Greater Twic East Youths-USA Response Press

This information was validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA, Information and Media Office.(Photo: vis G)

This information was validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA, Information and Media Office.(Photo: vis G)

August 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — On behalf of our community in Eastern Twi Dinka land particularly, and not hypocrisies of ours from Dinka Bor or Bor County, who are become slave in cohots to their masters in Mading Bor. We are not part of their merely behaviors.

Here is the link to their fake press:

For us to be crystal clear about the fake article on Sudan Tribune, again, we are not part of Sudan Tribune web-site misleading article. It is not a legitimate one because it has no names either for those who are behind a misleading article. Also, to prove our claims, the article have no names of any recognized Association or Organization like our Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA which is Office register either. So we regard this article as made-up article by self-interests or thieves of Dinka Bor, Bor County or Greater Bor Community and not Eastern Twi Dink, Twic East County or Gretaer Twic East Community.

But, where the Eastern Twi Dinka community stands about the proposal? Well, as we have been historically known, especially within Dinkas Community as a peaceful mind way people who loves peace way more than violent way. It is fair for us to say, the IGAD-Plus proposal is not entirely bad except in views of self-interests of Bor County whom we Eastern Twi Dinka believe are the most disgusted people who have already destroyed our State of Jonglei, and South Sudan at large. That is means, they are dying horse? True.

In our side as being a peace loving community who value lives more than material ideal. We urgent the IGAD-Plus, AU, UN, South Sudanese warring parties and others involve Groups in this peace to just revised some of the points proposed in peace, and not entire proposal that we think should be discarded as our neighbor intended it. Our neighbor, who loves lives lost from Bor County are who they are. When thief and self-interest lead people, people are always in disaster road of no returns.

Obviously, right now we are laughing offs our minds, and do you know why Bor County people are about to pass out on this proposal? Honestly, they people like war because they are not really fighting in front-line but just mouth fighters behind pretext basis on misleading Western Nile Dinkas to fight in their behave. Back to the point though, the answer is simple, they know their intellectuals like Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth is the master behind innocents massacre in Bortown’s UN base. So signing peace would be another … option that might happen again from Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth. The man who have tagged our Eastern Twi Dinka as rebel, he is one of those people in Bor County would be hard to accept peace in expenses of other Dinkas’ citizens who are dying in big numbers. The foolish majority of ours from Western Dinkas are being used by thieves and tricky known neighbor from Bor County.

Do you know who are behind Sudan Tribune articles who are often distorted our people History [] ? Of course, one those people is Philip Thon Aleu from Bor County. So how are we going to deal with these individuals? We will not give the answer here though, publically. Akara Mony-Twinyda.

Was 1991 Dinkas massacre done only on Bor County land alone as this fake article been stated it? No answer. You have to learn Dinka people history by yourself here.

“Dinka counties in Greater Upper Nile:

Jonglei State:

1-Bor County

2-Duk Count

3-Twice East County

4-Pigi County

Upper Nile State:

1-Maluth County

2-Renk County

3-Baliet County

4-Akoka County

5-Malakal County

Unity State:

1-Pariang County

2-Abiemnom County

“Truth must be said, 99% oil fields fall in Dinka Counties Land of Pariang, Abienom and Maluth/Paloch;though is national resources” By Padiet Deng Alony.


Validated by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA

Executive Committee on Behalf of E. Twic Dinka

Credit Source:

  7 comments for “Greater Twic East Youths-USA Response Press

  1. Giddaffi
    August 5, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    If East Twi Dinka are known for being a peace makers! How comes we fought for twenty-one years without peace?


  2. Innocent Akau
    August 5, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Is lake state occupied by Dinka Bor?
    is this website”Twic East” personalized?
    Brother you went to school to have a positive change and civilized….. I got no guts to attack you but cool down from (………)


  3. August 6, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    New Letter on front Page:


  4. August 7, 2015 at 6:31 am

    About the twic
    being different from Bor is what must constitute laughing,this letter lack maturity at all even in the language itself. be an agent of change,visit paan luelwel as a positive gentlemen and learn how to hate individual not communities, i personally hate Dr. Riek Machar, not Nuer for your individuals in the Twic east must hate individuals not communities, for communities are ever there but individuals come and go. i am a proud greater Bor member, if you are not happy with it then die……….. bye.


  5. Bor Man
    August 7, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    This coined name( Twi East) is too little too late and I am sure Twi people will not gain anythings good with name Twi since majority of you call themselves Bor to get out of danger. You are like kids who don’t their. Today u are Bor, tomorrow Twi Bor and other time Twi East. To me you are Bor whether you like it or not. Ask Dr Majak Agoot he will say I am Bor.You are confused cowards.


  6. Leek Daniel
    September 24, 2015 at 5:00 am

    I am sorry brothers to hear you guys speaking about Bor and Twic in the social media which is too low for you guys and I thought you are living in advance countries where people reasons for the development but your reasoning capacities shows that those in the villages of Twic East and Bor counties are better than you guys because they have abandon such segregation between Twic and Bor, shame on you, you went to schools for nothings !


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