John Kerry Got it Wrong Again:

South Sudan crisis will not end though the Obasanjo’s report is published. (1-2)

By Simon Yel Yel,
Juba, South Sudan

US Secretary of states, John Kerry who is visiting East African region, has announced $5 US dollar to be used to establish a hybrid court for South Sudan’s conflict trials …

May 07, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — quote: “If there is a country which has committed unspeakable atrocities, it is the US…they don’t care for human beings; because they decided to kill innocent people in Japan, who are they now to pretend they’re the policeman of the world? Says late Mandela during the interview with the UK daily mirror during the war on Iraq.

What a very unjust the so-called free world, a place where the powerful gangs gang over the weak one singing loudly the chorus of small mistakes that the weak did while shutting everyone up who dares to remind them of their pasts and presents atrocities!
This world has become increasingly more hell to live in if twenty (20) members of a family are killed by the powerful gangs in a day, destroying the houses, invading countries that led to death of millions of people and tell the world not to talk about it but speak loud loud when one or two people died in a weak country. They charge the leader of that country of” lack of leadership” when they (powerful) are the ones who had contributed to the death of these two people in one way or another.
South Sudan has become the new Syria for John Kerry to implement his failed military campaign against Bashar Assad regime in 2013. Kerry remained in delirium following the failure of his military campaign against Bashar Assad government with a slogan of “chlorine used by the Assad to kill the civilians” to him the US hero. He is in vex that his tenure with Obama will soon end without invading  any country and killed the president to deficits him the United States’ hero like George Bush.
In the US, it is all about invading countries and killed the president and millions of the people that portrays one as a hero or heroine. Bush is now a hero in the US history for invading Iraq and killed Sadam Hussein. Obama has done his part and his place in the America history is assured because he had killed Osman Ibn Laden. The brutal killing of Gadaffi and invasion of Libya will automatically make Hillary Clinton wins 2016 presidential elections because she is a heroine.
All these things put Kerry in discombobulation and perturbing that the Americans will remember him only of 2004 presidential election that he lost and that can’t make him a hero in American history. Kerry found his way to Obama’s cabinet immediately after second term election with a mission of making sure he presided over the killing of any president like Hillary on Gadaffi “we came, we saw, he died” for him to be remembered by Americans as a hero.
To be remembered as a hero or heroine in the US history , Kerry has  to destabilise the world more to prove to the Americans that he is hell tougher enough then Bush and he would have promoted the American building empire perfectly then Bush did if he had been elected president in 2004. Now he is in charge of the US foreign policy where the invasions, conniving and killings are cook. It is now easier for him to cook anything to falsely accuse any country that he wants to invade of human right violations, massacre, and use of chemical weapons to make him a hero. He wants to invade more countries than Bush is why he is always conniving with rebels and coup plotters to make sure he invaded two to three countries before 2016. He failed in Syria and now he is trying his lack again in south Sudan.
To bomb or invade south Sudan, Kerry has to create a chicanery slogan that will gather support for him to further his heroic ambition. On 5th.may, 2015, Mr Kerry in his press conference with Uhuru in Kenya came up with another shenanigan issue like chlorine slogan in Syria. He said” president Kiir and Riek lack leadership to end south Sudan crisis” and went further to call for publication of Obasanjo’s report on south Sudan.
What George Orwell wrote in his book in 1945 is has become true for sure “the nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them”. I astound to hear Kerry calling for the publication of Obasanjo’s report and Washington offering funds that could set up justice mechanism to hold those responsible to account. Really, Really Kerry?  
Mr Kerry, do you have the reports of massacre, rapes and other forms of human right abuses committed by US troops in Iraq and specifically in Haditha, Hamandiya, Sadr City, Samarra and Ishaqi? What did you do to the American soldiers in Iraq that had committed unspeakable atrocities in what the Pentagon termed them to be “few bad apples”? Do you have the report of how many Iraqis killed by the US troops specifically in Sunni tribe particular Al-Bu Nasir section of Sadam Hussein?
I know you are only interested in small part that says” says Nuers in the capital, Juba, were “ethnically cleansed” at the outbreak of the fighting, and recommends that Kiir, Machar and other ministers in power before the cabinet’s dissolution in July 2013 “be barred from participation in the transitional executive. But do you know that this report contains the people who falsely claimed to be government officials while they are not; like Peter Biar Ajak who impersonated to be a presidential advisor while he has never even greeted the president Salva Kiir with his hands leave alone advising him?.
Mr Kerry, can you explain to me satisfactorily the reasons why the US cast the sole vote against establishing an investigation by the United Nations into war crimes committed in Gaza on 23rd july 2014? The United Nations Human Rights Council voted 29-1, with 17 abstentions, to establish an inquiry. The United States was the only no vote against the establishing an inquiry. The European nations on the council had all abstained.
What compel you now to call for the publication of Obasanjo’s report and fund the justice mechanism in south Sudan to hold those responsible to account for only 500 people that the UN claimed to have died compare to 2,139 Palestinians, 490 children innocently killed by Israelis and wounded 11,000 Palestinians, 3,000 children and displaced 500,000 Palestinians and destroyed 20,000 homes and still the US voted to oppose the establishment of an inquiry?
Simon Yel Yel is a concerned citizen and can be reached via or 0955246235.

