The Shilluk And Murle Liberated Their Land While Equatorian & Fertit Remains Hostage To The Dinka Land Grabbed

Growing number of street children, homelessness, land grabbing, prostitution and crimes in South Sudan capital, Juba(Photo: file)

Growing number of street children, homelessness, land grabbing, prostitution and crimes in South Sudan capital, Juba(Photo: file)

March 21, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — When you undertake comparative analyst of the advantages and disadvantages create by ongoing civil strife between the two dominant tribes of South Sudan in relations to minority and most marginalize tribes such as Shilluk, Murle, Equatorian and Fertit. It is very clear that any situations may have its own advantages and disadvantages when played skillfully and wisely.

Though many lives and properties were been lost in this civil strife, I still believe that The war between the two dominant tribes can also be a blessing especially to minority and most marginalized groups who might have played their games skillfully and wisely. The good example is the Shilluk and Murle tribes who capitalized on this crisis by achieving their long awaited quest for freedom and control over their grabbed land. I can personally congratulate them for utilizing this crisis for the interest of the community. The Shilluk successfully managed to capitalize on the weakness created by the ongoing hostilities between the Dinka and the Nuer in the Country.

The Shilluk and Murle community are like other marginalized tribes in South Sudan and had been living under hardship and inhumane conditions for long time while trying to claim their God given rights such as the rights to their ancestors land and quest against the Dinka domination of the public and private sectors in expense of the minority tribes.

The others victims of the Dinka domination of the South Sudan political and economy sectors are Equatorian and Fertit whose lands has grabbed by force and their freedom had been denied through intimidations and dictatorship . Though the opportunity availed itself during the crisis they leadership of the two community failed to utilize and capitalized on this great opportunity created by the hostilities between the two dominant tribes to claim back their grabbed land and freedom for intimidation and I fear this opportunity will never knock their door again.

The Equatorian and Fertit became hostage of unfounded fear and reluctant to risk their lives to change their current situation and make better tomorrow for next generation and it will be hard for them to make it when peace agreement is reach between the two dominant tribes in South Sudan.

After thorough investigations and discussions with some members of the minority and most marginalized tribes in South Sudan mainly from the Shilluk, Murle , Equatorian and Fertit on the problems , challenges and potential way to address those problems to regain their real meaning of participation in South Sudan political and economy decision making .

The facts finding facts and issues facing the minority tribe need quick attention from the leadership of the country and the minority quest for their rights as citizens of this country turn always to deaf ear and blind eyes and those issues are vital for turning the threats to an opportunity by them.

The Shilluk stated that, their ancestors land had been occupied by the Dinka and The Nuer displaced persons for very long time and the government failed to respond to their claim for their lands. The examples of Shilluk lands grabbed by Dinka and Nuer are Atar, Canal, Dolieb, Obel, Adidiang, Papiew, Binythiang, Makal, Anakdiar, Bonglai, Ahmedajaak, hay salaam residential areas and Ajuba.

The Shilluk elders and leadership raised the problem with government at the State and National level and tried all means to recover their lands from the Dinka and The Nuer with little and no one dared to hear the cry of the community.

The Shilluk tried to established tribal militias to liberate their Collo land from land grabbers but they end up being termed as rebels by the Dinka and the Nuer dominated government and in the end the rebellion of Johnson Olony, Guang and Oyuok Ogat was crashed by government troops.

The Shilluk civilians lost many of their fellow compatriots in the fight for the liberation of Shilluk lands from 2010-2013 when Johnson Olony respond to amnesty out of fear and cry from Shilluk elders that their sons are finishing and the mission is unachievable . The Shilluk paid very high prices of the Johnson Olony rebellion which resulted into mass displacement, mass rape for women, extrajudicial killing of Shilluk men, burning of houses, lost of properties and livelihood as the community were forced to relocated to Malakal town out of fear of being killed by the Division Seven soldiers who were targeting Shilluk by their ethnicity.

The Murle testimonies revealed that gross human rights abused including war crimes and crimes against the humanity had been committed by government troops in Murle land while fighting with David Yauyau rebel forces.

The rebellion of David Yauyau had been symbol of Murle resistance against the Dinka dominations and marginalization of other minority tribes who are denied access to economy and political participation in the Country.

The testimonies from Fertit has also shown that their land had been grabbed or occupied by the Dinka and the people who raised those mal treatment of the local population were either killed , jailed without proper legal procedures or deprived from the livelihood .

