UN Should Reconsider Relocating South Sudan IDPs To Neighboring Countries’ Solids But Not SPLM/A-IO Controlled Areas

By Gatwal Augustines


Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs in Bor UNMISS Protected Camp, South Sudan. [photo credit: Nyamilepedia]

Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs in Bor UNMISS Protected Camp, South Sudan. [photo credit: Nyamilepedia]

May 12, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — Each time a town falls to SPLM/A In Opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riak Machar, the Internally Displaced Persons, the IDPs in Government controlled areas feared death. Each time SPLA-Juba has been militarily humiliated at the battlefields, the wrath of the menace of the regime is always dearly faced by the helpless Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs who comprise largely women, children, elderly and the few entrapped young men, basically from Nuer ethnic group and perhaps a few quarters from the rest of 63 South Sudanese ethnic groups.

There are fresh and sufficient materials at hand which serve a concrete evidence to support these claims and these are also known to almost everyone who has keenly and honestly been following South Sudan deteriorating human situation since December 15, 2013 after the alleged Coup d’état.

To refresh memories about these inhumane atrocities committed by the Government of South Sudan against the innocent Internally Displaced Persons who are under United Nations Mission In South Sudan, UNMISS protected camps, without much ado let me cite only one vivid example, the 2013 Bor, Jonglei State incident.

In this particular tragedy alone, countless innocent IDPs lives were lost following a systematically engineered callous killing by the Government of South Sudan agents, the infamous Dinka Bor armed youth together with a few elements from the SPLA-Juba which is one of the many victimized criminal groups groomed by the very regime.

In a press statement published by a number of media outlets, the current minister for Information and Publicity, Michael Makuei Lueth was quoted reacting to Bor UNMISS Camp attack, calling the victims of situation “rebels” solely because they allegedly celebrated with applauses and jubilated at the fall of Bentiu, the State Capital of Unity.

Similar situations also happened and still happening in Juba based UNMISS protected IDPs Camps. Whenever, peace negotiations fail and army campaigns ensued IDPs get confined entirely inside the concentrated camps.

They can hardly dire catch fresh airs by the gates or they risk merciless shootings from the Government killing Machines, the National Security agents.

The IDPs cannot go buy basic needs from nearby retail shops outside the Camps. The only way to play safe is to be in total confinement inside the Camps until Colonel. Philip Aguer and South Sudan Television, the State owned Cooperation have confirmed that rebels are being repulsed.
In contested territories, SPLA-Juba, the regime army wing after repulsing the SPLA [IO] never one time spare burning Civilian huts to ashes. Aged women, teenager girls and young ladies are being subjected to sexual assaults and violence.

These horrific and evil practices were largely observed and reported by the victims when chunks of Nuer and Collo ethnics populated territories in Jonglei State, Upper Nile State and Unity State fall to Government troops under the direct command of Paul Malong, the SPLA-Juba Chief of General staffs.

Previously huts in Collo Kingdom were burned to ash. Most civilians’ residential huts were burned to ashes in almost all parts of Unity state. Phom el Zeraf, Fangak County administrative headquarters was burned to ash. Other parts like Ayod County and more towns in Jonglei states were burned down to ash as well!

And UNMISS protected camps are also a target by the SPLA-Juba faction with the best knowledge that the IDPs are largely from Nuer ethnic group.

Comprehending these facts, SPLM/A In Opposition controlled areas are never absolutely safer havens for the embattled IDPs. The UN will then be baiting the IDPs by implementing this layout plans because the areas where these IDPs will be settled shall without doubt be majorly targeted by the SPLA-Juba.

In other words these areas will be a blow and weakness to SPLM/A-In Opposition. And Juba will never hesitate to hit below the belt as it usually does at the watch of International community. Second to this, currently all SPLM/A-In Opposition controlled areas are war prone, so IDPs will not be any safer.

Given Bor and Akobo UNMISS unpleasant experiences in early 2013 where the Keeping forces miserably failed to protect the IDPs, the safety of the IDPs cannot be hundred per cent be guaranteed any more.

So, I think the relocation of IDPs away from Government controlled areas is super wise and worthy undertaking. As a concerned South Sudanese I have embraced and welcome it in entirety. And it should be made now! But the idea of relocating them to SPLM/A In Opposition areas is not advisable for the many reasons aforementioned in this article.

The UN should reconsider relocating them to neighboring countries’ solids, for instance, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda. By reconsidering this proposal, the IDPs will no longer fall victims of physical assaults and atrocities from either party.

UN will also be extricating itself from all the blames from either warring party as its neutrality to the government is already at stake.

Gatwal Augustines
Associate Editor/Nyamilepedia

The views expressed in this article are absolutely the author’s and not from the Nyamilepedia Press.

  7 comments for “UN Should Reconsider Relocating South Sudan IDPs To Neighboring Countries’ Solids But Not SPLM/A-IO Controlled Areas

  1. Abuchook
    May 12, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    Note to all the readers:

    Please Note that any where in Souh Sudan there are Riek Machar and Nuer rebellion activities that place will be the war zone and boiling water point of fighting. This is the message to Riek Machar rebellion and his Nuer white Army there Is no happiness and place for you to hide In south sudan.

