The Chollo Defense Forces Betrayed by the President Kiir’s Administration

By Jwothab Othow.

School children from Chollo ethnic group recruited by the militia leader Maj. Gen. Johnson Olony in Shilluk Kingdom to fight rebellion (photo supply by UNICEF south Sudan)

School children from Chollo ethnic group recruited by the militia leader Maj. Gen. Johnson Olony in Shilluk Kingdom to fight rebellion (photo supply by UNICEF south Sudan)

April 6, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — First and foremost, allow me to extend my deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the Chollo (Shilluk) fallen heroes including the late Major General James Bwogo Olew and 14 other Chollo officers who were killed in a barbaric act in ambush at Lul by Akoka Dinka militias. Akoka and Dongjol clans militia who recently killed Major General Bwogo Olew in an ambush a long with 14 other officers at Lul are part of Padang Dinka in the context of their master plan. The killing of Major General Bwogo and other officers in an ambush recently at Lul, we condemn this act in the strongest terms possible the heinous crimes committed by Akoka Dinka militias. To refreshed your memory about the background of Conflict between the Dinka-Chollo land conflicts in Upper Nile State. It could be recalled when the unprovoked attack on Chollo in Malakal town, the capital of Upper Nile State on January 9, 2009 during the celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the CPA. The Padang Dinka in Upper Nile State claimed that the town belongs to them and, therefore, they should lead the procession. They attacked the Shilluk who were put before them in the procession. This incident happened in the presence of President Kiir and his former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar. Both Kiir –Machar did nothing about it until today. The same year in 2009 the Dinka attacked two Chollo villages of Abaniim and Anakdiar killing innocent Chollo citizens.

The current President of South Sudan Kiir gave Dinka a site called Pigi in the Chollo land which made it clear that President Kiir is supporting and behind the Padang Dinka claimed for Chollo ancestral land. Juba’s betrayal against Chollo Defense Forces would be a strategic failure of the President Kiir’s administration. We were struck with serious affliction and sadness on the news of the killing of Major General Bwogo Olew along with 14 Chollo officers who were killed by the Akoka Dinka militias at Lul. These are cowardly acts committed by Akoka Dinka militias. The recent attack on Chollo Defense forces which led to the killing of Major General James Bwogo, self-explanatory and maybe proof of the President Kiir’s administration betrayal against Chollo Defense Forces who made allied with Kiir’s government in 2013. The giving of Chollo ancestral land to the Dinka by President Salva Kiir has continued to cause ongoing violence in Upper Nile between Dinka and Chollo land conflict unless Juba drop its support for Padang Dinka false claim and abandon their strategy to dislodge Chollo from the east bank. The Dinka militias ambushed at Lul are not an isolated incident but part of Padang Dinka elements within Kiir’s administration who are supplying the Dinka militias in Upper Nile state ammunition to terrorize the Chollo community. There are reliable reports of on the ground that some elements from Akoka Dinka elites and their collaborators from the Nuer of Upper Nile state within President Kiir’s administration are the ones arming the Dinka militia.

It is clear that there is a well coordinated plan to dislodge Chollo people from their ancestral land. The government in Juba is downplaying what happens at Lul recently as Dinka and Chollo youth clashes in Upper Nile state. Juba is trying to misinform the public through their owned false media about what happened in Upper Nile State recently. According to the various sources that Minister of Defense in Juba refused to meet the Minority Opposition leader in South Soudan legislative Assembly (SSLA) on the same subject playing down Dinka and Chollo youth clashes. As part of Juba media propaganda on April 6, 2015, the well known Nuer opportunist Gordon Buay published statement on SPLM-DC forum and Juab smart forum where he claimed that General Johnson Olony issued the statement. This is totally false and fabricated.

