The Nuer Youth & Students Association in Arab republic of Egypt strongly condemns the killing of 17,613 Nuer civilians & the deployment of IGAD stabilization forces

Beloved South Sudanese citizens & the world,

NYSA-zeeApril 13, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — “In December 15, 2013 a political tension turned into a tribal war after Kiir’s administration attempted to arrest his political rivals particularly Dr. Riek Machar Teny. According to eyewitnesses; when General Salva Kiir & his tribesmen (Gelweng – Cowboys in Dinka) fail to assassinated Dr. Riek Machar whom they believed to be the head of Nuer community, they went on & conduct a barbaric massive killing of an estimated number of 17,613 Nuer civilians.”

“The Intergovernmental Authority for development (IGAD) proposed a deployment of stabilization forces to South Sudan in February 2014 to help on securing the main installation such as oil field, presidential palace, airport, etc.
Learning from the past, the Ugandan people defense force (UPDF) deployed to fight the Lord Resistance Army (LRA-Joseph Koni) in South Sudan, Ugandan’s border gradually change their position and fought alongside the government forces at the request of the president General Salva Kiir Mayardit.”

The Nuer Youth & Students association in Egypt condemns the barbaric killing of Nuer tribe in Juba, Jonglei, Upper Nile, & Unity state in the strongest term possible.
To maintain the seat; president Kiir formed a private militia “Gelweng” mainly from Warrap & Northern Bhar el Ghazal state.

In the night of December 14, 2013 president kiir ordered the Tiger battalion commander General Marial Chonuor & gave him a list of December 6 meeting organizers to be arrested among the top listed were Dr. Riek Machar, Pagan Amum, Gen. Taban Deng gai, Gen. Alfred Lado Gore, Dr. Majak De’ Agot, & Ezekiel Lul Gatkuoth.

President Kiir preceded his statement commanding Gen. Marial & his force to conduct a house to house killing of every Nuer who is to be found if fail to capture Dr. Riek Machar.

The Nuer people who had never gave a chance to anyone who attempt to oppress them were brutally murdered in Gudele, Jabel, Block 107, Tongping, Khor William, Manga, Aden, Nhar Referendum & many other places thinking to possibly eliminate or silence Nuer in order for Kiir to apply a one man rule (Dictatorship) in South Sudan. The historical cleansing which does not distinguish a child from an elder reached to the extent on which they forced the victims to drink or eat the slaughter human flash or blood.

We don’t want stabilization force in South Sudan

The NYSAE would like to bring into the attention of South Sudanese and the international community that the creation of parallel force to the United Nation mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) will destabilize the nation.

The NYSAE condemn the IGAD proposal and would like to recall the havoc caused by the join force deployed in Somalia, Central African Republic, Congo, Afghanistan, & Iraq is unforgettable.

We, the Nuer Youth & Students Association in Egypt (NYSAE) would kindly like to request from our fellows RSS-citizens and the International community to immediately intervene & stop a long term destruction of South Sudan in the future.

The so-called stabilization force carries no meaning & won’t benefit us in any circumstances because we already have a good additional number of 5,500 UN troops in the country carrying out their mandate to protect civilians as their core role.

For that reason, the NYSAE is not persuaded by the idea of IGAD stabilization force instead we view it as a clear plan to colonize our people & loot our nation apart under the claim of Peaceful forces when the country’s population is only 8.26 million according to the 2008 census report.

“Every South Sudanese who took up arm against Salva Kiir’s government did so in self defense & rejection of poorly performing president who humiliated hope of the new nation.

Therefore, he should go & give chance to another leader who knows what to do for this country.”

The Nuer Youth & Students Association in Egypt ultimate solution

The NYSAE strongly believe that in order to have any chance of genuine peace and trust restore back, the mediators (IGAD), African Union (AU), the troika countries (US, Norway, & Uk) must call for an interim government in South Sudan which must excluded president Kiir & his allies.
“We should all remember one thing that we are the pillar of South Sudan as a country & everything we do now will be the method for the coming generations.”

In conclusion; the Nuer Youth & Students Association in Arab Republic of Egypt demand justice for our decease & wooded victims or we will not rest until it is realize.

Long live Republic of South Sudan

Long live Citizens & nationals of South Sudan.

Zechariah James Machar, the Chairman, can be reached at

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