  5 comments for “John Kerry Got it Wrong Again:

  1. May 7, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    During May 2014 John Kerry was a true ally to Juba regime and was termed as a good person who care for South Sudan but John Kerry of May 2015 who talks about accountability is bad Kerry. Dinka Kingdom days are numbered now the world is aware of those Thugs in Juba. Just wait don’t cry yet, your term is ending on 21th May 2015 and 8th July 2015 respectively

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  2. Dantut
    May 7, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Simon Yel yel, you are among the people who committed genocide against nuer ethnic in Juba capital of South Sudan because whenever someone talks about the pulication of African Commission inquiry on atrocities committed in South Sudan you became upset about this. Why do you defend those who commit crimes against humanity? Do you think that those who die in Juba die of their own death and no one killed them? Justice must be done whether in Hague or Africa and those who have hands in Juba maasacre will not escape the justice. Let me advice you because you seem to be smart guy, my advice to you is do not support what is wrong. You will never earn money or political point by denying justice to be executed against those who committed crimes. Do not forget that those who were killed in Juba had the blood like you have, and you are not better than–Kerr has a right to call for accountability on those who committed murder in South Sudan, the justice will help to silents the criminal of war and their supporters.

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    • GatNor
      May 7, 2015 at 6:50 pm

      Lets just say there is no article that will be written in our life times to justify the murder of 20 thousands plus in which a good number of them were children and old people. The way in which many of them die is not justifiable because a lot of them were rounded up packed in little rooms and fired up on from the windows with no chance of escaping. Some fell to the ground without getting hit or wounded and the rest that were shot after continuous firing and or wounded fell on top of the ones that had fallen first. One of the survivors of such horror survived recalling such an experience. Who in their right minds have the God in them to justify such act.


  3. May 7, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    what prevents you from sleeping is your own causing. Mayen, according to you,as a normal humankind, is our country in the trend it’s now,a place you can be proud of? is it place can call home? the answers are all no, with obvious reasons being, the deep hatred, greed, fear, unusual kind of corruption, killing of citizens among many other crimes the regime and its tribe are continously committing. I’m certain that whoever agrees that SS is now a place to be as of now is nothing but just a greedy hyena,who doesn’t care about the welbieng of others. Mayen, i can easily read you, you’re only interested in earning in SS but not proud of it as your country. We need a country not a fishing camp so don’t blame anybody who’s trying to bring peace to country. God of that country is looking at criminals and is soon burning them down. take care


  4. May 8, 2015 at 12:35 am

    People should not run away from reality, some people are really heartless to deny or to write any kind of defensive statement on the death of the Southern Sudanese people mostly the Nuer tribe,in the eyes of all, a horrible thing happened witnessed by the whole world because Juba by then was not having South Sudanese alone during that time of December 2013, all the world is a witness to that uncompromisable act. infect you cannot order such a thing if you are really a human being reasonable with sound mind,
    No matter what happen, justices will prevail in order to pave the way for reconciliation,and for sure without justices, the Dinka tribe will continue to be a threat for all the tribes of South Sudan
    So justices or southerners are given the chance to massacre the Dinka. they have even foolishly scattered to all the jungles of other states well armed, but dear see yourself in a mirror
    the next move inside here will never be like December,since you have chosen Equatoria as a state of pouring innocent blood of our own people, yours too will need to fill all the streams around Juba leading to the River Nile
    Also the jungle of Equatoria will soon become fertile with both your bones and that of your animals


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