The Fertit tried to stage peaceful demonstration in Wau to let their grievances known to the National government and International community and the government respond resulted into mass killing and mass arrest of the local population and no one accounted for those crimes.

The Equatorian situation remains the same since the signing of CPA and when Juba becomes the capital city of the South Sudan. The Equatorian lands and properties had been grabbed by force mostly the Dinka dominated government and the legal system were in favor of the criminals.

The Dinka nomad remain constant life threat to peaceful living of the Equatorian in West, East and Central Equatoria States for the past 10 years without any government respond to stop this threat.

The Dinka displaced persons had been very hostiles to host Equatorian communities mainly in Nimule, Maridi, Mundri, Nairus, Yei, Magwi and Nadapal and the Dinka are renaming the Equatorian land and want to be permanent resident in other people land by force.

The Dinka cattle’s become cause of food insecurity in Equatoria land because they destroy the agriculture produce on yearly basis and they use resident farm as grazing land for their cattle’s by force.

The Dinka dominated government and soldiers are involved in daily disappearance and killing of the innocent Equatorian citizens in their own land. The Dinka are also destroying the social life of Equatorian by raping women and abusing their access to wealth to enslave young girls in return of money.

The Dinka treated the Equatorian like third class citizens in their own land through intimidation and threat of killing and disappearance.

All the above mentioned facts are true stories happening in South Sudan against the minority and most marginalized group in the hand of the Dinka Dominated regime before the eruption of the ongoing civil strife and the Dinka regime continue to pursue this path in order to dominate the other non Dinka tribe in the Country.

The Question before the minority tribes is. What did the minority and marginalized tribes achieved in this fighting between two dominant tribes in order to regain their land and freedom from Dinka domination and intimidation?

The best answer is that two minority tribes successfully capitalized on this crisis to gain their freedom and reclaim their land from land grabbers.

  1. The Shilluk militia deserved credit and congratulation for capitalizing on the fighting between the two dominant tribes and managed to liberate their lands from the Dinka and the Nuer occupation.
  2. The Shilluk successfully liberated and regain full control of the following villages ( Atar, Adidiang, Papiew, Dolieb, Obel, Anakdiar , Ajuba, Makal County and are in full controlled of the Shilluk Kingdom and their next target will be Binythiang and Khorfulus
  3. The Shilluk militias successfully managed to force all non Shilluk resident to abandon the Malakal town through target killing of both the Dinka and the Nuer who are trying to return to Malakal town.
  4. The Shilluk successfully managed to destroy most of the houses that belong to the Nuer and the Dinka in Malakal to prevent them from returning to Malakal when peace returns to Malakal.
  5. The Murle successfully managed to capitalize on this crisis through forcing the Juba regime to give the independent Administration and to live as free citizens in their own land.

Bases on the above mentioned facts, I believe that the Shilluk and the Murle deserve big congratulation for utilizing the opportunity created by the ongoing hostilities between two dominant tribes to free themselves from the Dinka marginalization and regain their land grabbed by the dominant tribes.

I also believe that our Equatorian brothers lost this golden opportunity to become free from the marginalization and reclaimed their land grabbed during the confussion era. It is my conviction that this opportunity will hardly avail itself to them sooner and only almighty God know their final destiny in the South Sudan which is ruled through power of guns and intimidation.

The reality is that when you cheated someone who is not aware of his own rights it should not be a sin before God.

Should the Dinka continuation their exploitation and enslavement policy toward Equatorian after losing this opportunity will not be Sins before God or before human being because they don’t know what they want and when to get their rights.

Let them remain hostage of their own unfounded fear to regain the lands and freedom

The writer is concern South Sudanese Activist and can be reached via

  21 comments for “The Shilluk And Murle Liberated Their Land While Equatorian & Fertit Remains Hostage To The Dinka Land Grabbed

  1. Wed Aljunub
    March 21, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Friend: giving your own opinion on something or letting people know the reality means that unless you have some facts or some relevant evidence but your article seemed awful and hatred encourager , I never heard that Shulluk is fighting Dinka in Upper Nile. There are so many individuals, families and groups from Shulluk ethnic backgounds now residing in Dinka.

