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  1. September 16, 2021 at 6:12 pm

    Aguer is feeling like if he is not accomplish his unfinished mission (liberty):_

    Aguer says the life bullets that kill instruders instantly is, unity, love, acceptances oneself and peace that give individuals freedom plus development should be done.
    This is my vision that drive me to achieve soceitel’s liberty.
    As born liberal and with liberal ideology, Aguer has a role to accomplish his unfinished mission which was being entrupted by non visionary and pretenders who always feed on one shelder achievement. According to Aguer, hijackers are more clever than those being drive by their vision , who sees society as instruments or a route to get rich and to get into power. An example of this is Anya Anya one and splm carders who came from nowhere, and this the reasons our nation is falling apart so, let’s push for freedom where everyone will gets it rights. Let’s not abuses our leaders, government and support wrong doing for example rebellion and any other negative activities that could for longing our society suffering and development and denied them from services delivery. I have suggested let’s built our nation and this will not achieved unless by pushing democratic exercise inorder to achieve or assume power. Government cannot be treated if it is like a person. There is a clear border between government and government employees. An employee is a person being contracted to do specific task for limited period of time and go. So where the ownership come from. According to Aguer people come and they go, whereby nation remain. So let teach the lost generations to understand how to the government operates in a confused society. Society need support and education because they were coming from wars. We need proper careers to help our people from being political hostages in the expenses of venerable people. Am optimistic that society must be respected and served.
    For example, Don’t kill and loot their products and forced them to migrate, I strongly recommend this as wrong and that I can see it be could minimise in order our control our civil population risk. This risk is being inflicted into them by their own people which Aguer consider as an offence and denial.
    Let’s serve our people and give them a moments. God is always with those who are venerable.
    ” Who cry today, will laugh tomorrow”so don’t worry of current situation.
    By Aguer Rual
    Jieng national interim chair


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