Respond to Defected Former Chollo Members Of SPLM-IO

Chollo Members in SPLM-IO, North America

SPLM-001March 12, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We, the Chollo members in SPLM-IO in North America, write to correct and analyse reasons that prompted Chollo individuals led by Gwado Ador to defect from SPLM-IO in order to benefit from the deceptive amnesty of Salva Kiir. We also want to assure the Southern Sudanese that their defection will never deter SPLM-IO from victory because of heroes and heroines they left behind in SPLM-IO.

Political Autonomy: This group has legitimate right to decide their political destiny providing that they speak for themselves not as representatives of Chollo people in SPLM-IO, because they were not elected by Chollo people to join SPLM-IO. They individually acted and are responsible for their actions like other tribes who defected from the SPLM-IO and went back to defend Juba regime. While we acknowledge their right to reconsider or re-evaluate their stance, we would also like to remind the readers that true heroes never give up or abandon their cause of action, but they march forward for ultimate victory and endurable peace, security, harmony and prosperity for generation to come and as reward for our fallen heroes and heroines.

Stand your ground: We live in a world where individuals or group rise, plan, develop and protect their undertaken mission through serious commitment and sacrificial stance. It takes courage, determination, resiliency, accountability, wealth, time, life and selflessness. With these values, we will fight to overcome this great battle against injustice government of Salva Kiir in South Sudan who murdered thousands innocent civilians in Juba, that action caused loss of more life in greater Upper Nile and mainly in Chollo Kingdom, until this time as we speak Chollo are still losing many precious lives. However, others can give up their fundamental principles or cause for action under hard circumstances or pressures and seek for a short cut to meet their personal aims. Martin Luther King JR: said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. I Have a Dream. As we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back”.

Common grievances for Chollo dissatisfaction with Salva Kiir government: Coercive eviction of Chollo from their land, mass killing of civilians after 2010 election, marginalization of Chollo from taking part at national institutions (military, political and judicial) of decision-making are common pressing concerns that entitle every Chollo person including Gwado Ador and his group to must struggle for social justice. These facts are asserted in article, the Scathing search for Unity of Chollo Drums Support for Federal System written by Mr. Gwado, and we quot: “following the 4th Anniversary of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) on 9th Jan. 2009 in absence of strong Collo leadership to defend the interest of the Collo people; Malakal became an area for outright plunder, and a free zone to claim by ‘Jieng Apadang’ with consent and encouragement of Presidential Palace (J1) in Juba. President Kiir decided to give away Collo land (Pigo and Korfulus) to Dinka Thoi and Paweng without any shame or even resistant from Collo politicians in the contemporary South Sudan. Many petitions have been written and addressed to reverse this unfair decision remarkably by H.M. Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet who wrote a letter with that effect. James Ogilo Agor, Chief Mathew Obur and Collo Intellectuals Committee in Juba wrote also letters addressing the same grievances. But none of all these petitions came to bear on the decision passed or even attracted concern of President Kiir who was intent to press ahead with the project. A situation described by observers as occupation and President Kiir being viewed in Collo land as ‘a mere Dinka Chief”.

History is mirror to see the past: Let remind ourselves of stances and contribution of our predecessors who stood up for cause of Chollo and South Sudan. In past, we have Chollo political and military heroes such as Pagan Amum, Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, Oyai Deng Ajak and others. Those dignitaries have served South Sudan with professionalism, dedication and diligence. Nevertheless, they are now disarmed of their political and military powers and prohibited from exercising their professions and intellectualities. They are now devalued and demoted to the level of office boys and banned from free mobility. It is a total annihilation of professional, political and military abilities of Chollo people. As result, every upcoming hero should be aware of the past and act steadfastly to uphold their principles they stand for. However, if Chollo people permit to be fool again, that will be our problem not problem of cheaters. There is a popular say “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. Individual Chollo generals who reached deal with South Sudan government found themselves under governmental surveillance and face sequential attempts to end their lives.

Analyze of reasons for defection:

We quoted “After one year from joining the movement, we felt the necessity to evaluate our stand, whether we were moving on the right direction or not?” said Mr. Gwado J. Ador, the leader of ‘Collo Group for Peace and Reconciliation’. But what will Gwado tell the relatives of his followers who believed him, fought and lost their lives for his unfinished cause of action that he has now abandoned? It is a violation if an employee breaches a constitution, but it is a sin for a legislator or employer to invalidate his/her own legislation. In other word, Mr. Gwado has sinned against his own ideas for action to condemn the government by barrel of gun and then returns to the same government without any accomplishment.