    Liked by 1 person

    • March 21, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      Thanks Son of South Sudan for your comment and without undertaking in-depth social research we will not have South Sudan. What am writing is based on social research and it is for the interest of all to make south sudan a better place through eliminating all dangerous cultures and practices . I am encouraging hatred as you said but bring reality closer to the people to change their mind set. I will revised my opinion as you are part of my miror to know what is going right and wrong.
      Thank again and The Jinub need social researchers to have sons and daughters like you


      • March 22, 2015 at 4:23 am

        Lual magok, start with your nuer group. You have occupied shilluk, dinka, murle and anyuak land. Yet you are blindly blaming dinka falsely for purpose of gaining support for your doomed nuer rebellion. Just ask any south sudanese on who they would rather be living with between nuer and dinka. I wouldn’t be surprise to hear that they would live with dinka thanwith nuer because you nuer are stubborn people.


    • Riek Koang
      March 21, 2015 at 8:59 pm

      His Artical though have some facts for the case of Equatorians and Murle but it encourages hatred and tribalism, South Sudan is for all South Sudanese, any tribe has the right to stay freely any where on permanet bases so long they stay and co-exist peacefully.

      What I am still questioning here is why the Government is allowing the cattle keepers to roam around Equatoria with guns and their cattle always distroy farmers crops??, so if the Government is paying blind eyes to such scenarios, they will be surprised when another rebelion is waged in Equatoria, please force this cattle keepers to go back to their homeland before is too late, Am a great supporter of the elected government but what is happening within Equatoria is very dangerious and if rebelion started, it will mark the end of this Government for sure.


    • w.o.k
      March 21, 2015 at 9:10 pm

      you writes ok,but how come you denys the truth? sorry should’nt wast time reading your comment


  2. w.o.k
    March 21, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    wake-up and try to clean up these childrens’s faces salva kiir


  3. March 21, 2015 at 9:36 pm

    I am very concern about brothers in Nuer are always posting 98% articles against Dinka tribe and that is the signed why people afraid to trust Nuer politicians people.The reason why we do not want tribalism to continues for another years is because we have small tribes in South Sudan and if we lived then, this can benefits all of us. I don’t think we Dinkas people should be worry by any mean if others people want to hate us we can not reward them but to deal with them properly on the other hand, it will be wise for those educated people to avoid any negative language which can generated hatred


  4. Joseph L. N. / Concerned Equatorian
    March 21, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    The Dinka and the Nuer are the same. They are only two faces of the same coin. Let it be known to you Mr Lual Magog that whatever atrocities committed in Equatoria after the CPA, the Nuer took the lead especially in Juba when Riek Machar was strongly ruling in Juba as number two in the Government of South Sudan and late Paulino Matip was his aide. So please, civilize your own tribesmen before advising the Equatorians and the Fertit. For Equatorians are a “Time Bomb”. Better ask your elders about who the Equatorians are…

    If we really mean to live together as one nation in unity and harmony, then let the two leading tribes (Dinka & Nuer) in South Sudan come to their senses, i.e.sacrifice their primitive way of life for a civilized and modern life style which can accommodate modernization and development in South Sudan…

    Lastly but not the least, learn to forgive each other for the sake of unity of this country: The Nuer need the Dinka; the Dinka need the Bari; the Bari need the Shilluk; the Shilluk need the Fertit; the Fertit need the Latuko; the Latuko need the Murle; and so on.


    • Bentiu Ramaran
      March 22, 2015 at 4:56 am

      Joseph L. N. / Concerned Equatorian,

      The two tribes you criticize regardless of who is at fault are much much better than you are. You were nothing, you are nothing, and will not never be anything in South Sudan. You are totally idiot more than Kiir. You are totally foolish creatures you will never ever come your senses. Your comments indicate that you have a frozen mind that does not think outside of the box.


      • Joseph L. N. / Concerned Equatorian
        March 24, 2015 at 2:59 am

        You’ve truly exemplified your true nature. You need to be civilized first before replying… indeed you need another Evans-Prichad…


  5. Eli
    March 21, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    Lual Magok
    You have the right to speak your mind and air your opinions although it is very shallow and short sighted. If you think this war is over, you are very wrong. You need to follow the history of the war and if you are smart which I doubted you are, but it’s easy to figure out what lies ahead. These so called dominant tribes future is in darkness, don’t be fooled by what is happening now on the ground, but just look ahead. If you think this is the end you are just day dreaming. Unlike Murle and Shilluk which you suggested are winnere for liberating their lands, some others are thinking of liberating the whole country. There is no peace, don’t dream about peace until you dinkas and your cousins nuers submit, and they will submit. The future is on the side of the sane not insane barbarians like your so called two dominant tribes.


