Salva Kiir Against The Sanctions, UN Trusteeship and The Government “Roadmap” To Restore Peace

South Sudan president, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: file)

South Sudan president, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit(Photo: file)

March 19, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — While addressing thousands of South Sudanese at Dr. John Garang’s mausoleum in Juba yesterday, 18th March, 2015 Salva Kiir decried possible international and regional interventions such as sanctioning of individuals and UN Trusteeship of the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan.

Salva Kiir believes that the proposed sanctions by the United Nations Security Council against those who obstruct peace process and reconciliation will cause suffering of his people.

“I’m disappointed by the looming sanctions. it will increase suffering of our people” Salva Kiir exclaimed.

“To the international community, I will say my government is ready to bring peace to the country.”

However, Salva Kiir warns that he cannot be threatened or timed to bring peace to South Sudan, saying:

“We ran into a deadlock. And then the threats of sanctions were being waved in my eyes. They have a very funny language that they say, ‘There are people hanging up there with a stick.’ I told them, brother, that stick, let them hit in any place that they want to hit. If they want to hit the head let them hit, if they want to hit anywhere, then hit. I cannot be threatened with that talk.” Kiir claims.

The president has objected to reach an agreement with the SPLM/SPLA [IO] as the two sides failed to agree on the system of governance, security arrangements and process of justice, accountability and reconciliation.

“In that way, I came to you without peace, when I came. I did not bring peace.” Kiir added.

While Dr. Machar calls for 21-states federal system to be implemented in the country, Salva Kiir believes that his centralized system of government is federal.

“Riek said we must apply federalism but we are already a federal state although we don’t call ourselves one” Kiir said.

The government faction has also objected the call for compensation and reparation as part of healing and reconciliation, demanding that if the 2013-2015 gross crimes and violations are compensated, then the 1991 crimes must also be compensated.

While members of international community comprising of US, Norway, UK, EU and the United Nations calls on African Union and IGAD to release AU report and incorporate the process of accountability in the IGAD-led peace talks, Salva Kiir government objects, claiming that the Obasanjo-led AU Commission was manipulated by Sudan government, and therefore its report is presumed bias and unsuitable for accountability.

Kiir also threatens that if the Western world or United Nations sanction individuals, then South Sudan will refuse aid and instead invest in Agriculture to feed its dying populations.

“Let them sanction South Sudan but if they will not ask God to stop rain in the country we will still prosper without aid” Kiir claims.

The SPLM-Juba Chairman and Commander-in-Chief also reminds his people that if the country is placed under UN trusteeship, then the foreign will loot its resources. He blames the exiled SPLM- Uhuru for the proposal.

“And they want the UN to take over South Sudan for ten years and then elections to be conducted by the UN. Any party that will win the elections then have to be handed over power.” Kiir narrates.

“Do you think if foreigners rule our country we will get back our resources?” Kiir wonders.

“The idea of UN trusteeship comes from the people who call themselves SPLM historical leaders” Kiir blames his former detainees.

Losing South Sudan Through African Solution To African Problem

While focusing on the international community and calling for “African solutions to African problems”, the young nation is shrinking in size. Salva Kiir government refuses participation of TROIKA and the United Nations in Peace talks.

Contrarily, the African brothers have their own interests in South Sudan. While Bashir campaigns in the oil-rich Abyei as part of Sudan, the two East African brothers, Yoweri Museveni of Ugandan and Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya have advanced their troops into South Sudan territories in Nimule and Nadapal, respectively, to exploit the newly discovered oil at South Sudan-Kenya border and minerals in Equatorian region.

Egypt from the far North has as well managed to secure water deal at a much cheaper price as it would be in a free market. Ethiopia on its part has its troops in the contested region of Abyei under the United Nation and is also believed to have sent its troops in the past week into part of Upper Nile state in attempt to crack down its rebels.

Receiving Rebels and IDPs

Although the Government is committed to negotiate peace with its rival SPLA/SPLM-IO, the roadmaps that the government counts on are the presidential amnesties and plea for the 2 million refugees willingly return home.

“We welcome rebels back. General Lul who was spokesperson of Riek came. Three Pagan’s siblings also came back.” Salva Kiir emphasizes on Lul Ruai Koang, who will be travelling soon to Washington, USA, on a government ticket as part of his recent deal with the government.

“Let us be ready to receive those in UN camps and refugees” Kiir tells his government.

“I want IDPs in Juba, Bor and other towns to go back to their homes. The authorities will give them support.” Kiir promises to attract IDPs, who have spent over one year in poorly facilitated UN camps.

The IDPs have lost lives, homes and property, however, Salva Kiir believes that they will only be compensated if the 1991 victims are compensated.

In fighting corruption, Salva Kiir also urges children, who are employed at custom by their parents, to stop stealing money there.

“There are officials who want to put their children to customs to steal money. This must stop” The President of South Sudan, his Excellency Salva Kiir Mayarit warns.

“We have been talking about non oil revenue collection but there is rampant corruption in that sector. It must stop” the president added.

The president also ordered the lecturers to stop striking and wait for their demands to be looked into when the crises are over.

“I want lecturers to stop the strike. Their demands will be looked into once the crisis has ended.” President Kiir said.

Contrary to high expectations during the signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement 10 years ago, South Sudan under Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit has never been peaceful. Series of rebellions have succeeded one another since 2005. Tribal feuds and resistance to disarmament have claimed thousands of lives and property within the last ten years.

The current major conflict broke out in December 2013. More than 50 thousands are reportedly killed and nearly 2 million people displaced, according to the International Crisis Group and the United Nations reports.

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  1. GatNor
    March 19, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    Whether weak or strong sanctions Juba will be affected.


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