These are elements of Akoka Dinka unfounded claims since in 2004. Thereafter, nothing was done despite Chollo’s legitimate demands that the President Kiir’s administration set up a committee to demarcate the border between the two tribes which is based on 1956 boundaries once and for all. We are told by the various sources that the President Salva Kiir made remarks to the Chollo who were trying to approach Kiir to resolve the matter that, “The Chollo – Padang Dinka boundary is in the middle of the Nile.” The Padang Dinka elites who are supporting Dinka militias in Upper Nile with their strategy aiming to occupy Chollo land on the East bank. They think the Chollo Defense forces have been weakened as a result of ongoing fighting in Upper Nile against the rebels. Now Akoka Dinka militias are waging the war against Chollo Defense Forces. If the Padang Dinka think they can occupy the Chollo land on the East bank they are mistaken. The enemies of the Chollo nation will be defeated regardless how mighty they are. There is evidence that the Padang Dink elites and their militias are getting material support from Kiir’s government to implement their strategy and agenda to exterminate the Chollo nation from existence. We condemned this criminal act by Akoka Dinka militias who carried out the ambush killing 15 Chollo officers including Major General Bwogo Olew.

The tension is getting high these days in Upper Nile State due to the deterioration of the situation in the last few days following the killing of Major General Bwogo and 14 other officers at Lul by Akoka Dinka militias. To the adversaries who seek to dislodge Chollo nation from existence in Upper Nile state should know that our foundering fathers have fought multitudes of enemies including the Dinka, Nuer, Funj, Mahdi, and Turko-Egyptian rule in Sudan etc. Yet we have has survived and will continue to fight those who seek to dislodge us from existence. The whole Chollo community is saddened and devastate for the loss of Chollo offices in cold blood. The killing of Major General Bwogo and 14 other officers is pure betrayal from President Kiir’s government. There are serious concerns among the Chollo whether allies between General Johnson Olony’s defense forces and the government will continue if the President Kiir continues to support Padang Dinka militias against Chollo forces. The Padang Dinka agenda to remove the Chollo from their land on the East bank of the Nile from Nyijwado in the Southern kingdom to Detwok in the Northern Kingdom is clearly supported by Kiir’s administration. There is no doubt that assassinations of Major General Major General James Bwogo who is a deputy of General Johnson Olony and 14 other Chollo officers killed in an ambush was an insider’s work of Padang Dinka elites within the President Kiir’s government. This the proven beyond doubt that the President Kiir’s betrayal against General Johnson Olony’s Chollo Defense Forces after General Olony’s force liberated most places in Upper Nile state.

Chollo all over the world are mourning the loss of their fallen heroes with bitterness. We pray that Almighty God rest their souls in peace but the Akoka Dinka perpetrators who murdered them in cold blood should know that their blood will not go in vain. We pray that Almighty God gives comfort to their families at this difficult time and the Chollo community. The perpetrators who carried out this mindless and barbaric cowardly act will held responsible for their death. Major General James Bwogo was killed on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 on their way to Lul. The plight of Chollo people and the secret war being waged against Chollo nation by the Dinka militias’ with the support of President Kiir’s administration to dislodge Chollo people from ancestral land will not prevail. This is a clear indication that the ambush was coordinated by pro-government militias from Padang Dinka mainly Akoka as part of their strategy to occupy Chollo land. One thing Padang Dinka should know is that Shilluk would rather have Padang Dinka take their ancestral land over their dead bodies. This betrayal by President Kirr’s government will affect future relations between Kiir’s government and General Johnson Olony allied. This unfaithfulness by the government of Kiir and their Padang Dinka militias could jeopardize the relationship between Gen. Jonson Olony’s forces and the government.

Major General Bwogo Olew was a “true hero” and he died for the cause of his people. The ambush was coordinated by Akoka Dinka militias and the President Kiir’s government to kill both Major General Bwogo and General Johnson Olony but General Johnson Olony was not with Major General Bwogo at the time of the ambush. Major General Bwogo will be remembered and admired for his bravery and his blood will not be in vain. Late Major General Bwogo Olew will remain in the memories of many Chollo for generations to come. The Padang Dinka to dislodge Chollo people from the East bank to the West bank has been a long time strategy and they are implementing it with the support of President Kiir’s government to overtake Chollo land. The Chollo will never allow anyone to take their ancestral land and if they do it would be over their dead bodies. The perpetrators involved in murdered of Major General Bwogo and 14 other Chollo officers are Padang Dinka militia elements within the government of Kiir. It is quite clear now that Kiir’s administration and Padang Dinka is a threat to Chollo existence. The Dinka militia has been armed by the President Kiir’s administration since 2009 as part of Padang Dinka strategy to occupy Chollo land from the east of the Nile. There is evidence emerging from different sources that the elements within President Kiir’s administration who are providing and coordinated military support to Dinka militias in upper Nile which has led to the recently killing of 15 Chollo officers including Major General Bwogo at Lul.