    • March 22, 2015 at 4:57 am

      Eli, i wouldn’t denied that quite number of nuer and dinka still hold on to this age old war mentality. The Same could also be say about some equatorians that murdered others in cold blood. As a person who think in line with wider universe and it purpose, I believe it would be important if we based our behavior on personal subject matter rather than group association. Each individual of us entered the universe and die as individual. The universe never treated us as group but individuals. For that matter, it is high time that we should drop tribal association and embrace nationhood. My life is never named dinka, and so as yours. We suppose to thinking about ways of bettering our lives not bettering individual tribe. I can never be happy when dinka man is well off and equatoria man is worse off. As true human with logical thinking capacity, I believe all south sudanese should have equal opportunities based on their abilities not tribe.


    • Bentiu Ramaran
      March 22, 2015 at 5:39 am


      The article is one of the worse articles ever a writer wrote. However, there is not dominants tribes in South Sudan. If your tribe man come to power, it does not mean that that tribe is dominants. If some people think they are dominants, then they must be out of their mine. In South Sudan, some minority tribes are far worse than the majority of tribes and they could far be worse than Dinka and Nuer, if they get a chance to rule.

      I totally agree with you that some people are busy liberating tribes but others are working very hard to liberate the country. As you know I always admire your comments because they are straight forward to the point. And my advice to you Mr. Eli, do not be discouraged by those double blind writers like Lual Magok do not give up your citizenship continue comment in professional level like you always do.

      The writer applauded Shilluk and Murle for liberating their land. Well, they liberated their land from who? and they are under who? Who pay their military and civil workers? Are they independent nations? Are they under Shilluk leader? Or Murle leader? However, I agree with the writer somehow that Murle took the advantage of the war to claim their counties to be made state. If there is no war, the claim to make Pibor state would never been approved.


      • Eli
        March 22, 2015 at 3:59 pm

        Thank you for your advise. Yes, it is very important to be reminded so as not to lose focus during these moments of tribally charged political uncertainties. I have always looked at the brighter side and will do so as long as I still breath. In my heart and eyes we are all brothers and sisters in one big family like in a polygamous relationships, we have our challenges like petty social ills with our prides to maintain our ethnic identities. Unfortunately some of us take our tribal adherence even bigger than our traditional gods. We forgot the only One true God and replaced Him by smaller gods of witch crafts. That’s why we are lost.
        I have friends who are Dinkas, like Anyak, Malong, Deng and many other, some of them even hail from Salva Kirr’s hometown but I don’t them just for where they come from nor because they are Dinkas. I have Nuer friends like Tut, Garwich, Nyajal, Dr. Martha former Cuban S.Sudanese whom I respect very much. I have Shilluk friends like Kimotik and Dr. Yak my former classmate, I have Anyuak friends Ojulu, I have friends from Murle, Bari speaking peoples, Acholi, Toposa, Otuho, Azande, Madi and many others, I am not trying to name tribal friends here but this is just to show people that beside this tribal fiasco we are all mere humans each with peculiar needs but we are one people, children of One Creator under one nation. We can all coexist in this nation which we all claim to love, however our actions don’t indicate our love for SS. Our forefathers’ bloods all poured for this very land today that we are abusing. We are doing disservices not only to ourselves but for the next generations to come. What a shame.

        If we could only give peace, sanity and civility a chance the land is so big and rich that we all could have enough for everyone and leftover to supply the world. Yes we might differ in how we want to govern ourselves and that is just natural human egos. Let our individual political grievances be moved into the parliamentary arena for political parties to argue in the house of commons etc. Politicians should leave the rest of the citizens to use their individual God given gifts to fight for things that matter in todays world like global racism and people of color discriminations, academic excellence, marketing, import-export, economic investments and social progress, sports and athleticism olympics or world cup competitions, technological inventions, etc.

        Bentiu; I do have other dreams beside these politics and guerrilla movements, infact I will make it clear here, that I dream to manufacture South Sudanese goods and put a label on boxes that says; “Made in S. SUDAN”, I disagree with the practices of shipping our raw materials like Teak, Crude Oil, or unpurified gold or porching of animal hides and ivory task to China and to western world.
        Why don’t we make and package our own products like cooking oil, caned fruits and vegetables, fresh and dry fish, purified or spring bottled water, dairy products, animal fodders, lentils, cosmetics, wooden furniture produces e.t.c just to name a few, right here in our nation and then export them?
        When I was briefly in Khartoum in late 90s, I saw people selling even wild fruits like dry Tamarind fruit, Lolub seeds, Kerkede, Lulu oil and fruits, dry Namak seeds, and even locust grasshoppers, all these things are found in the wilds of South Sudan even before cultivating them.
        This process is supposed to create sources of employments for our citizens, especially the youth who are the most marginalized and victimized by being misused for tribal ambitions by warlords and village chiefs to retain their positions.
        It is so sad, but those are our dilemmas. Shame, shame, shame on us all.
        Eli Wani


