Bul Intellectuals Forum: Gen. Gatdet Did Not Defect from SPLM/SPLA

By Bull Intellectual Forum SPLM/A-IO

Maj.Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka plans major offensives in Unity state(photo:AFP)

Maj.Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka plans major offensives in Unity state(photo:AFP)

August 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We, the Bull Intellectuals Forum in SPLM/SPLA[IO], strong condemns the baseless propaganda and wishful thinking that Maj. Gen Peter Gatdet Yaka has defected after he was relived from his position of deputy chief of general staff of operation by the chairman and commander-in-chief of SPLM/SPLA.

In reference to the above mentioned body, The Bul Intellectuals Forum SPLM/A-IO, and the entire Bul Community as a whole in different walk of life came out against the rumors and claims that Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka is revolting against the SPLM/A-IO and wants to split the movement is totally wrong and a baseless propaganda

It is a mere lie and fabrication from undisciplined politicians and officers who are in dare need to doom our movement at failure and to fall into slavery once more.

Bul Intellectuals Forum is here by enlightening the public about the root cause of friction and the tension within the SPLM/A-IO Leadership ranks and files of the movement.

The SPLM’s Reunification deal which was agreed upon in Tanzania to reunify the SPLM faction states the following:

  1. Reinstatement of all SPLM/A to their previous positions
  2. No Federalism
  3. No Compensation of the deceased
  • The IGAD Lead peace talks proposed that the integration of the two armies should be completed after three years while SPLM of Arusha for reunification proposed there shall be no two separate armies and the white-Army who fought along the rebel shall return home, civilians and any defected officer shall go back to SPLA head-quarter
  • IGAD proposed that federalism should and must be applied within the transitional government of South Sudan while SPLM Arusha reunification rejected federation shall be suspended till after general-election
  • IGAD lead peace talks proposed that all deceased innocents civilians Nuer will be compensated while the Arusha SPLM reunification rejected that the deceased shall not be compensated until further notices for purpose that Salva Kirr should not be taken to court to face justice
  • The Arusha for reunification of the SPLM is to have compromise and reinstalls all SPLM members into their respective positions and compensate of their looses

Therefore General Peter Gatdet Yaka and his comrades in decision want integration of the armies after three years to avoid the previous killing of innocent Nuer which took place in Juba

Federation where greater Upper Nile will have share of 53% to avoid violence and confrontation during implementation of the peace agreement

Compensation of looses where a reconciliation would take its course

Those are the views and opinion of General Peter Gatdet and his comrades’’

Where is the notion that Maj. General Peter Gatdet wants to defect?

All generals are standing on the IGAD peace proposal which was indorsed in Fagak-1 and Fagak-2 conferences rather than Arusha reunification dismantle our movement

Therefore: Bul Intellectuals Forum SPLM/A-IO and Bul Community as whole condemn the entire Nuer Community in general for prorogating and targeting Bul and termed Bul Community as Dinka for the following reasons

  1. All Nuer united against Bul Nuer in UNIMISS in Juba camp targeting Bul Nuer innocent civilians forced them out of the UNIMISS camp in May 2015 killed one of our beloved son Bawuar
  2. The elder son of Peter Gatdet Yaka was murdered by Dok of Leer who were bribed
  3. General Peter Gatdet was relieved unconstitutionally which was not issued by SPLA headquarter or high Command Council
  4. Our enemy wanted to assassinate General Peter Gatdet Yaka
  5. He was kept in detention for no reason
  6. Gen Peter Gatdet was accused that he is criminal
  7. The Body-guards of General Peter Gatdet are still in under detention’ Lt Col. Stephen Gueh and 2ndLt Ruai Nen Lony

The current Third-Conference of Fagak whick is taking place is not considerate as Leadership consultative conference because without Gen. Peter Gatdet Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth, Gen. Gabriel Tanginya, Maj. Gen Malith Gatluak, Brig. Gen. Gawar Manyok, Brig Gen Gatwich Pouch, Brig Gen. Choul Gaka Brig Gen. Jul Bobot

Therefore: it is known as individual’s interest.

Bul Intellectuals declared our supports to Peter Gatdet Yaka as community in general.