The Dinka perpetrators who are plotting and fuelling violence in Upper Nile state are within the President Kiir’s administration. According to many sources that those who are responsible for ongoing violence in Upper Nile State between Dinka and Chollo conflict over the land are: President Kiir himself, the current Governor Simon Kun Pouch, and Stephen Dieu, South Sudan minister of Petroleum, Joshua Dau, a member of Jieng Council of Elders, and Gen. Johnson Gony etc. Just to mention the few. The ongoing war waged by Padang Dinka in Upper Nile state against the Chollo people have been “coordinated” by President Kiir’s government. If we could recall right after Chollo forces liberated Wadakona the perpetrators mentioned above plotted to assassinate Gen. Johnson Olony at Renk when the Dinka militias to shoot at Gen. Johnson Olony ‘s vehicle but thank God he was not in the vehicle and no one was hurt. The authorities in Juba did not say anything about that incident until Major General Bwogo was killed on April 1, 2015 along with 14 other Chollo officers at Lul. So it is very clear that Juba was behind the conspiracy and is involved in what happened recently in Lul. President Kiir’s government is trying to discredit and betray Chollo Defense Forces after they have liberated most places in Upper Nile state from the Rebels. President Kiir’s administration refused to send a delegation to attend the burial of late Major General James Bwogo despite his high rank is an indication that Juba was behind the killing and has betrayed General Johnson Olony

The President Kiir’s government betrayal of General Johnson Olony’s Chollo Defense forces who have been fighting alongside government forces in Upper Nile state against the rebels. What is happening in the Upper Nile states between the Dinka and Chollo land conflicts is structured violence and a secret war against Chollo nation on the East bank constructed by the President Kiir’s government. Chollo people felt that President Kiir’s administration betrayed Chollo defense Forces after Dinka Militias launched a coordinate attacked which killed Major General Bwogo in an ambush by Akoka Dinka militias who have been supported by President Kiir’s administration. The Chollo community is shocked by President Kiir’s “betrayal” against Chollo defense forces who are allies with his government. Now what will be the future of General Johnson Olony’s Chollo defense forces allied with President Kiir’s administration? Unless President Kiir takes tough measures against those who killed 15 Chollo officers, otherwise mistrust will grow wider between General Johnson Olony and Kiir’s administration.

Sadly, after the Dinka militias killed Major General Bwogo according to the sources on the ground that his body was cut into pieces by the mindless cowardice by Dinka militia. This is pure senseless acts and barbaric crime. The blood of Chollo martyrs will not go in vain. Major General Bwogo Olew was a “true hero” and he died for the cause of his people. Such inhuman and barbaric acts will be met with tough action against the Dinka militia perpetrators. President Kiir’s administration and Padang Dinka is a threat to Chollo existence.

In conclusion, we are deeply concerned that President Kiir’s administration is not serious in resolving the issues of land conflict between the Dinka and Chollo because of his double standards. It is time for Chollo to think carefully and collectively and to act. I strongly believe that the Chollo people will defeat the adversaries who want to dislodge the Chollo nation. Major General Bwogo and other fallen heroes, Chollo people will never forget their sacrifices and their blood will not go in vain. We thank them for their service and courage. They died for the cause of their people. We salute you and May God rests their souls in eternal peace.

The author is a South Sudanese concerned citizen; he can be reached at

  28 comments for “The Chollo Defense Forces Betrayed by the President Kiir’s Administration

  1. GatNor
    April 6, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    You dines with snakes you will die coughing a poisonous venom out of every stinking hole in your body. This is a great lesson for the shilluks.


    • Bentiu Ramaran
      April 7, 2015 at 4:47 am


      Shilluk’s Dr. James Okuk who has been denying Nuer massacre in Juba stated that Dinka are less evil. I think he will learn from this small battles between Shilluk and tiny two communities of Dinka sections. May be James Okuk will accused Shilluk for killing Dinka this time since he is money seeker Dr.

