Funny: What Happened Next After James Kok Ruea Failed To Reach Ayod Town?


By James Insider,
James Kok Ruea, a Kiir appointed governor of Phow State. Since his appointment Kok has been based in Juba as the government controls less than 2% of Phow State(Photo: file)

James Kok Ruea, a Kiir appointed governor of Phow State. Since his appointment Kok has been based in Juba as the government controls less than 2% of Phow State(Photo: file)

Jan 16, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Salva Kiir gave James Kok Ruea, his governor for Phow State, a torch and say “go my boy in the name of peace and destroy as much as you can, you are my peaceful governor”. Then Kok arrived in Duk and saw a smoke coming out of Ayod and said, “Gaari, a wech mi tedi te ketde chunga ineme”(loosely translated as what a nation with all those sticks standing). There was fighting in Ayod which went on for more than two days. Then the people of Duk called James Kok and said ” go go go or they will come for us all”. Kok returned to Juba!.

President Kiir saw James Kok returning with empty hands,  instead he called Taban Deng Gai, a collaborator, who has put his Nuer community in the market for a cheap sale.

KIIR: Man, this man who claimed to be the Nuer leader is a coward. He didn’t even reach Kuachdeang or Pajut. I have never seen a Nuer coward like this man in my life!

TABAN: Yes, I told you, Kok is a joke. He never been to front line even in his own house but don’t worry, we have two more options;

KIIR: What are those options my boy, thanks for always saving my axx.

TABAN: Option #1, let’s appoint a real military general from my camp. I have Maj. Gen. Gabriel Duop and Brigadier Gen. Thoi Chany here but I don’t trust both of them. Duop may defect when he reach Ayod and fight us, and Thoi lacks military tactics.

KIIR: Yes, my boy. Good idea, your bonuses are now increased to $1 million. You can pay yourself when the oil fields are re-opened in Unity State…hahahaha!

TABAN: Thanks you King Salva. Option #2, what about we create Ayod State, Pangak State and Atar states and send in three military generals to fight in 3 front lines.

KIIR: My boy, you are awesome, Kiss my boots, what a brilliant idea. Can I create the three states tonight?

TABAN: No, no, we will be criticized by the international community. There is a lot of criticism right now because of those false states we created already. Give it some weeks my boss.

KIIR: As you said sir, you are my best man inu. Inu pass me that beer.

TABAN: Yes boss, after that we will remove Nguen Manytuil, right?

KIIR: Oh no, no, Malong will kill both of us. Nguen Manytuil still controls forces of Puljang and other militias but Malong is doing something to scatter them. Let’s isolate him first and then we will remove him like his brother, Bapiny who defected without even a single bodyguard.

TABAN: I can’t wait King Salva. That man has been my enemy number one, I want to see him dead or forced to exile.

KIIR: Yes, inu my brother as long as you keep protecting my axx like this, I will make you happy in the name of Dinka my Tribe I promise.

TABAN: Okay, my president have a good night. I love you.

KIIR: That is my boy, you will always be my first Vice President. Remember, Riek Machar will never come back.

TABAN: He narrowly escaped death. We will kill him if he tries to come back. I talked with my friends already in the region.

KIIR: Inu that is my boy, hahahaha. Have a good night Gatnyakeak, you are a good man.

This conversation was wiretapped by anonymous insider who has access to presidency. James Kok Ruei was given a green light to go and extend Government control from Palieth, a small suburb of Ayod town where the government have entrenched themselves for two years with hope that they will one day expand their control into other parts of Ayod county. President Kiir urged James Kok to go and expand his teritories to Khorfulus, Atar and old Pangak all the way to Malakal to the North, Poktak to the South and Uror and Pajut to the West and South West, respectively. Kok did not want to be seen weak, so he accepted the challenge, just to maintain a position he would never have won through a democratic process in old Jonglei state but what he saw from a far distance completely changed his mind. He was sandwiched between going to the front line(Ayod) or returning to Juba or otherwise the people of Duk feared that he would drag Ayod conflict to their area, which was very likely. In addition, Kok is fully aware that fighting his own people would easily cost him his life and never wanted to risk that.

To be continued….


  2 comments for “Funny: What Happened Next After James Kok Ruea Failed To Reach Ayod Town?

  1. GatNor
    January 17, 2017 at 1:17 am

    awful & a disgusting conversation at best.


  2. January 19, 2017 at 1:10 am

    This guy never fired a gun he used on his shoulder.


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