please and Please rebels supporters be sincere so that you succeed if you really deserve it. Am a great follower of every single news in Radio and all the various news websites, The rebels are found of misleading the world by simply copying outdated pictures and decieve the world that is happening in South Sudan, So let tell you the truth, the ABOVE TANK PHOTO CLAIMED TO BE FOR SPLA-JUBA CAPTURED BY REBELS IS NONSENCE, THE TANKS BELONG TO RAPID SUPPORT FORCE UNIT OF SAF IN SOUTH KORDOFAN.

    The rebels also posted a picture late last year when fighting intensified in Bor of a Truck where a cofine been loaded claiming that it belong to UPDF killed in Bor by rebels while the actual photo belong to a single UPDF killed in Somalia inside Mogadisho.

    Another Picture Riek rebels used to decieve the world was when they copied picture of LRA murdering people in Central African Republic and posted claiming to be people murdered in Juba to draw the attention of the World, Nonsence, if you believe in propaganda, you will never succeed in this fighting, always decieving, SPLA will finish you for nothing ya poor Nuer, You are more than important to your God who created you and your Parents who catered for you, NOT to die for Riek Stomach.


    • Tuol Nyakang
      March 8, 2015 at 11:02 am

      @riek koang
      You have no any problems with Riek,rather than being given small amount of money which has nothing to do with your future in order to bark like dog at Dr machar,i can not blame you because abusing him has becomes a way and short cut for hopeless
      people like you and your likes to get money.Look,if you are getting money just because you are abusing him and you are still do not recognise how valuable he is? That is because your common scene is not common, you would have known that he is a true leader. How come you abusing him negatively like that while you will never be equal to his wife Angelina till your death.


    • Tuol Nyakang
      March 8, 2015 at 11:16 am

      Hopeless, how many dinka inserted their penis in to your anus in order for you to depend them by denying 20,000 Nuer,massacred by useless kirr? Shame on you puppy.


      • Dinkamike
        March 15, 2015 at 1:23 am

        Please guys, be respectful to each other. I hope you are all South Sudanese people, regardless of your tribe or party, or who you support. Please guys do not talk dumb words. Remember, when you tear down other people, then you are absolutely tear yourself down too.. I hope both of you who disagree with each other, but find a common ground to support your points. Thank you all, I pray that God will bless South Sudan and the whole of African Continent.


    • March 8, 2015 at 4:26 pm

      Mr. Riek Koang is telling the truth and I do agree with you completely, because we have to tell the fact even if it is your uncle don’t shy to challenge him this is how we will correcting ourselves. Same thing that, I have been taking some red meat on president Salva Kiir Mayardit by telling him not trying again to run for another general election, because he and his former vice president Dr. Riek Machar Teny have caused a big messed in the Young nation. First of all, it is true that, we are getting too a shameful from the worldwide and I have been questioning by some friends from different nations asking me why are you fighting while, you have been giving a New nation South Sudan and I told one of them that, this is a political issue between president Salva Kiir and his former vice president Dr. Riek Teny but people were still consistency asking many things particular, about the former vice president back-ground and I had refused to answer many questions and I can feel it that, it is very ugly we are facing more and more shameful even within Africa continent, you can hear words just throw at you pointing you as people who love fighting when they see you as Southern Sudanese person and it will be wise if the rebels leader avoiding creation of rebellion and try to seek political achievement but it is absolutely too late now to take this advice.

      There were many people hoping that, the Arusha Reunification and the Tanzania Reconciliation will bring lasting peaceful coexistence on Southern Sudanese people but it was very unfortunate and even more disappointed the worldwide when the hears South Sudan peace with the rebels leader has failed. Just to mentions the things which let peace failed in Addis Ababa and the following are as follows:

      There were too many demanding from the rebels side such as 1. Separates armies with separately general chiefs of staffs while, there will be one president and two VPS. 2. Reforms the constitutions according to the way of rebels demand. 3. Dissolving all Cabinets and the Ministers and resetting again in the way favor rebels leader. 4. Power sharing and Economic reform. 5. Security Arrangement and adopted Federalism Immediately, these few things were the hot Topics from the rebels leader. 

      On the government side. president Salva Kiir Mayardit calls all rebels to come back within 14 days meaning, he gave amnesty as officially and let us reunited togetherness and no separation of two armies in young nation which is lacking funding too many armies. Juba’s officials have rejected Dissolving Cabinets, Ministers and the Speaker Mangok was strongly reject but saying, they will accepted 68 members from rebels side to be added and more others G10 political detainees needed to make 400 MPS totally.When you look on the above few mentions then, you can tell that, what killed the peace deal was about more demanding by rebels leader and that came back to what former SPLA IO spokesman said that, the former vice president Dr. Riek Machar is putting agendas that will make it difficulties to successful the peace agreement. The good thing on president, if he said come back and do not fear then, you have to belief him for what he meant it as many rebels including the late Paulino Matip Nhial responding to amnesty and many others ranks who fought against his government have received amnesty or pardon and there was no any problems but people were wondering the former vice president refusal to take 14 days seriously and come back because the Juba’s government were preparing to welcome back former vice however, he refused and he seem to consistence demanding too many things which let the peace dying in Addis Ababa. Please keep singing about associating with former vice president but you will never know his SPLA/SPLM IO is heading again to the direction of Nasir movement. You have hears Eastern Nuers communities announced their skepticism about rebels of former vice president and also you have 7800 Nuers Bul Cattle keepers spent year in Northern Warrap State and they refused to go back to their homes in Unity State, because of fighting yet, the rebels leader don’t see such a condition but only he is demanding leadership and he doesn’t care who got kills there in front-line since his children are enjoying in exile Holland, he will still demanding and refusal to responding amnesty giving to him by president.


