The first vice president of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny(Photo: Reuters)

The first vice president of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny(Photo: Reuters)

July 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Chairman of BNFA community CNN/Sam Simon Mayen Tut, after his returned to Addis Ababa after medical mission  in Khartoum held a briefing meeting with the Chairman and Commander In Chief of SPLM/SPLA Dr.Riek Machar Teny Dhuorgon in Addis Ababa about the successful activities of BNFA Community Sudan office Khartoum.

Senator Sam told the Chairman that the situation of the Refugees in Sudan is quite normal and the Sudan government and the Sudanese national Organizations  (NGOs) headed by Sudanese Red Cross(SRC) are doing good to South Sudanese  refugees in the refugees Camps in Jebelien and Kosti.

Senator Sam say that ,the government of Sudan has rebuild unforgotable cooperation and relationship with South Sudan through the reception of the South Sudanese refugees,especially in this currently period of war in the South Sudan,the tribal war which was caused by the President of South Sudan in 2013 for killing a innocent Nuer civilian in Juba.

The Chairman of BNFA added that the BNFA community Sudan office is doing  the better in closely collaboration with the Sudanese organizations but Sam added that,any Nuer group in Sudan must work through BNFA office and to follow the new South Sudan federalism system under 21 states ,otherwise we should violence the federal new South Sudan system that was passed by Pagak oppoisition conference 2014.

The Chairman of BNFA in his part also requested from the Revolutionary movement leader Dr.Machar to allow  the Humanitain Commission Chairperson to visit the Refugees Camps in Sudan to see the Situation of the Refugees.

However, the Chairman and commander In Chief of the SPLM/SPLA in his part appreciated the roles played by BNFA Community in all parts of the movement control areas ,especially in the ground and Sudan office . He assured the Chairman of BNFA community to go a head with the mobilizations among the community people to live in peace and harmony and also with other communities in the South Sudan,in order to support peace and the unity among the South Sudanese people under federalism.

The Chairman of the Movement also supported the coming up BNFA community (Workshop) that shall  take place soon and be attend by the Nuer communiies leaders in the Diaspora, USA, Australia ,Canada ,Kenya ,Uganda ,Ethiopia and Egypt whose will be invited soon to discuss the community traditional social affairs.

The Chairman of the Movement also urges the Chairman of BNFA to cooperate also with the Organizations who’s are operating under the movement control areas and other communities organizations who have joined the struggle.

You can reach the BNFA Community leadership at

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