    Riek and his murderous acts primitive Nuer White Army are the enemy of South Sudan and they must to be defeated as always as history is my witness and judge.

    For many years I have known in person Riek Machar and his current field commanders: they are food lovers and self promotion and benefits and they More you give them money and houses and self servicing and benefits they will leave and come back to Juba army soon.

    This is what I know very well about Riek Machar Rebellion: it is a house built with out good foundation and structure and can not standing longer enough to withstand the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY fighting power which Is the power of the LION KING.
    RIEK Machar rebellion is visionless and hopeless that used only my Nuer people to fight thier own self servicing and self promotion and benefits.

    To be honest Riek Machar rebellion is done and defeated because the next mission of the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY is Lou Nuer villages and areas and matter what they have they must to be crush and defeated because Lou Nuer is not new to the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY. Lou Nuer primitive white army knew very well all what happened to them and their areas and villages In 1992 TO 1997: history is my witness and the judge.
    Thank you very much for reading my post ccomment


  2. GatNor
    May 12, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    The situation is complex because Juba-faction & the UN are using the civilians as ponds for many reasons. The displaced civilians should have a say on where they wish to go or stay. some would prefer to be relocated to the Opposition’s liberated areas, some would most likely stay in Juba and most would probably go to the neighboring countries. The neighboring countries would only take in a limited numbers of refugees. The best approach to this situation is to leave the decision to the displaced as long as there is room for accommodation.


    • May 12, 2015 at 10:35 pm

      GatNor, SPLA and Dinka communities have peace with Nuers who are under government ,, Nuers are now living peaceful in Juba interacting with Dinka youths in the offices and in the markets, The government and country is for all . The Nuer under Reik and live in UNMISS are deserve to be killed because they held Reik political rallies in the camp and that is why,,,, they were attack in bor UNMISS . The Nuers in Juba camps are Reik supporters , as fighting is still going on , their future is doom. and no body will release them officially for resettlement , let them find their way illegally and when caught going by security no peace. Nuers are curse to fight wrong war,because they did nothing during liberation war, they were just butchering their brothers Southerness on Jalaba support. especially Dinka were they victim in Nuer and Chollo hands. That is shame for Nuer to ask,, to rule this country.


      • May 13, 2015 at 2:02 am

        Those at UNMISS Camps have Highjack their children and their elders because they know they have committed crimes against humanity. That is why they are afraid of being arrest and put in prisons,they have to face justice and free children from those conditions.They are future children of South Sudan.


      • GatNor
        May 13, 2015 at 3:59 am


        — You are right when you said “SPLA and Dinka communities have peace with Nuers who are under government” So are the SPLM/A-Pagaak living peacefully with Jaang+ other 64 tribes

        — “The government and country is for all” this a lie or we would have not have ethnic targeted killings. from the get go. The government is for all only if & when the Jaang thugs controlling key decision making positions across the country and Jaang criminal council of elders feel its convenience. WRONG!

        — South Sudan or Juba should never have any UN-PoCamps had your above claims been authentic & truthful.

        — Your lawlessness attitude co-incise with your violently response to Machar’s political intentions(worst of all, Jaang responded by indiscriminately murdering thousands of people who were not party to the such peaceful political dispute) that for me entails many Jaang’s usual primitive & barbaric nature of handling disputes.

        — “Nuers in Juba camps are Riek’s supporters” whether they are or not it is not a reason to want to murder every single one of them. its their right to support whoever.. much as you support the murderous genocidal criminal kiir is not a reason to have you killed well unless you are caught armed, dangerous & threatening the safety of others. so stop reasoning with your *ss backwards.

        “The Nuers in Juba camps are Reik supporters , as fighting is still going on , their future is doom. and no body will release them officially for resettlement”
        — you are turning into an evil Nazi creating concentration camps in South Sudan and this is why you must be stop.

        “Nuers are curse” go read about is has been foretold to have been cursed and you might realized it is the same foretold curse urging you(as individuals and or as cursed community) to speak death & do evil onto others. You cant help it. It itches you untill you do your part as foretold. That is the way of the Prophecy it must come to past and there is nothing you can possibly do to avoid such.

        You claim Nuers will not rule this country(That is your main problem-ruling) but it seem this is your last attempt in ruling South Sudan to disaster. I don’t think you will be allowed to do so again by the many tribes you have disappointed because of your cursed nature.

        If the country was to continue in the direction of dooms and glooms leading to anarchy, chaos & lawlessness of the past centuries you would not survive and leadership pursuit that you are killing Nuers over would be the last of your concerns. You have your opinion & I wish you luck.

        You continue to instigate but I will not stop speaking as I want regardless of your evil plans. I don’t fear no man and not a Jang like you Deng for that matter. There is nothing you and your terrorist agents could possibly do that you have not done to other innocent out spoken ethnics. South Sudan is moving to rid itself free of your kinds and I hope you get that into your stupid head.


  3. May 12, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    Which country is going to take in 100.000 people, that number may be twice than Wau.


  4. May 12, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    Going aboard with out education is a serious nightmare,those in UNMISS Camps need to come out and send their children to schools ,do not let SPLM-IO Highjack you. That little education in South Sudan is not bad. Primary,Intermediate and Secondary education are very important and the rest will be you.There is no way unless they know if can speak and write any International language.


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