Frequently asked Questions:

Q: How can I submit my article to Nyamilepedia?

A: You can submit your article to Nyamilepedia through this email: nyamilepedia@gmail.com or through our contact page.

Q: Can I submit my article to chief editors through Nyamilepedia’s Facebook or Twitter Account?

A: NO. Due to huge volumes of article we receive, we give priority, in sequence, to articles and other information submitted through our contact page and the above email. Other accounts are not regularly visited.

Q: What format can I use to submit my article to Nyamilepedia?

A: You need to use MS Word document (highly recommended), other text editors and editable PDF document.

Q: What can I do to receive regular updates from Nyamilepedia?

A: You can follow Nyamilepedia through Email, twitter, Facebook, Blog or Website. You will receive each and every publication through email once you follow Nyamielepedia via Email.

Q: What can I do to stop receiving updates from Nyamilepedia.

A: Although it is unfortunate to see you leave, you can stop following Nyamilepedia by reversing the procedure(s) above.

Q: How can I become an editor or contributor on Nyamilepedia?

A: You can submit a brief summary about yourself and experiences with Word Press or programming skills for consideration through our Contact page, above.

Q: What types of articles can I submit to Nyamilepedia?

A: Any type of article can be submit for publication but not all articles submitted to Nyamilepedia are published.

Q: Under what circumstances are some article not published?

A: Nyamilepedia publishes opinion and news articles that are at least five paragraphs or 500 words and above. One opinion paragraph or a few lines submitted are read but may not be published.

Q: What are other basic requirements for my article to be published on Nyamilepedia?

A: Your article must be accompanied by a legitimate email address or the editor(s) will direct the readers to the email used to submit the article. We also prefer you send us your photo along with your article.

Q: Why is my article tagged “opinion”?

A: All opinion article are supposed to be tagged “opinion” unless you are a well know author or other public figures. Alternatively your article could be published on opinion page instead of home page without being tagged “opinion”.

Q: How can I comment on Nyamilepedia?

A: You can sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or WordPress account and leave your comment in the comment box under LEAVE A COMMENT OR REPLY.

Q: Can I comment as anonymous?

A: Yes, you can but some comments that contain certain words and phrases that are considered offensive might be automatically blocked.

Q:Why my comment does not appear on Nyamilepedia?

A: Your comment may not appear immediately due to moderation, network problems or the author fails to submit it. You may have to verify that your information such as emails are accurate and valid.

NOTE: Please note that Nyamilepedia does not entertain insults, ad hominem and coarse language. We expect all of you to be mature intellectuals who can debate ideas effectively, but given that we are not all on the same page, we have set up an app to moderate these behaviors. This entails that the app will automatically delete or redirect some comments of this nature to the spam folder. Therefore, if your comment does not appear after 48 hours, then it has been deleted or redirected to our spam folder! To be on the safe side, avoid terms and phrases such as “fuck you”, “you are stupid”, “you are idiot”, “umak” etc.

Q: Can Nyamilepedia’s editorial team help me edit my article, journal, research paper or a book?

A: Yes but you will have to contact the chief editors through our Contact page for more information on editing and proof reading.

Q: If I haven’t given my contest, can Nyamilepedia still edit or reformat my article?

A: Yes, To protect Public Interest, Nyamilepedia has an absolute right to edit, delete, format or refuse to publish your articles. In some cases, you may see the following statement under your article:

The statements, comments, or opinions published by Nyamilepedia are solely those of their respective authors, which do not necessarily represent the views held by the moderators of Nyamilepedia. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the writer(s), and not the staff and the management of Nyamilepedia.

Nyamilepdeia reserves the right to moderate, publish or delete a post without warning or consultation with the author(s). To publish your article, contact our editorial team at nyamilepedia@gmail.com

Q: Can I disagree with some or all of these terms and conditions?

A: Yes, absolutely, but if you disagree with our principles, terms and conditions, then your article(s) will not be published on Nyamilepedia

Q: Can I use fake email or Facebook account?

A: No. fake emails that do not exist are automatically detected and your comment won’t be submitted to the editors.

  4 comments for “FAQ

  1. February 12, 2015 at 7:03 am

    i was looking for this answer since last year about how to write an article in NYAMILE and am really happy and it’s also my great pleasure to know how to publish article in NYAMILE


    Liked by 1 person

  2. A'bure
    April 12, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    Dear Editor,

    I am really pleased to send you my utmost comment and suggestion. My idea is that Nyamile is widely read by the people of South Sudan and it has to maintain that trust. However, two things should really happen. First do try to edit and proof read the articles you are publishing. Honestly some have very serious readability mistakes ranging from simple grammatical errors to serious sentences construction which can be corrected or put correct by your editors. It shows how many of your writers are not conversant with the English Language as well as posses the inability to construct a sentences. Honestly even the so called professors do have those inexcusable language mistakes which out your website to a question on its integrity. Personally I feel very irritated to read some of the articles as a result sometimes I do try to peruse through the headlines and not even open any article to read in detail. Soon I may be forced not to open Nyamile for that reason. I Hope you take this serious.




    • .
      April 13, 2015 at 12:20 am


      This is a very genuine concern, thanks a lot.

      First, as you know Nyamilepedia is a very recent website, and for this, we very much appreciate the trust and confidence that we have built in our readership in such a short time. For the last one year, we have been working really hard to expand, secure, boost reliability and many more that we envisioned. Despite our limited resources, we managed to achieve some of these goals and we believe that the remaining goals will be achieved within the next one year or two. All we are asking for from our readers, communities and well-wishers is support; morally, financially, ideologically, materially and any other form of support you may imagine. Nevertheless, we are asking for your patience. It is our wish and hopes to have the best content, but given that only less than 23% of our people (South Sudanese) have fair command of English (literates), whom can we really blame? We are editing day and night, and as you have noticed we are not editing only for junior intellectuals but also for some PhD holders, but still the volume of articles we are receiving is overwhelming. Again, some of our contributors panic or demand answers if their articles are not published within the shortest time they effect, which can be as short as two hours. We hope with time and patience, we will put all these together. We have streamed the volume of articles we receive each day by raising the minimum word count requirement from 300 to 500 words for opinion articles, and further demand more evidence on news reports. All these are done to improve readability and reliability but we are still receiving more articles than we can edit each day. The next step, we will ask our readers, communities and well-wishers to raise funds for us to employ full time staffs who can do the work on full-time scale, otherwise, we will be forced to stream the volume of opinion articles even further at the expense of our readers.

      We hope this answers your concerns.

      Thanks for stopping-by.

      Moderating Team | Nyamilepedia


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