Response To Bul Nuer: You Are Responsible For Heinous Atrocities Committed Against Nuer Civilians In Liech State

By Maley K Wawudit,

March 29, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- This response is to correct the unfortunate fraudulence and fallacy made by barefaced Bul intellectuals who put out a statement on Nyamilepedia on July 9, 2015 saying Bul Nuer cannot be held accountable over the heinous atrocities committed against the innocent Nuer civilians in Liech State. The statement is imprecise and should be corrected. This response is to redirect the general public on the following two erroneous impressions made by the aforementioned intellectuals.

  1. Fraudulent claim of the communal heroism and history made by all Nuer mutineers within the presidential guards unit at the broaching of Salva’s war in 2013 in Juba and its surrounding areas in South Sudan.
  2. Fallacious statement which denied the responsibility of the most heinous known atrocities and vandalism committed by both Bul Nuer militias and Bul Nuer national army against the innocent Liech Nuer civilians in Liech State, former Unity State, within two years of Salva’s war and so forth.

Fraudulent claim: I would like to redirect the general public that these barefaced intellectuals fraudulently claimed that their former clannish Bul Nuer militia members in the South Sudanese various army divisions were the only ones who had responded to Kiir’s own self coup and had rescued Dr Riek Machar in 2013.

Maley K Wawudit, the author

Maley K Wawudit, the author

This is a fraudulent claim that militarily offended not only to the whole mighty Naath society but also a falsified action against the military abilities of other Nuer and South Sudanese who had hugely responded to Kiir’s an instigated coup that led to the failed assassination of Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon in 2013.

Let me begin with the Juba outbreak of violence which was the starting point of Salva’s war. On the 15 day of December 2013, there were communal responses against Kiir’s disarmament order from various Nuer mutineers within the presidential guards unit and from the forcibly retired Nuer Generals who resided in Juba at the time.

These included the forcibly retired Brig Gen, Dor Manjur from Jikany Liech Nuer, Lok Tang from Leek Nuer, Brig Gen Peter Lim Bol from Bul, Maj Koang Machar Puoch from Jagei Nuer, Captain Manyang Tap Chuol from Jagei Nuer and all other unnamed Nuer heroic mutineers within the presidential guards unit.

How come these shameless Bul Nuer intellectuals have fraudulently claimed the communal Pyrrhic victory made by whole Nuer and South Sudanese mutineers? Bul Nuer militias did not participate much in the past Sudanese civil war under the SPLM/A led by Dr John Garang de Mabior.

The SPLM/A movement was mostly based in Eastern Nuer and Equatoria regions. How could those Bul Nuer militias safeguard Dr Riek Machar around Central Equatoria surroundings which they had never explored during the past years of liberation struggle?

If that would be true, where were the other Nuer heroic mutineers at this inequitable disarmament night in Juba? I personally advise that these people who call themselves Bul intellectuals should not risk their political career by falsely preaching this unconvincing proclivity in public media outlets.

However, they forgot that most of them were the former militias who had shortly returned from Khartoum to Juba and joined the SPLM/A in 2006 under former Anyanya II veteran Lt. Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial.

These intellectuals are misleading the other Nuer and other South Sudanese on their unfounded statement, they cannot brainwash the people of Liech State who know them better for their clannish false dawn. They are the most overweening and boastful intellectuals for claiming dummy victory in the time of war such as Salva’s war.

I seriously urge my mighty Nuer to form “the fraud squad” across the Naath territory to combat this fraudulent victory claimed by Bul Nuer intellectuals against the communal abilities of other Nuer and South Sudanese in this dreadful conflict. I was very frightened when I read their shameful statement they made, and I quoted here, “Without the brevity of Bri,Gen Liem Bol and sons of Bull in Juba, Dr Riek Machar and rest of Nuer politicians could never have fled Juba but with guardianship of Bri, Gen Peter Liem Bol, they managed to escaped”. This is an imprecise statement which should not be made or shared with public by anyone who had conscientiously experienced in an intellectual honesty.