  9. March 8, 2015 at 7:09 am

    I know very well that it is so to educate money-locked-mindset people like this so-called Riek Koang whom I think is hinding his identity on claiming to be Nuer. This lost-minded boy is totally confused by denying the fact that Dr. Machar is a liberator in which all S. Sudanese knows. And then all S. Sudanese knows that Dr. Machar fighting for the cause of S. Sudanese independency during the struggle which is undeniable fact. Everybody(except tribalists who don’t want a Nuer-man to be given a credit he deserve) in S. Sudan know that Dr. Machar was/is always advocating for the freedom of S. Sudan citizens since 1991 up to now. So, don’t forget to remember that S. Sudan is separated from North because of Dr. Riak Machar even USA & Khartoum knows that fact. Those of so-called Riek Koang[false name] can continue hanging around but you will comes to your sences when time come.


      March 8, 2015 at 10:36 pm

      how did your man machar brough seperation? be wise enough


  10. March 8, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Riek Koang, Agumut etc who are enjoying capture of Wadakona, don’t cry yet your this war is Tom and Jery many time Malakal, Bentiu and Bor change hands. Riek fight for your independent which you are enjoying but Dr.John Garang was busy hijacking independent of South Sudan that is why he did not enjoy the fruit of S.S independent the same to Kiir KuethPiny who now busy of hijacking Federalism, he will not enjoy the fruit of this federalism mark my word!


  11. March 8, 2015 at 12:46 pm

    You Mr camouflage Dinka man you are not riek Koang those names are not correlated Nuer names you gonna calls your self so because you copy and past one name from Gordon Koang Duoth the( musician) and other from Dr riek ‘s name the expected president of the Republic of south sudan & you combine. Pliz what do u expect from Nuer men and women to do when their dear lovely one have been killed by a proclaim elected drunkard?or do u want us to remain sleeping? You claimed spla to liberated us frm Arabs which places have you liberated tell south sudanese for example Juba wau Torit Awiel malakal Bentiu Nasir Renk those are the keys main town of south sudan you must be stupid failling to single out one or two town to prove that you liberated us frm Arabs you were just busy sleeping in ngatinga ,new kush others places even Arabs dogs could not managed to pick up the ganamay(goats and cattle ) ‘s bones and skeleton .I mean the place is totally mountainous or (terrains).please uu appreciated South sudanese referendum that determine our land south sudan.


    • March 8, 2015 at 4:55 pm

      Forget talking about Riek Koang, the civil rights leader from rebels had told reporter in Addis Ababa Ethiopia this week that,there were thousand Nuers calling him in Ethiopia to disassociated with former vice president. He said, he was been threaten by his people Nuers and many others Southern Sudanese telling him to leave former vice president alone. In addition to that, there is nothing wrong for name like Riek Koang, there are Dinkas supporting former vice president and they always speaking against Salva Kiir Mayardit but we don’t denying them that, they are not Dinkas. This civil war is not about Nuer and Dinka war, this is a political war caused by those who were leading the young nation so if you think by sticking with former vice president because he is from Nuer then, you are absolutely wrong. The bottom-line is that, there are many rebels already arrived now and they surrendering to Pro Juba SPLA in Upper Nile State and you will probably hear more news are coming. Please keep singing about supporting rebels but in the end, you will find yourself on the minority side, because the vast majority hate war and they are refused supporting rebellion Idea. How that sound to you?


  12. March 8, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    To: SPLA_IO supporters.
    All out war is accepted 100% by the government, stop recirculating lies anymore!

    Just get prepared, and strong equipped! We are (government) giving you 60 days till the end of April or early May this year.


  13. Hoiloom
    March 8, 2015 at 11:38 pm

    Anya-riit, are you sure two months is enough to defeat the SPLM-IO? What happened to Museveni’s 4 days that he gave Machar to surrender or face defeat and of course Paul Malong’s 30 days? War in the battle field is not as easy as typing on the keyboard, keep dreaming though it’s your right..


  14. March 8, 2015 at 11:55 pm

    To all of you brothers, stop insulting each other and lets talk for peace..


  15. March 9, 2015 at 12:59 am

    Please what ever the two are doing will never benefit any south Sudanese as a nation but for the interest of the two communities despite our nations consisted of 64 tribe for peace let us adopt AU Commission of inquiry resolution/recommendations


  16. March 9, 2015 at 1:37 am

    Negotiating is just a buying of time.


  17. March 9, 2015 at 4:41 am

    who is Riek Koang? are you a Lul Ruei Koang uncle? for calling Dr. Riek Machar fool and Ngundeng satan, I think some screws got out of your mind and you need to go to hospital for check up. Dinka of Dinka and Dinka will never win this war. your time is coming, keep pushing!


  18. March 9, 2015 at 7:05 am

    Where was Riek between 1991-2002? Was he fighting with the Arabs in Khartoum for the liberation of his stomach? Some people do not see past their noses. The fellow is greedy of power that is all. He does not care about innocent people dying and moreso, innocent Nuer. Every time he begins his rebellion, he does not calculate how it will affect his people. If he truly cares for innocent people, he should not be demanding the impossible. For the sake of peace and the reduction of people’s suffering, he should not stubbornly stick to those utopia demands.


  19. GatNor
    March 9, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Change will not come from those who betrayed but from those who stand tall to questioned the status quo. Those who wish to conspire to wipe Nuer out of South Sudan will failed.


  20. DENK
    March 10, 2015 at 12:02 am

    tribalism seems to be inevitable in South Sudan, i believe there is no need in insulting each other here, if at all Kiir and Riek don’t solve their personal issues then all Nuer and Dinka will never learn to respect themselves. Get that point all of you who are busy triggering violence, your insults to Both tribes won’t solve anything instead you adding salt into the wound.


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