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  1. Thon Mayen Thon
    March 17, 2015 at 6:04 am

    By Thon Mayen Thon: South Sudanese Residing in Juba

    My Annotation for President Kiir!

    I know I have break the law of my counselor that I should neither ‘‘asks or tell’’ anything about Current situations in South Sudan

    Dollar currency! When does South Sudan become United State of America or so! And why does Government allow dollar to become a determinant currency for South Sudan economics, why government open a free market? Why does he destroy South Sudanese belonging if know that he is going to be the one to builds them? Those are some of the few questions that I to put before him to look at as he speak out tomorrow

    To begin with; I love the president to include in his speech; The economics issues and the market prices, Dollar business, issues off and on education in Public Universities, because through education if many citizens are educated and through education can solve many problem facing our communities, those factors are drillers they should not be ignore at any fact for the normally impacts on poor people. In fact, the question of dollar currency in demand is high and why does it becomes a common phenomenon and so the market prices even the products that did not cross any borders are being sold highly beyond imaginable princes without questions why?

    If President Kiir does not know then the economics and in security had presently darken his Government (Authority) image and that of where he comes from. Principally I guess president Kiir should not prove to us that the occurrences are indicators of his government’ deficit otherwise he might have destroyed his reputation and Heritage unknowingly. Look at how the country gates is open to extends of becoming bare to the foreigners and their delinquents who came and stay to do unbecoming business instead of investors to be one to access the country. With that I therefore love his Government to put suitable measures with modern order to rail these current

    Similarly, the Issues of Labour Laws and employments policies should be and need to be looked at because it is making the citizens more vulnerable and become foreigners’ slavers in the their own country. Look the foreigners who come to South Sudan in the name of expatriates (experts) have nothing extra more than us. They are just looting our resources rather with the claims that South Sudanese are not qualified to serves, what about the graduates that we have from East Africa, South Sudanese Public and Privates institutions since then.

    I argue President to make sure that the kickback and failure and unethical officials are punished on top of their unreasonable inputs; to me I have never thinks when I was young that our country would loss the Realities about Humanity and quality governance. In the couple of months government stated that her final year budget 2014/2015 focus on salary then, but it just of recent where Juba University lecturers strike over and close down classes conditionally in demands of their unpaid money again, what that portray?

    We knows that anything that had not been clear in the beginning is attendance of or lack of willingness do it, sometime is good to learns from his others political mistakes, to me it’s better to use influence techniques than Authority in governance! I know it is difficulty sometime to offers peoples everything they need but it is advisable to position them where they can access & find what they needs and as a result some of us thinks that President Kiir might have been surrounded by unfair and peculiar elements but those should not refrain him from inhabit and acts in universal & standard way

    Finally, It is very clear every now and then that people thinks and talks about positions and nobody talks instead about the compensations of dead people at the expenses of SPLM|A during the struggle in 1983-2015. President Kiir should know that we have limited our desires to regain happiness at the expense of stability & peace yet the situation does not improved as such. We need peace for development


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