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    • April 7, 2015 at 4:56 am

      GatNor, Or Gat liel cieth, Old LOU, man stop folk English , you are politicizing it, Chollo cannot joint Nuer side, because you are for Nuer stomach , you killed them in Malakal like flies ,while they were testing your respect, you refused respect because you want their beautiful girls to rape and you did it in Malakal. Padang Chollo war is land conflict and Nuer Dinka war is leadership grabbing war, because our Nuer nature is taking things by force and killed the owner, Dinka and Chollo in great Upper Nile are suffering from nuer hand every moment their cows are taken and their wives rape ,some time come and killed every body even children, and no body who go to Nuer land to create atrocities , Who can joint such a people who are violent to other tribe just to loot their foods raids cattle, Chollo and Padang are still under Juba, no body can joint GatNor , the way I look at his shameful picture in the net


      • GatNor
        April 7, 2015 at 7:46 am

        According to the general public opinion amongst the Nuers, if this war was between Jaangs and Nuers, the Nuers pretty much made it clear that they don’t want any other Jurs to get involved. On the flip side the war happens to be a national liberation in self defense to protect the rights of the people of South Sudan and it just happened that the leadership has a Nuer face and it could have been any other face of any of the 63 ethnics groups from the many diverse tribes of South Sudan people. The Nuers have – Teet-Nuers, Chayni-Nuers, Bar-Nuers, Jaang-Nuers, and Buny-Nuers. Why would any sane Nuer beg for shilluk’s alliances when the odds are against the shilluk. Peace co-existence between our community is the best policy.


        • April 7, 2015 at 1:37 pm

          Let Chollo join Reik Machar, we Don’t care, they killed our paramount chief Thon Wey Awin , and others,by Robert Guang Nyiker, so now ,we are going to revenge more, we will kill another big fish very soon, our land conflict with Chollo must continue as our traditional enemy, Olony and Lam Akol one of them must died one day as revenge . Malakal side must remain with Dinka Padang or Chollo would face risk


          • GatNor
            April 7, 2015 at 4:59 pm

            At one point you were sure they(Chilluks would never join the Opposition forces. What changed your arrogant mind so suddenly?


          • April 7, 2015 at 10:39 pm

            Chollo in General used to assassinated Padang leaders,eg famous paramount chief Thon Wey Awin was assassinated in his house with all his sons in the same time , by Maj. Robert Guang Nyikeer, up to now no body arrested him,,, since Lam Akol start his SPLA>DC campaign , Government was silence, and we were waiting for the right time, DR: REIK and PRESIDENT KIIR are fighting political war ,and DINKA PADANG and CHOLLO fighting land war, all of us are Kiir sons fighting each others over cow, or competing for the land, From Pigi county to Renk county ,the border is in the middle of the river Nile, The Chollo every year use to cause havoc of cold blood killing on Padang land and their side is peaceful and Padang use to respect their land not to go and cause conflict there. Their land is very fertile in term of Agriculture if they could develop it , Chollo want to be taxes collectors on Dinka land all along the river and their side also. You Nuer people you Know this history , Chollo are wrong , we want them to be part of our counties ,the refuse ,they want Padang to live in the forest dry land and they live along the river on Padang side and their side also , impossible hell to Chollo Kingdom


      • April 7, 2015 at 2:08 pm

        You dirty Nuer wew! Gorngodh Buai or better Col you adopted a Deng name thinking we will do not know your dirty tricks like the forged statement you have written on behalf of Gen. Olony. Who told you that we are in need of allies not even you the Nuer stooges washing the feet your drunkard Mangothdit for money.

        We are coming to to Juba and make sure we do not find you there; you traitor orphan, pack and go to Warrap.


  2. April 6, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    I wonder why this brothers inlaws called cholo are crying in this very late hours.
    it was cholo themselves joint this war on the side of kiir.


  3. Deng II
    April 6, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    I don’t comprehending what author saying. So many repetition of sentences. The author is talking like giving confession before dying or promise things for his/her wife to get after he/she died.