We quote, “Collo Community Deserves an Apology to tip balance for Peace in South Sudan, March 04, 2015: Gwado and his group are totally right to request for an apology. But is it a good time for accountability and apology? AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan did not publish their report until March 07, 2015 after warring parties failed to sign peace agreement. AU and international community prioritized ending of war because it is difficult to hold individuals accountable for alleged crimes while they are still in power. So Gwado should have presented his request for an apology to Dr. Riek Machar and pushes for it before defection.

We quote, “In Collo land, everyone detest solutions through the barrel of gun; but continuation of this senseless war which was developing in earnest prompts us to respond to the calls of the amnesty which was decreed recently by Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit the President of the Republic of South Sudan”’ wrote Gwado J. Ador. The war in Chollo land was started by former Chollo heroes such as Gen. Othow Aloung, Gen. Robert Gwang, Gen. Aywak Ogad and Gen. Johnson Olony because of oppressive policy of government toward Chollo people. Now Gwado called it a senseless war because he decided to become part of Salva Kiir government.

Amnesty is a governmental decision to pardon criminals for their political offense for committing a national treason. That means Chollo individuals who recently defected from SPLM-IO to benefit from presidential amnesty have acknowledged their crime against the state of South Sudan. Then how can Gwado and his group claim to defend interest of Chollo since they treat their action to fight for interest of Chollo people as a crime?

Example of Yau Yau and government: David Yau Yau fought for his tiny tribe till he forced the government to sit with him on negotiating table in neighboring countries. He bargained with government for his demands and the government conceded by giving him political and military power over his region. Unlike Gwado Group who accepted amnesty. This group is not honest to Chollo people by putting three demands to government, and we quote, “We demand for their reparation through the mechanism of compensation to let life return to normal. Also, we express intention to work side by side with the government to help in the process of binding wounds among various communities at home. We demand for a speedy implementation of border demarcation between counties, which was the source of recurrent conflict within various areas in South Sudan.” In any conflict, political bargaining or negotiation takes place between warring parties before signing any agreement. Gwado and his group never sit with government to discuss these demands. How will it be possible for Chollo group for peace to influence government to give them their demand since they are now under governmental mercy, as “criminals” who are forgiven?

In conclusion, this group has right as individuals to give up a fight to benefit from presidential false amnesty, but not as representative of Chollo people in SPLM-IO. They are like any other individuals from other tribes who abandoned SPLM-IO and gave themselves up to Juba oppressive regime.

Long live SPLM-IO and long live people of South Sudan.

Chollo members in SPLM-IO in North America can be reached through.

SPLM-IO’S Provincial Coordinator, William Dak in Canada: or

SPLM-IO’S State Coordinator, Othow Awang in USA:

  9 comments for “Respond to Defected Former Chollo Members Of SPLM-IO

  1. Unity Son
    March 12, 2015 at 2:03 am

    You better continue sweeping the toilets for those Kawazas instead of confusing peace loving chollos who need peace rather than fighting senseless war, you are there in stable country with all your children advocating for unjust war with devastating consequences without you participating, people are dying every day in this war just fot eh sake of Riek’s position, are you not stupid to blame people for not fighting?

    Riek white armies massacred your people in Malakal, indiscriminate shelling of Renk killing your innocent people and yet you are supporting him blandly.

    Go to hell, all are coming back including Nuers.


  2. March 12, 2015 at 3:55 am

    Unity Son or separation Son, Just continue barking in support to dead government every body has turn his back a way from South Sudan because of its wrong doing. America is the leading campaigner for sanction.


  3. March 12, 2015 at 4:23 am

    Fatty Okuch Dak, are you not ashamed to display your bulky creamy face in social media, while alleging to be an SPLM- IO bandit in British Columbia. For God sake measure distance between Canada & Collo Kingdom & its Jungles’; surely for you it is like a distance between Heaven & Earth. Because in the back of your mind you are very aware that nothing will bounce you back to here from that safe- heaven of yours & your family, Mr. greedy & Coward war monger propagandist.
    Stop!! That cheap excuse of my relatives or extended family were been targeted by the Juba- regime, because you careless for them otherwise you wouldn’t have advocate for recurrent carnage and extermination in that Kingdom you alleged to be its member.
    Why don’t you come down here to fight for the cause of your Doctors leadership ambition, because tiny number of some bold Nyigats responded from their Western comfort to answer the call of Nugndang Jihad, unfortunately many most of them deceased, disfigured, mutilated or POWs. That is why I am hundred percent sure you wouldn’t come down here Creamy, but continue baking poisonous venom from your Modern slavery cottage in British Columbia.
    Don’t make a mistake of dreaming to make a tourist visit one day, because we will get you crab.


