The Nuer IDPS Killed by Salva Kiir Militias and the Nuer Wew are Celebrating with Kiir in Juba.

By Lual Magok,


Mass graves discovered by the United Nations in Juba a few days after the Juba massacre of Nuer civilians(Photo: file)

Mass graves discovered by the United Nations in Juba a few days after the Juba massacre of Nuer civilians(Photo: file)

April 19, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — This is an immense grief to pay my tear-jerking condolence to the families of the hero and heroine Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS) in UNMISS protection camps, who lost their loved ones in the hand of the notorious Militias, and my sincere mark of respect to the innocent victims who were wounded and still under medical attention due to ongoing ethnic cleansing scheme by the tyranny and brutal regime of Salva Kiir and his partners in war crimes and crimes against humanity. The entire community and this country will missed you but your patriotism and blood will transform this country from the reign of dictatorship, lawlessness, bad governance to democratic society, rule of law and good governance.

It’s with big regret that while the Nuer innocent IDPs were butchered by the notorious regime militias on their way to UNMISS Protection facilities, the power hungry politicians from the Nuer community were busy celebrating with killers of their relatives to entertain their master in order to pay them more bloody money and turned blind eyes to this tragic massacred of poor IDPs, mostly children and women. The report from the Juba denoted that all the Nuer Wew or the Nuer of money were all gathered for celebration in Juba and believe to be praying to their genocidal killer Kiir to kill more innocent Nuer civilians in cold blood.

The in- depth investigation inside Juba revealed that , the Nuer Wew or the Nuer Money developed hatred against their own tribe and became the worse fatal foe to their own community and it is believe that some elements within the Nuer had reach to point of extremism and self denial as means to achieve their personal interests, to access the bloody money, to get military promotion and to gain political ambition under the Kiir tyranny and authoritarian regime .

This is the very right time for the Nuer society worldwide to take in-hand this emerging danger.  The community must never underrate this threat and the hatred rising from the Nuer-wew under dictator Salva Kiir. The illiterate Dinka President has brain washed this group with our very own money from Greater Upper Nile. The Nuer society must deal with this threat from these Nuer Wew or the Nuer money-lovers, as usually termed by the Dinka. We must declare this as a serious national threat to the community with immediate effect.

The whole community needs to register the names of this group for the sake of records and blacklist them for the next generations to know the betrayers to be able to identify their descendants who are likely to betray the community in the future. This is an urgent call for the true Nuer to develop a strategy that will eradicate and eliminate the Nuer Wew or the money-lovers within the society using any available means. The society should not allow this enemies to create bad image for the whole Nuer. It must be a natural duty for every Nuer man or woman to get rid of those poisonous humans within the mid of the society.

The butcher of the Nuer civilians by the Juba regime and their partners in crimes is a serious concern to the entire members of the community worldwide, and every son and daughter of the Nuer has an obligation to join hands with the freedom fighters and the white army in any capacity to revenge your loved ones using all means at your disposal. The Nuer worldwide should declare the Juba regime and it’s collaborators from the Nuer society as real enemies. It’s a duty to defend this holly land from spoilers, and to do this our primary targets must be these Nuer Wew or the Nuer of money. They have to be eradicated from our community for us to be able to fight our true enemy.

The Nuer who celebrate the killing and burning of our fellow innocent Internally Displaced Persons on Friday in Juba Market, and on the way to UNMISS Protection facilities must be declared as true enemy of the Nuers . Those innocent IDPS who were simply attacked on their way to UNMISS protection facilities in Jebel are heroes and heroine. They did nothing to deserve such brutal death. It was sad that the genocidal regime could not even condemn the barbaric killing of innocent women, children and unarmed civilians at the watchful eyes of the law enforcement agencies in the Country.

The Nuer Wew or the Nuer of money who remains with genocidal regime were believe to be aware of the government plan to massacre the Nuer. Thus, it is a big regret to see them celebrating the killing, burning of the IDPs children and women and those greedy politicians cannot condemn the criminal act of the regime’s notorious militias.

The Nuer Wew instead of mourning the killing of their helpless relatives as a natural sign of respect for the victims, they end up celebrating and enjoying the news of brutal massacres of their own brothers and sisters by the same regime they opt to support.

These Nuer-Wews have been eating and drink in the same cup of blood with the killers of their fellow brothers and sisters whose remnants are still living in poverty at the UNMISS Protection facilities. This must be condemn to death by our community worldwide. This group is betraying the blood of the heroes and heroine who lost their lives in the hand of brutal regime.

