Greater Twic East Youths-USA Response To SPLM/SPLA-IO Article On Sudan Tribune

To: SPLM-I-O article from Sudan Tribune web-site:

Published May 31, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) 

Members of Twich East community in IOWA -State, USA(Photo: extracted)

Members of Twich East community in IOWA -State, USA(Photo: extracted)

June 3, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — First of all, we would like to congratulates our citizens in our motherland of Greater Twi East area, Jonglei State, South Sudan and many places they are dwelling now. We are so proud of your perseverance and calm over the on going crisis in our new nation. We are not forgotten you our people and our Twi people land that brought forth an outstanding individuals who are always shines wherever they are. Starting unique with Dialect we have, the vast Toc/Nile River side we have, the natural height we have [e.g: Manut Bol from Western Twi Dinka and Marondit from Eastern Twi Dinka], and many other suitable things we gained from this land. All these distinguishable things are our God given stuff to us, and we have to retaining them through any means possible. Please stay safe and God be with you all our citizens. Please learn Twi people history here:

Secondly, the main concentrated point of our today press is to re-kindle ourselves in regard to what we believe we have already responded to in July 19, 2014. The first protest letter to SPLM-I-O link is here:

What positive thing we got from the SPLM-I-O in regard to our first protest letter about their 21 States formation that did suggest, the Twic East, Duk and Bor Counties should be under their new State suggested “Bor State”. Well, within short period later after they [SPLM-I-O] heard over voices through that protest letter. Immediately, the SPLM-I-O changes the suggested name to “Jonglei State” whom we were absolutely desired to be; due to the name Jonglei inclusiveness in anyway when it comes to these identifiable Sub-tribes of Hol and Nyarweng Dinkas of Duk County, Eastern Twi Dinka of Twic East County and Bor Dinka of Bor County (100% Sub-tribe of Jonglei Dinkas who is a solely owned name Bor, either it is in Bor County, Greater Bor Community, Bor North, Bor South, Bor Central, Baai Boo, Mading Bor, BorTown, Bor Nyie-e/Nyieth, Bor Alier, Bor Complex [Malek Academic], Bor State, Bor State Civil Hospital, Bor Civil Hospital, Bor Alier and so forth]. All these prefix-names or suffix-names to “Boo/Bor/Boor” are for one Sub-tribe of Dinka that residing in Bor County. Citations: Will, C. A, The Upper Nile Province Hand Book: a report on peoples and government in the Southern Sudan, 1931, New York: Oxford University, Press, 1995; Howell, P, Lock, M & Cobb, S, The Jonglei Canal: Impact and Opportunity, Cambridge: UP, 1988, p.206; Sudan’s Blood Memory: The legacy of War, Ethnicity and Slavery in South Sudan by Stephanie Beswick.

Our previous protest letter in part also clearly stated that: “If you the oppositions have putted our County of Twic East under Bor State suggested name, we say to you the SPLM-In Opposition to

scrap that kind of unilateral idea of naming any new States without consulting

populace would be deadly wrong, and could be troublesome. Because it is not

longer old days where an individual can just go and name any communities by

himself/herself. This is 21th century. Also, the name Bor is 100% for Bor County

people alone, and not Twic people name. For instance, if we were part of that

name, our county must have not been named Twic East County, period. Please just

hear our voices of democracy calls you the oppositions in which you the

oppositions fighters are fighting for justice. That means nobody or community

has to be wrongly forced against their right or will anymore if we really

believe in democracy manner of justice.Headquarter might be Gadiang or any place in middle they join group might choose later on. Warning to any Dinka Twi intellects or citizens that will signed on to any names or State in which we the majority of Greater Twic East Community people don’t considered as our really ancestor’s Twi/Twic or any party we don’t want to join will pay consequences. ”

Thirdly, would be one of the few points from our previous protest letter, in which the SPLM-I-O didn’t address for whatever reason they might have. Specifically, this part here from our previous protest letter: “Also, we want our County of Twic East to be with Duk County, Ayod County if our neighbors would be able to accept our calls for us being under one State. And if these two Counties accept “Jonglei State name” to be our new State name. We would be fine with that, and if these two Counties decided that our three Counties should have another name they see is good to be inclusive name, will be alright too with it. This time we reject our alliances with Bor County. They better join other parties in the area or them having their own State. Moreover, just in case Duk County and Ayod County rejected our alliances. We think it should be better for our Greater Twic East Community to remains in current status of Twic East County.” We are still waiting for your answer, fellows. Democracy system respects citizens voices rather than few authorities’ voices.