In Mangala, yes there were Brig, Gen Khor Chuol from Eastern Jikany, Brig Gen Tap Gatdet from Jagei and Brig, Gen, Tito Biel Wiy from Bul Nuer etc. Also Brig Gen Peter Thok Chuol Luak from Eastern Jikany Nuer overrun the Government’s forces and went to Mangala to receive Dr. Machar. Was that not a communal victory if there was one?

In Bor, there was Brig Gen, Yak Dayim Wuor from Jagei who militarily resisted the Museveni’s internationally banned cluster bomb with his other heroic colleagues. Gen Yak was the one who received Maj Gen Gatdet in the Town of Bor.

Was that not a victory which could commonly be shared by all in the historical writing? However, the Division 4 in Unity State, now Liech State, was under the heroic command of Maj Gen James Koang Chuol Ranley, Brig, Gen Wang Chiok and Brig Gen Toar Nyuel and all other various high ranking officers, all of whom don’t hail from Bul Nuer. Was this really a Bul sons’ victory if there was one?

Brig Gen Gathoth Gatkuoth was the one who captured the town of Malakal. If the Bul sons had been the only first responders to Kiir’s inequitable order and the rescuers of Salva’s war victim Dr Riek Machar, they should not have massacred their own fellow Nuer in Liech State.

Since they knew that Dr Riek Machar was an innocent leader as well as it is nationally and internationally known as Salva’s war victim, what was Bul’s reason to fight alongside Kiir’s murderous regime against their own victimized community?

Furthermore, I wish to ask some few questions here as long their own fellow innocent Nuer have been humiliatingly marooned in UNMISS Bases across the county by the JCE’s regime through their militias assistance.

Was it not a dispiriting opportunism to gain some personal disbursements from this oppressive regime? How can they claim to have some leadership qualities and native loyalties while they allowed the external others to stultify their Naath’s social orders in the country?

They have claimed they were the first responders to Kiir’s tribal orders and rescuers of Dr Riek Machar and they have been fighting him at the same time. They heartlessly committed the most atrocious war crimes against their own innocent people.

What the infamous intellectuals to claim this victory which they are spoiling? I personally disbelieved that the majority of Nuer community and the South Sudanese freedom fighters would condone their fraudulent claim and fallacious statement they extended to Nyamilepedia last year.

The first part of this correctness is laid here and let me move on to the second part of my cogent argument.

Fallacious Statement: As I stated above, the infamous intellectuals could not evaluate their intellectual consciences by denying the known unspeakable atrocities committed against the Leek Nuer, Jikany Nuer, Jagei Nuer, Dok Nuer, Haak Nuer and Nyuong Nuer of Liech State by whole Bul-Nuer militias in the entire grassroots level of Mayom County.

These Bul militias have been fighting under their following clannish underworld of Lt Gen Bapiny Monytuil, Governor Nguen Monytuil, Brig Gen Matthew Puljang Top, Brig Gen, Thayip Gatluak Taytay, Nhial Gatduel, Manguat Nyaturoah, Bol Mayak across the state.

The current prisoner of conscience Maj Gen Buay Rolnyang was responsible for the suffocation of the recent 60 innocent Nuer men in Leer County. He was previously fighting alongside Salva Kiir’s murderous regime in Renk, Upper Nile Sate at the outset of the conflict.

Moreover, these heinous atrocities were committed against the innocent Nuer civilians in Liech State by those mentioned Generals and their grassroots clannish militias of Mayom.

These unspeakable atrocities including, massacres; gang raps against the whole age of the Liech Nuer female genders; widespread castration of the Nuer boys; proliferated slaughter of both disables and elderly people; vandalized both towns and villages and raided various millions herd of cattle in six counties of the state. How could sons of Minytuil (gaat Minytuil) and Brig Gen Matthew Puljang do these deleterious abyss alone without the clannish involvement of whole Bul Nuer militias across Mayom?