Any decision taken by Gen Peter Gatdet is our decision as well the enemy of Gen Peter Gatdet is our enemy too

Yet Bul Intellectuals are still loyal to SPLM/A-IO

Cause and more than others sub-clan of Nuer because Generals are Pioneers and liberators

Long live the Movement

Long live Bul

Long live General Peter Gatde

Bul Intellectuals Information Office

Bul Intellectual Forum SPLM/A-IO

Date: 05/05/2015

The above mentioned body is pleased to announce to all entire Bul Intellectuals that there will be a general assembly Meeting which will take place on coming Friday.

The Committee who were selected to form the executive office and council has conducted its meeting and came out successfully on the following

  1. Formation of the executive office is completed.
  2. Formation of the council is completed.
  3. The names of both executive and council will be disclosed during the meeting.

Place: Hadiqa ShuHada

Time: 10:00 am

Date: 08-05-2015

By committee

  4 comments for “Bul Intellectuals Forum: Gen. Gatdet Did Not Defect from SPLM/SPLA

  1. August 6, 2015 at 7:06 am

    how can i thank bulintelectual forum for such a sweet words but let me just say thank you very much and keep it up


  2. Da
    August 6, 2015 at 9:54 am

    Hahaha! People who want to know more about this rebellion and its motives like me shall never know.
    How can you publish this and what is its meaning as you call yourselves intellectuals . You are against the opposition decisions while you are still part of the opposition.
    Does that really make sense. The opposition leader must be wise enough and should hear this with his two ears if he wants to remain the Chairman, otherwise Gadget and his supporters don’t want rebellion split but rather than ousting t
    Machar and become the Commander in Chief and its Chairman at the same time.
    Calling the recent Conference a personnel interest itself reflects the entire logic behind this document, because you are not ready for the final peace proposal if Gadget is excluded as such.
    This is a clear message to Mr.Chairman and it will be unwise of you Mr. Machar to downplay this important leak!!!!


  3. All these mess up created by Bul intellectuals in Government, not in SPLM/A-IO. Yaka Gatdet was killed in Bor Town by Dinka Killers, who claimed that Gen.Peter Gatdet killed their son who was Peter Gatdet's deputy in division 8, Not to be blamed to Dok-Le
    August 6, 2015 at 11:38 pm

    All these mess up created by Bul intellectuals in Government, not in SPLM/A-IO.
    Yaka Gatdet was killed in Bor Town by Dinka Killers, who claimed that Gen.Peter Gatdet killed their son who was Peter Gatdet’s deputy in division 8, Not to be blamed to Dok-Leer. I know Bol Mayak(commissioner of Mayom County) is getting a lot of Dollars by mass killing Dok Nuer in Bentiu to fulfill Salva Kiir Request.In case of Yak Gatdet’s murdered must be blamed to Bol Mayak and his Dinka Bor because there are no Leer people present in Bor Town.


  4. August 8, 2015 at 12:37 am

    Peter Gadet is still a hero and am happy to hear from the bull intellectuals he cannot defect or form a different body
    Put in mind that if you continue to confuse these generals like that, you are letting the dinka to open up holes for putting you in one by one
    it is a great mistake to confuse the generals with their boss. Now they have to understand and succed in what they started no retreat
    let us not put our strugle and determination to be diluted by the enemies of this country and indeed the generals and Riack himself should always be on high alert, because any time the enemy can penetrate them through close friends, collegues and even relatives.
    this gap must and indeed be closed, the generals cannot be far from the leader like wise the leader cannot stay without the advice of the generals because they are the direct shield to the leadership
    If the points put here by the bull interelactuals are true that the diffrence comes between the two approches to the peace talks, then we are 100% supporting the generals, it should be so
    am also sure and confident that the commander in chief Dr. Riack Machar share the same ideology
    our negetuators are at the same direction, now wht cant we abondan our diffrences and continue with our normal operations,
    Riak has no reason to throw these generals aside, he has promised several times through his press secretary to re-asign these generals other positions,
    So People usually disagree to agree
    no one should be blamed here but let the people who confuse the president and his generals know that it is sometimes going to be a curse to them
    SPLM IO OYEE united for a commonality of defeating a monster.
    We are the winners


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