Fourth, this controversial part from the article here: . “The new Jonglei state will now comprise mainly of the Greater Bor counties of Duk, Twic East and Bor.” We know this sentence was not written by any person from the SPLM-I-O. It was written by individual [s] from Bor County where many of it citizens love write an irresponsible histories that have no ethical standards of history.

Finally, we don’t recognized your [The SPLM-I-O] appointments of what you guys called the Governor of Jonglei State who goes by the name, ‘Alier Samuel Ateny Lueth’ whom we believe the guy is not from our Community of Greater Twic East. As his name has demonstrated already, the guy could be from Bor County of Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth and Mr. Malaak Awien [Ayuen]Ajok. For instance, the name ‘Ateny’ is well-known originated from Bor Dinka people ancestors’ root name, [citation: Dinka people history] and not Eastern Twi Dinka people ancestors’ root name at all. Again, if the man did hail from Eastern Twi Dinka community in whatsoever, his name should been ‘Le-e/Leth’, In Twi people Dialect means the same as ‘Ateny’ Bor Dinka Dialect. These two words are having the same meaning but differ when it comes to these two Sub-tribes Dialects’ spellings constitute. Furthermore, we want you, the SPLM-I-O to re-shuffled your appointments by creating ‘Bor State’ and then Mr. Alier Samuel Ateny Lueth should be the Governor of Bor State, we think that is the right place for the man to enjoy his new Governorship post.

When it comes to our Greater Twic East Community, Jonglei State in which you guys have already created should be the right State latter when we got our feed back from our neighbors citizens of Duk and Ayod Counties whom we requested to join us in previous protest letter. Just in case down the line our neighbors wouldn’t be able to join us to be Jonglei State communities of difference backgrounds. The, why not the Eastern Twi Dinka couldn’t accommodate its own State Statue like Jonglei State you guys have suggested? Our community alone has a sizable population than people think. So people need to know that, we have a big population residing outside our Greater Twic East land, and many of these citizens are die-hard to their motherland. It is just a matter of on going conflict situations to come to end, and we believe the majority of Eastern Twi Dinka citizens around the world would present themselves back to their motherland whenever peace residue itself again in our new nation. Please check out this:

N/B: We don’t want that guy to comes in our Greater Twic East area until our voices been addressed as we were intended them. By the way, we are still suspecious about article though if it was truly released by SPLM-I-O. The article did appear in other Media sites. We will continue to monitor it, but we have to response to it.


This information was validated by Greater Twic East

Youths of South Sudan-USA,

Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA

web site:


  12 comments for “Greater Twic East Youths-USA Response To SPLM/SPLA-IO Article On Sudan Tribune

  1. June 3, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    greater Twic or whatever you pretentiously call yourselves when things get hot! You are part of Greater Bor period. Your fictional disassociation from Bor is nothing more than a strategic and well calculated move to save your people from wild, fearless, and mighty white army. So, shut up and halt writing nonsense letters to the freedom fighters leadership. Write to your most adorable chairman (Mr. Liar) in Juba or the chief architect of December 2013 Juba Nuer genocide if u want a different state from Jonglei…. I am sure killer Kiir Kuethpiny would issue decree granting ur wish in a heartbeat!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ghol Chot
    June 3, 2015 at 9:02 pm


    Hang in there chap, the writer of this nonsensical article is non other than your Nuer tribe man pal. Do you fellows think a Twic East boy(s) would write such a bullsh?t, absolutely not. Just look at the language, the nuance behind this crappy article and you will spot a Nuer all over it.

    Do you goons think the Twi East community, Nyaweng and Hol would want to share a state with the Nuers than their Bor South cousins as this shitty article tries to insinuate? Not really.

    Those Riek Machar’s so-called new states are nothing, but fantasies and no sound minded South Sudanese will recognise them.

    And your rubbish that your so-called white army is going set their silly feet past Ayod this time around will be like the your Nuers’ Ngundeng prophesy that Your Riek Machar will one day one time rule South Sudan.