I would redirect the general public again that these intended atrocities are no longer gaat Minytuil’s responsibility alone but committed by whole Mayom County except the current Maj Gen Peter Lim Bol, Maj Gen Tito Biel Wiy, Maj Gen Makal Kuol and Maj Gen Peter Gatdet Yak. Even though Maj Gen Peter Gatdet was unthinkably brainwashed to defect from the SPLM/A-IO by the above notorious intellectuals, I cannot label him as Bul culprits.

However, the rest of the Bul Nuer grassroots are on the same boat with Kiir’s ethnocentric regime. The atrocities I stated above were truly committed by those Generals and Bul militias under the Unity State Governor Nguen Minytuil who is their son.

Imagine to have those more clannish Generals in the same community who command a war. How many militias they would recruit into their camp within the given community in the time of war? It is so mournful to the victims” families to is hear these barefaced intellectuals to deny that authentic reality which was witnessed by the world relief agencies and humanitarian aid workers who worked in the state.

I hold the view that defection of Bul Nuer militants from the government and join the mighty SPLM/A-IO following by public apology thereon maybe the only option to reconcile with this Bul Nuer lost community in the state.

Finally, one of the substantive evidences to whole Bul Nuer community’s violent involvement to the said atrocities was that Rupkona County residents has recently recovered 120 cattle from the Bul youth militias over the last two days. That information was extended to Sudan Tribune Plural News on 25 March, 2016. It titled the “Cattle recovered from raiders in South Sudan’s Mayom county” and this admitted by their Commissioner Bol Mayak.

This is an abhorrent action which show that these militias have no other reason to fight alongside Kiir’s oppressive regime rather than to gain more public purses from the regime.

I further believe that our ancestral Geak had only blessed his son Buol to be known for the land name but had blessed to have aristocratic descendants among these living culprits in Bulland. If they had been some amongst Matthew Puljang and Minytuil brothers and their clannish militias, they should have had the native empathy on the heinous atrocities they committed against their fellow brothers in Geakland and beyond.

The Nuer should form the fraud squad to investigate the clannish fraudulence and fallacy made by the barefaced Bul intellectuals against the abilities of other Nuer and other South Sudanese in Salva’s war.

These intellectuals should refrain from deceiving other people of Liech and Naath general public by covering up their atrocities that their sons committed during the course of this war. They should immediately suspend their audacious attitudes in defending the name of Nuer name in general and the name of Bul Nuer that they do not respect. In order to put the record straight, I am not against the implementation of ARCISS neither against Bul Nuer as the community but I am seriously correcting Bul intellectual’s fraudulent claim over Riek Machar’s survival on 15 December, 2013 in Juba and the Bul Nuer’s fallacious statement which denied the known atrocities committed by Bul militias in Liech State, South Sudan.

Maley K Wawudit is the author and can be reached for further query through

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  5 comments for “Response To Bul Nuer: You Are Responsible For Heinous Atrocities Committed Against Nuer Civilians In Liech State

  1. March 29, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Thank you Mr. Maley for your post though you didn’t been aware about Bul Intellecaul Forum. For your information this associstion is under IO leadership and none protective to those named blind militias whose vision is to decease life of innocents.

    However, if you also being IO suporter please don’t pronounce disgrantle Gen. Gatdet one more since he defect from charastmastic leadership of IO.
    I personally advise you to know differences between government and opposition supporter, without Bul sons participation we’d have a movement but please thesis plague and trimper is ours.


  2. chuol lual
    March 31, 2016 at 3:58 am

    Please forget about those idiotic bul of money addiction


  3. Mayendit Nyuar Meen
    April 25, 2016 at 1:53 am

    Bul community is innocent of any killing here in Juba. Those Nuers that were killed were murder in the front-line of combat between forces loyal to President Kiir and those alliance to Riak.So Bul has never participated in this fight, blame SPLA instead of Bul Community.


  4. April 25, 2016 at 1:57 am

    Stop blaming Bul, blame SPLA instead.


  5. April 25, 2016 at 2:00 am

    Blame SPLA instead of Bul


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