  4. April 6, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    The Akoka Youths Dinka Padang , Community have right to revenge , their famous chief was assassinated in his house with his two sons and others , even they beginning of Juba conflict the So call Robert Guang Nyikeer, Attack Akoka town and burnt all huts in to ashes, and government was silence, so if they revenge to day it is their right. The border is in the middle of the river nile , Any rejection bullet, will rule. Be fore the liberation war ,of 1983, Chollo and Dinka were living mixed, on Dinka side and on Chollo side peacefully. But now political borders , Padang said all Chollo who were with us temporary, are welcome to be party of our counties, eg you are still Chollo and Akoka citizen. the so called Chollo politicians refused, they want all both side of the nile to be given to Chollo, that is impossible, hell to Chollo claim


    • Bentiu Ramaran
      April 7, 2015 at 1:17 pm


      Cousin. Although I am at war with you, I agree with you at this point the so call Chollo community is a confuse community they do not know they doing. They do not know what they are fighting for, but just going coo-coo.


  5. April 6, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    Ya’ Jwothab! I can say all that you mentioned are nonsenses simply because we have been telling you that Mr. Salva Kiir and his cohorts are muderers & killers whose mission is to kills S. Sudanese citizens in cold-blood like what they did to Naath’s children, wowen, disables[Blinds, Lamps & Deafs] & elderly people in late 2013 but you those of money lover so-called Johnson Olony failed understood us untill last week when they[Kiir and his cohorts] killed your Gen. Obwogo who could have died when he[Late Gen. Obwogo] was with freedom fighters under visionary S. Sudan’s leader Dr. Riak Machar whose mission is to establish better S. Sudan where every S. S-citizen with proud of! And for your info, Kiir will also kill your lelf-over so-called Gen. Johnson Olony if you don’t reconsider your position of siding with the muderer[Kiir] of South Sudanese citizens and the same information can also goes to Murle but Murle are so intelligence that’s why deliberately refused the requst of second-muderer Mr. Malong Awan


  6. April 6, 2015 at 11:06 pm

    why u coward jur small tribe involving yourselves to war between 2 big tribes u think Dinkas r more hospitality than Nuers but now they’re turning the sword back to u cowards. If u want to extinct the chollo community continue supporting Dinkas we r just watching


  7. John Jal Kuach
    April 7, 2015 at 1:17 am

    No trust Shilluk and Bor.


  8. chol.
    April 7, 2015 at 4:25 am

    People don,t write like that .I don,t understand your writing lol !!!!


    • April 7, 2015 at 5:28 am

      You need to understand Media language and media writing.


  9. Bentiu Ramaran
    April 7, 2015 at 4:29 am

    Jwothab Othow,

    Chollo community should blame no anyone in South Sudan government, not event Dinka Padang, but they should blame only US dollars and South Sudanese Pound given to their frontline commanders such as Johnson Olony and his deputy Bwogo Olew. Shilluk community involved deep in the war against the rebels who have nothing to do with them, but just because their frontlines commanders have been bribed while their politicians in Juba are serving detention sentences. What a confuse and money hungry community?

    These confuse Shilluk think that Kiir should arm them and pay them at the same time so they can continue their barbaric against Dinka Padang. Where in the world a person can claim the land militarily from someone who arm him and feed him? The Dinka is arming and feeding Shilluk, yet Shilluk is claiming the land from Dinka militarily. Is Dinka stupid to give land to someone he arms and feed? When Johnson Olony returned to South Sudan, he was responding to the presidential amnesty given to war criminals. There was no legitimate written agreement between Kiir and Olony. Shilluk should stop talking like blind woman left in the abandon village because you choose to fight for money.


  10. April 7, 2015 at 4:30 am

    Dinka Padang has a right to kill this man, why shuluk general goes to cool down the situation between his tribal tribe and Dinka tribe when he knows this land issue has been there for long. This man Jwathab is crying for nothing while his uncle Olony call this terrorist act as accident. You shiluk don’t confuse others if you confuse yourself