  6. March 22, 2015 at 12:04 am

    It seem like every piece of comment I am is viewed as inciting hatred among the South Sudanese and to me I am trying to educate the people of souths sudan about cancers that may bring another killing if not address by the leadership. What do you people want to write? please be sincere


  7. March 22, 2015 at 12:59 am

    People talk of Federalism and they don’t know what it is! Citizens in federal state have the right to live any where they choose. If I am from Upper Nile, I can buy land and build my tukul in either Lietnom or kapoeta. That is federalism. But now, even in the Decentralized system which we have, it is very hard to acquire land in Equatoria and the state governments have refused to survey town so that non-Equatorians don’t buy land. But if you go to any either Greater Upper Nile or Bhar Al Ghazal, your limit will be your pocket. Because the CPA made the mistake of calling Juba as national capital, other ethnicities came to Central Equatoria thinking that it is really a national capital and only to find that they are not wanted here….Hence the famous drive to move the capital to Ramshel. My question always was, is Ramshel a no man’s land? Is it not in Lakes State? And if people of South Sudan leave Juba because Bari and others don’t want us here, will the Equatorians be allowed to build homes and live there? Why would that be so and they dismiss people from their land?
    And this generate the question from oil producing states that they need Federalism because their resources were being used to construct roads in Juba and Bhar Al Ghazal at the expense of Bentiu and Malakal which are left desolate without any infrastructure.
    And South Sudanese, either fedearlism or not, we must live together in order to survive. Greater regional blocks will not help us. WE must unite in order to survive and prosper. If this hatred will continue, then some will join Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia and Chad. What have we really done? We need leaders who can bring us together and not fit us against one another.


    • Toria
      March 23, 2015 at 8:11 pm

      It is not about living in Equatoria that Equatorians are against, but it is all about abusive and disrespect and chaotic barbarism that makes people sick. When you travel outside South Sudan to another land and cause problems they will persecute and throw you in jail, although in the case of Equatoria the SPLA claim to have liberated it from the Arabs, which is totally false because SPLA just replaced Arabs and even made it worse. Also, if non Equatorians want to stay in the land there is nothing wrong but the problem is when you move over as the whole community and telling the host that you here to colonize them, am not sure even people in Bahr ghazal or Upper nile will accept such move. Sure if you say one day Ramciel becomes Capital City in Lakes States and they would not allow Equatorians there, that’s not a big deal. That is why in federal system everyone develops their ancestral land. But I highly doubted if left along you people in Bahr Gazal and Upper nile will ever get alone and develop your land. Don’t be angry and greedy about others properties but be satisfied with what you got.


  8. Below A Law
    March 22, 2015 at 1:53 am

    Lual Magok

    Why did you go to school?
    Now see for yourself how people commented after article.

    You are the few who are ravaging our country.
    you are like Dr. Riek whose phd is for destructions and suffering of populations.
    May God either eliminate or cleanse the these destructive brains.
    We all need ourselves. We our selves can construct destroy our tattered lives. So let us be careful – careful with what we do, write or say. South sudan for us – and for us all.
    I am for those who talk about how south sudanese live in peace and develope south sudan.


  9. monyjok deng bol
    March 22, 2015 at 3:29 am

    you saying that mr x Shilluk,murle,liberated their land,from who? and now under who,rebel or government?


  10. March 22, 2015 at 9:12 am

    To all Bahar algzal and equtarian now it’s time to tell those aneml coals
    Dika enough get the hell up from
    People land and go back to school and morah


  11. ater
    March 23, 2015 at 3:50 am

    Magok lual
    No matter how much you twist your name from Lual Magok to Magok Lual,it certainly will not cleanse you from the curse citizens pronounced on you today the 23/03/2015,due to your awful opinion you posted.Try rethinking before you write your opinion/article,you have oppositely embarked on self destructive mission in spreading message of hatred,rebellion,inciting violence among your very own people,but God pays one what one asks for and therefore,you are already paid,whatever that you want in stating such abominable utterances,you will reap.I was trying to offer you a piece of brotherly advice,to no avail.If demanding for more blood to be shed on no ground,it will either begin with you,your family member or a relative then you feel it.


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