Remembrance of Reath Thoan and His Fellow Innocent Nuer of Juba’s Genocide

William Dengchang Biliutut,


Dec 23, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- Sudanese Community convened in London to remember and honour the life of Reath Thoan Wako, husband of Persilla Nyakear, and father of Nicki Wako, Koang Wako, Elijah Wako, Annette Wako and four other children. Reath Thoan was a civil servant in Sudan; he became SPLM’s representative to The Kingdom of Netherland in 1990s through to the time when CPA was signed; he then returned to South Sudan, where he resumed his civil service in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

Many thanks and gratitude are hereby conveyed to everyone who responded to an earlier invitation to attend a church service in remembrance of the lives lost in Juba’s genocide. Special acknowledgement goes specifically to Mr Benjamin Taban, Chairman of South Sudanese Community in the United Kingdom, members of Nuer Community in North of England, Shilluk Community, members of Equatoria and Dinka Communities.

As we all understood, Reath was murdered in cold blood in Juba together with twenty thousand more innocent Nuer people. Despite political service rendered by Reath for SPLM in the Diaspora throughout the years of Sudan civil war, President Kiir’s tribal militia, who were immensely influenced by the hatred of Nuer people, did not hesitate to take away the life of a South Sudanese patriot and a SPLM cadre simply for the purpose of being a Nuer.

By writing this message, I want to underscore that our coming together last Saturday to stand with Wako’s family was a beginning of a new chapter in our community in the United Kingdom. It is time for our people here in the UK to move on. For this reason, services of a similar nature shall continue to be organized annually with an aimed to reconcile our people in the memory and the honour of the twenty thousand plus innocent lives lost in Juba and elsewhere in December 2013. I wish you all Merry Christmas and a new year of peace, justice and reconciliation!

The author is the Chairman of Nuer Community in UK and can be reached at

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  1 comment for “Remembrance of Reath Thoan and His Fellow Innocent Nuer of Juba’s Genocide

  1. December 23, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    Praying will never help us to bring back those we lost them from juba carnage and now we witness what dubbed spla io is implore government for their return to juba because the weak leader like Riek Machar doesn’t know how to win the war and just happy because they reinstated his position and another massacre will occur again like what Mr wako life. So people we need to understand that is aguy what is zealous for VP that was is first interest he not care about how people killed and will be as long as they give him back his position is good for him.


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