  11. Thomas Ngundeng
    April 7, 2015 at 4:36 am

    Dear Jwothab Othow,
    I hope you rise above tribalism and look at things from a national point of view. The Dinka Padang had their Paramount Chief and sons killed recently by Cholo
    armed youth and no other Cholo leader was blamed by the Dinka. Do you think that their death was less painful than yours!? You must also stop writing on behalf of the wise
    Gen. Johnson.Olony who has already written his famous letter yesterday about how the killing of his deputy was an accident as they mistook him for a convoy of the youth.This
    understanding has already made Gen.Olony a great visionary leader indeed in the eyes of all the tribes of South Sudan. So, don’t talk on his behalf so that the Shiluk children will
    again die in cross or direct fire if another rebellion starts in Malakal and complicates the war and devastate Shiluk land further. enough is enough,thanks to Olony.
    Let us be leaders instead of agitators of violence. What happened has happened and it has nothing to do with President Kiir, even if I am not one of his admirers. He is a failed
    President of our land but let us not put all that is done by Dinka all over South Sudan on his neck. Not every traditional fight between the Dinka and other tribes can be Kiir’s responsibility. Our hero Obwogo has gone. I personally know him and mourn his death with deep sorrow. But further revenge and counter reveng actions must stop if our country
    is to get much needed peace. Your message cannot help the cause of peace for sure. That makes you a very short sighted man indeed. My own tribesmen and woman and children were killed in cold blood in Juba, including my own brother and nephews, but that did not make it a reason to join Riek because by joining Riek I will contribute to the death of more
    Nuer and destruction of our ancesstral land which will be a battlefield. What is the lesser evil here? I am not a coward for I fought for over 30 years in two wars in South Sudan and I was wounded twice. I am not a coward, but I am tired of seeing my land being a battlefield while others are getting schools and hospitals. Please be wise if you want to defeat Kiir’s
    tribalistic agenda. He will die one day and we will continue to live and Nuer, Shiluk and Dinka as close neighbours and continue to intermarry for the coming thousands of years.


  12. chol.
    April 7, 2015 at 5:53 am

    My friend Thomas ngundeng you speak like a nationalist,let join our hands and rise above tribal that we steered our beloved nation foreward.south sudan oyee


  13. April 7, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Shilluk are not cleavers like Murle who remain neutral since eruption of this nuer -dinka tribal.but Shilluk always form a militia group and support and get involve in a war they do not will suffer and no one will mourn them.they were not in SPLM/A in the bush while Khartoum militia and now they are dinka militia ,use by dinka as they were used by arab of khartoum.let them die in between.


    • April 7, 2015 at 10:58 pm

      External enemy is better then ,internal enemy , Nuer is better now, he declared himself fighting for his kingdom , Chollo was totally Arab dancers during liberation wars , Nuer were better fighting SPLA, and themselves , to convince Arab to bring more money to support themselves. Now Dinka is the target , to hallucinated tribes , We are now using the bush power , what help Dinka to Defeated Nuers and others until CPA reach every body. We recognize that enemy is still enemy , even though you cry for peace ,no trust, Nuers like to rebel and be integrated with fake army ranks ,so to morrow create another war, never ,no benefits for killing Dinka to get positions, Every body want to rebel as short cut to leadership,


  14. April 7, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    Chollo is a peace abiding and hospitality community. They always want to live in peace with their neighbors, but it seems that some people misunderstood Chollo and are attempting to harm them by all means. But for your info, Chollo people have a long spirit of patience and tolerance; but when they get angry at you and take the matter seriously, you will see by your own eye what they can do to you. They are not greedy for other people’s things. And by the way, Chollo nation is not minority in the Upper Nile State. Just dance for now.


    • April 7, 2015 at 11:22 pm

      Akwot, the border is in the middle of river Nile , between Chollo and Padang , you have no right to attack Dinka Padang on their side , as you assassinated them every year. Be satisfy with chollo side of land , Malakal is for every body , Even Padang Alone is enough to send you to Khartoum , in the future if you will not quite Malakal side. Padang never cross river and killed you or even killed Chollo son on their side, but Chollo ambush them and killed them in their farms, without clear reasons , this time brothers Nuers support us, to face Chollo greedy to control all the water as if they are fishes , this Reik & kiir things is just politics it will finish tomorrow and land conflict will remain , Kiir nuers now are standing with Padang because the are right , to fight Chollo back to cross the river , in the long run we have no peace with Chollo as Padang community. from Pigi county up to REnk , let them go to their side of river , we will butcher them on our side.


  15. April 7, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    shiluk should move away from bad government if they want to save their lives.


  16. D.james
    April 7, 2015 at 11:35 pm

    Let them die(the chollo) coz they choose money than their land


  17. April 8, 2015 at 3:28 am

    During SPLM/A and government of sudan war,Shilluk use to said that Chollo and Arab Cham ke Lual a kiel.mean Shilluk and Arab share the same in one dish.and that was why chollo were not in SPLM/A.Chollo will continue suffering.


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