Government troops face defeats and defections in three states

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March 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The anti-government forces have launched an attacked on Duk Padiet County, Jonglei State, on Tuesday morning. Government troops and Ugandan mercenaries are pursued southward, in the direction of Poktap West, the source confirmed.

“The government troops are currently being pursued in directions towards Poktap Payam west. A lot of equipment have been already captured from the fleeing anti-democratic and genocidal forces of Kiir.”

Three days earlier, Duk county Member of Parliament, Philip Thon Leek, called for protection from what he described as an “imminent attack”, believed to be coordinated from the neighboring Ayod County.

“This is a desperate situation, we fear that [at] anytime they will attack and we appeal for quick action [from the national army to protect civilians].” Philip Thon extended the call for protection.

Leek asserted earlier that the anti-government forces, also known as Freedom Fighters, are commanded by Gen. Khor Chol, who commanded government troops in the County before switching sides.

Duk as the borderline between the government and the rebels’ strongholds has exchanged hands several times. Many soldiers have been killed in these battles including the Ugandan Brig. General, Geoffrey Kakama, killed in Kuechdeng two weeks ago.

“To you the family and friends of the late Brig Geoffrey Kakama: our thoughts are with you – UPDF” Paddy Ankunda, the Ugandan army spokesman, confirmed on his tweeter page.

Upper Nile State:

In another development, South Sudan rebel military spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, has confirmed that the anti-government forces have overran Kaki, a government stronghold in Upper Nile state.

“The Gallant SPLA/M Forces under direct command of Brig. Gen. Joseph Chegai Gatluak and under overall command of Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tangiye liberated Kaki -Tujeriah from anti-democratic reform forces of Salva Kiir.”

Ruai believes that the victory was aided by new loyalists who defected from the government side.

“Our forces were joined in liberating Kaki by defectors from SSDA/M (South Sudan Democratic Movement/Army ) pro-government militia led by Maj. Gen. Ayuk Ogad.

Kaki supplies Adar, Guelguk and Monyo County in Shulluk Kingdom on the western bank of  River Nile. This causes panic to civilians and government troops in these areas as well as in Malakal, the State capital.

“Its fall to our forces is expected to have immediate negative impact on government troops trapped in Malakal since their only local food supply route is cut off.”

Unity State:

A related report from the SPLA/M –in Opposition has also alleged victories in Unity State, inflicting heavy casualties on the Darfur rebels, backing the government troops.

“In the last three days, (22, 23 and 24-3-2014) Kiir’s Allies from Justice and Equality Movement fighters attacked our positions at Buaw Payam in Koc County, Unity State,” the report reads

“In all the engagements, the enemy forces were repulsed and suffered losses both in terms of personnel and equipment as indicated” the lengthy report continues.

The coalition of youths from the 4 sects (Jagei-Nuer, Leek-Nuer, Bul-Nuer and Jikany) of Bentiu-Nuer, defending their positions were led by George Galoi, a captain in SPLA ranks, under a direct command of Maj. Gen. James Koang Chuol.

The Bentiu Whitearmy believed to have engaged a convoy of 10 vehicles, capturing 2 Toyota Landcruisers mounted with 12.7, 5 RPGs 7, 4 PKMs and ammunitions.

 Government report

On Monday , Philip Aguer, alleged that the rebels are being squeezed into Nasir county, Upper Nile State, after they were defeated from Malakal, a report the rebels denied.

“The SPLA pushed the rebels into two directions from Malakal. Some have gone to the direction past Adong and between Nyinthar-Malual and Doleib. Our forces fought the last battle in Anakdiar during which the rebels were pushed out past Adong,” Aguer said on Monday.

Aguer believes that the government and rebel forces are battling for what he described as the “battled for the control of Nasir”, a report his counterpart [in opposition] described as a “wishful thinking”. Nasir is one of the rebels’ strongholds.

South Sudan was plugged into another civil war, following the December 15, 2013 coup allegations against Dr. Riek Machar, the country’s former vice president and the first deputy chairman of the ruling party, SPLM. Machar and his colleagues denied the coup, as many international bodies wait for evidences, yet to be discovered.

More than 10, 000 people have been killed, and nearly 900,000, mostly women and children, have been displaced.

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  1. March 11, 2015 at 9:07 am

    hi Carmen goes well not been 2 pistols and then we should have peace so today people died everyday and its struggle saw you guys need to figure out how we’re going to work together I’m sad that I said that to look at anything peace in South Sudan you seem like you don’t have no more see you should have mercyI’m proud of you guys doing manly voice put your life in a struggle everydayso today we need a resume Federal ed to put and it is states should have its own rules


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