    • William Okuch
      March 12, 2015 at 8:54 am

      General Thoon, first, I want to let you know that it was an error from webmaster to post my picture with this article. I did not give it or ask for that either. Therefore, I asked webmaster to move it and he did so and I thank him for his quick respond to move it. Webmaster took picture from Facebook or from article I wrote before against governor Simon Kun for appointing city mayor of Malakal. But human is not spare from making error or make mistake which is okay as we can correct it. So this is what happen.
      Second, the article was prepared by Collo members in SPLM-IO in North America, so it is a group opinion here not William.
      Third, when we come to my creamy face as disrespectfully described it. I will write an article about this picture to let you know when, where and why it was taken. But for now, let me reveal to you that it was taken in Lebanon in 2008. I was asked to take a picture by Sudanese and was asked to dress that wya. When I asked why, they said they need it and they will not tell me why. I did took that picture and it turned out that they needed it to post it at wall during fare well party they arranged for my coming to Canada. This link will tell you more about this picture.

      Third, I encourage you to be objective rather than being emotional.


      • March 12, 2015 at 11:17 pm

        unconvincing wobbly explanation from a fellow alleging to deserve respect, erstwhile pay no respect to our death who were innocently massacred for no reason rather than they were assume to be soft target by those Nederland savages retreating from Juba front, with gouges, hatred and blood thirst only to be quenched in Makal, panyikang & other places in Upper Nile.
        Let them try now another Nyigat nonse, we are ready with teeth and claws for them. Recently confirmed asked those tattered & disbanded remnants from Wadokona, how they face the Music there, before you air lies & rumors blindly from Canada.
        My advice to you those aimless diaspora, plse mind your business at your courtyard, I am sure you have a lot to do there e.g. gay parades, beauty contest, family invitations and gossips, per-time shifting etc.
        Stop !! Popping your ears concerning issues here, with half-baked information, you hastily opt going viral with ill intended and hatred propaganda.
        Not again, No more chances for you black adopted Khawajas to come and accumulate unaccounted wealth during peace times, and fly away with the loots during the tough (War) time.


  4. March 12, 2015 at 7:18 am

    you are in North America, you have nothing with what South Sudanese are doing.


  5. March 12, 2015 at 9:44 am

    This is very good article but is too bulky


  6. Bentiu Ramaran
    March 12, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    William Dak,

    I am glad you brought up the Shilluk Massacre in 2010. I usually brought this up in my comments in South Sudan nation website and I always talk about the massacre of Balanda people in Wau. If south Sudanese opposition keep on responding for a none effective amnesty, then change will never come to South Sudan at all and only that fight for self interest that usually respond for amnesty.

    In fact, Salva Kiir amnesty is a tool for strengthening dictatorship tendency. South Sudanese must avoid taking advantage of fake amnesty. If one know that you are fighting for the right of all citizens, there is no need to respond for amnesty, one must work for really change that would be one day enjoyed by all South Sudanese.


  7. March 13, 2015 at 12:30 am

    Abraham Deng, Nuer community should not be use by Satan to destroyed their land because ngundeng said for left have man with divide teeth in the middle to rule South Sudan, that is liar let him rule only Nuer. Better you come back to Juba and resume your life as normal. Chollo have right to come back to kiir because Nuer rebel finished their citizen in Malakal houses as they were cheated that they should support Nuer movement White army don’t care about other tribe only Nuer in their mind is right person to remain a live. Dinka Padang – Chollo land conflict is obvious. Before the war of 1983- 2005 , chollo and Dinka sharing river nile both side , Chollo when the have insecurity in their side the cross to Dinka sides and settle a long the nile Dinka side and give their daughters to Dinka for married and they were respected as in law , Dinka like to distance themselves from Rivers to avoid mosquito because of their cattle. Now from Atar Malakal up to Renk side of river is belong to Dinka, Chollo who have interest to stay on Dinka side is ok , we are south Sudanese citizen and we know some of you were born there , come and live in my county . Do not call it Chollo land that is red line , you killed us on our side as you do it always , we will cross to your side and do the same as nuer Did it to Chollo, We are humble on the death Chollo cause to us all the time because we are respecting the government, and respecting neighboring borders.


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