    • June 4, 2015 at 9:00 am

      Cry Baby, Mighty white Army will march everywhere in southern Sudan soil and not a damn thing you national traitors would do to stop them. Remember in January 2013, your hired mercenaries (UPDF) boastfully marched with tanks, helicopters gunships, and modern warfare machinery to rescue ur failed, disgraced-genocidal regime in Juba but because of misformation ur cronies gave them about the white army warfare skills, mistakenly went to Bor, only to be given white army V.I .P welcomes; with spears not silver bullets put in their coward ASSES. What I know so far is that, the remnants of the UPDF who luckily missed the White army V.I.P welcoming party, dug, buried themselves, & their warfare equipments 12 feet in Bor town after the mightiest white voluntarily vacate it because the air over the town was congested with ur Cowards, non-battle tested UPDF farts. Got it treacherous!


  3. Deng Mayom
    June 4, 2015 at 12:38 am

    Hahaha! This is where people wasted their time and energy to write such a stuff, OMG forgive them for do not know what they do. I think it is not out of blue, “every cloud has a silver lining”. This is not the first time such a filthy article isolating Bor County from the rest of Jonglei counties appeared from these partial websites (Nyamilepedia & Sudan Tribune). Look at the above article ‘Greater Twic East Community of South Sudan – USA responses to Sudan tribune article titled “Tension Flares between Jonglei State and GPAA”.’ It comes from the same group with the same message. I think Gatdarkish has seen it right. Whoever wrote it did it with just a mediocre mind responding to another mediocrity insinuating mediocrity.


  4. Chulbaar
    June 4, 2015 at 2:58 am

    Hahahaaaaaaaa… This article is funny! very funny…Way too funny!!!….Nyamilepedia should start rejecting filthy opinions from individuals who are low lives and illitrate…The author of this simple note SHOULD NEVER be allowed to post his useless message again on this media…Thanks!


  5. June 4, 2015 at 4:01 am

    I don’t believe it was wrote by the Twice community if this is true this letter it’s written by twice community it’s irresponsible to that stupid letter, as I’m not Bor what I know is Bor is not the name of the people it is a name of place where flooded with water. the people who in Bor south are goke and athoche and the Bor north people are twice and hale all of them are called jiengs Bor. please stop that stupid idea call we are twice and people from south Bor are Bor.


    • June 4, 2015 at 7:54 am

      The guy who writes leak gossips from Jonglei is the same person who wrote this piece, him and Pal are mentally sick individuals who instead of spending their free time in mental institution, decided to opted for political war with Bor county. they should leave us alone and battle it out with their depressions head on, so they may be better people some day if they win over their hopelessness.


  6. June 4, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    These are damnshit what if the Bor people also refuse to accept Jonglei name b’se people are driving the hatred car which is ending to no where . I would like to o remind bros/sisters who posted this article that Bor name is not politicize ,thousand and thousands of our acncestors were colonized under this name and gained victory under this name. My point is no matter how we see ourselves at the other side of the mirror ,we shall still face the common enemies under this name. There were some thousands of educated people from Twic before you and they had never preached disunity among our communities of greater/ Dinka bor . I would suggest that it is to late to go back to Twic of Bar el ghazal and leave this land of Bor .the name Bor is a geographical name. Please and please just be hurry b4 the leadership is at your section/clan.


  7. June 5, 2015 at 1:45 am

    I don’t know when people this writer will learn, I strongly support brothers Ghot Chot and Bol John because this letter can not be written by any other person from the entire Bor community apart from a brainless Nuer thinker.This is because it is Bor community land is where Riek test his weapon revolt against government since 1991 whom do you think among Bor community can support Riek’s uncooked decisions which are for a insane person.
    Dear friends, the so called Riek’s supporters you are just wasting you time waiting for Riek’s impossible leadership claim otherwise you will be like people waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ whose year, month, Date and time of his coming is not known. That means you will grow grey hair with useless ambitions which cannot make any progress in this country. leave Riek alone he is used in bush life style


  8. John Jurkuch Wal Atem
    June 5, 2015 at 10:28 am

    You are not supposed to write these bad ideas on social media


  9. Ca Nuer goth
    June 6, 2015 at 12:36 am

    I lived with Twic people and I know them very well. They think like mad sheep. If you want to go to Nuer, it is your choice. Do not bark on social media like dogs. You Twi, if you want to Bhar el ghazel, you are free!


  10. September 2, 2015 at 5:19 am

    I can say the consultation of Bor community at large is instructed according to their interest about the rejectable SPLM-IO AND ACCEPTABLE SPLM/A-IG to maintains party focusly my comment goes to riek fellowers that the space for opposition party was been limited and denied by Twic East Dinka Bor instantly is good due to riek practising of rebellion since 1991 killing thousand of Bor civillian!phd of mechanic is not match with politics but ing garage station. Thanks


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