It is a duty and a responsibility of any Nuer son or daughter to fight against this injustice and assist in the elimination process of those wild animals within our society. It’s holy and righteous to any son and daughter of the Nuer to eliminate those betrayers at all cost. The legacy will remains forever in our society and your name will be in paradise for fighting a good fight and standing against the infidel and polluted betrayers.

The war against the betrayers is our collective efforts because the society is bigger than individuals. If you come across any names of these Nuer Wew within our society, it is your right to shares it and we will clean up our community from those betrayers and eliminate them one by one. If you have relatives who is a member of the Nuer Wew, know that you have a duty and responsibility to get rid of him or her to free our society and your kins from this wild behaviors. It is unfortunate that such character could be your relative but to secure yourself, your children, and your community you must accordingly.

When you come across  any Nuer Wew always remember that it is holy and righteous to eliminate him or her.  You will be in paradise and your legacy will remain forever in the society. You better save the life of a Mathiang Anyor than that of a Nuer Wew because a Nuer Wew is poisonous and dangerous. They suck your blood before they eventually kill you.

The writer is concern South Sudanese Activist and can be reached via

  4 comments for “The Nuer IDPS Killed by Salva Kiir Militias and the Nuer Wew are Celebrating with Kiir in Juba.

  1. April 20, 2015 at 12:22 am

    Offcourse we will not forget them because they lost their because they are Nuer. they are our heroes for ever but the money lovers from our trbibe Nuer will not be forgiven they will be killed completely.


    • Abuchook
      April 20, 2015 at 2:08 am

      My advice is to visit all our Nuer land and see it all for your own eyes. No schools, no hospital, no any single development, just war and IDPs and destruction. I am not happy when I see all these on the ground.
      Many other tribes are studying and schooling and our young Nuer people are not home in our villages, when I asked our peoples on the ground where are young people they told me that most of them killed and some are fighting without goal???? I am not happy our Nuer people must to see far away. No war, are midleading we are the brave fighter…This old schooled mind.


    • April 20, 2015 at 10:20 pm

      The Nuer tribe start targeting Dinka army in Juba, from the first shooting , then Dinka reacted badly , the one you term as genocide,if you were Dinka who were been targeted by Nuers soldiers in all military barrack all over South Sudan, what could you do ? Like my relative Dinka Soldiers and other workers who were in Nuer areas were all killed ,some in Akoba UNMISS . Nuers have right to suffered , and massacre seriously , because what you do to others must be done to you, Nuers have long way to go to be call human being in this country. The so call Mabor Garang De Mabor and other Dinkas who were Jobless, joint you to sympathy with their economics situation and have favor ism on them , Dinka mi gor lat ke yi or Dinka who were jobless , to get job , they are just cowardice who could not even see front line , waiting for honey . curse to Nuer violent attitudes your Days are number, no peace, sanction will not do anything, we were liberating this country without Nuers and money .Dinka Oyeeeee,,,, Mayardit Oyeeee, , long life South Sudan without Nuers, The braveness you are proud of is your curse.the Nuer wewe, you talk about call them let them go they are spy.


  2. General Thoon -Anyar Auien
    April 20, 2015 at 2:06 am

    QUOTE “When you come across any Nuer Wew always remember that it is holy and righteous to eliminate him or her. You will be in paradise and your legacy will remain forever in the society END OF QUOTE………..

    Do you thing using the above terrorist propaganda of El Qaeda, or ISIS will address you failure and hopelessness. Yourself hatred and instigating syndrome will be the sole reason for your destruction.

    I hope you better find out from your sleeping cell of Nyigat in Juba about the details of what happen in PoC 3. Your cowards 5th Column are very excellent in provoking the SPLA (Mathiang- Anyor) and later cry loudly like babies when retaliation ensued.

    Details of what happen is the so called IDPs lynched two unarmed SPLA who were trying to buy some sorghum from IDP ratios, that they eagerly sell out in the market close to the PoC 3, those babaric Nuer mob killed one soldier instantly, and the other managed to escape to inform their colleagues, so what do you expect to happen when they come for investigation, of course carnage.

    Those former Nyigat with guns escaped with coiled tails from Juba town, so what about those hateful savages hiding in PoCs and yet with guts to come out with criminal intent, hit and run back thinking that those PoCs are ultimate safe heaven, please don’t count so much on those nonsense of the so called International Community, there are so many examples of unsolved encounters worldwide, and that fail policy of carrot & stick, good examples are Ukraine, Syria, Libaya, Yemen ETC. As such better let go and dream of settlement not settling scores.


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