South Sudan Resistance Army Matching to Bor at a “Lightening Speed”!!

SPLA|M resistance army matching toward Bor in Jonglie state, 22-04-2014 ....

SPLA resistance army, under overral command of Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual, matching toward Bor in Jonglie state, 22-04-2014 (Photo credit: Yuer Dang|Nyamilepedia)

April 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The SPLA resistance army, triggered by the recent Bor massacre, are matching towards the city of Bor, Jonglei, state capital. Brig. Gen Lul Ruach Koang emphasized that the freedom fighters are matching at a “lightening speed”.

Hundred of civilians were massacred on 17 April, 2014  by heavily armed assailants believed to have been mandated by some government officials. The deadly unprovoked attack has triggered outcry from many oppositions parties in the country, including the former detainees, the international community and the Nuer community worldwide.

Although the United Nations has described the onslaught as a “war crime”, there is very little hope for the perpetrators to be held accountable in accordance with the Geneva protocol on war crimes and crimes against humanity. Instead government officials declared their support for the massacre of the helpless Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs), terming the unarmed civilians as “rebels” who should not be tolerated.

“In other words, anybody who celebrates successful operations being conducted by the rebels against the government… is a rebel, and we cannot continue to accommodate rebels inside UNMISS compounds and allow them to celebrate or do whatever they want,” Makuei Lueth, South Sudan Information Minister.

This statement has been reinforced through immediate deployment of more loyal troops to the town of Bor, on Friday, to encounter the Thursday deployment of UN peacekeepers and to prepare for any retaliatory attack by the white army.

In a report released by the SudanTribune on April 20th, the energized  “well-armed youth”  have furthered threatened to conduct another “peaceful demonstration”, within 72 hours, against the traumatized IDPs, who are still burying and mourning their loved ones.

“If UN does not evacuate the IDPs within 72 hours, we will do another peacefully demonstration.”Ayuen Guet, a spokesperson for the demonstrators warned.

Despite quoting the Geneva’s protocol on war crime, Ban -Ki Moon and the UNMISS have shifted the attention to Bentiu incident, committed prior to the Bor incident.

The armed resistance, in their report, believes that the peacekeepers are outnumbered and unable to protect the innocent civilians who are seeking protection in Bor. The opposition further believes that UNMISS are dwelling on Bentiu attack to please Juba, which threatens to trash the UNMISS mandate that expires in July.

Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual has reportedly taken it upon himself to liberate the civilians and to hold the Juba government accountable for the massacre.

In a report released by Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang this morning, the SPLA/M resistance forces have overran Mareng, the government administrative headquarters in Duk county and are now advancing to Twic East county on their way to Bor.

Capt. Nyapouch celebrating the victory of her notorious white army contigents overrunning the heavily armed government and Ugandans troops in Duk and Pareang county. She is now in full control of the area, April 22, 2014 (Photo: Nyalieny|Nyamilepedia)

Capt. Nyapouch celebrating the victory of her white army contingents which overran a heavily armed government and Ugandans troops in Duk and Pareang counties, April 22, 2014 (Photo: Nyalieny|Nyamilepedia)

“SPLA/SPLM Forces under overall Command of Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual this morning liberated Mareng, Administrative HQs of Duk County along with several Government Military Outposts of Pajut, Duk Deng, Patuo-Noy and Poktap,” said Koang.

The report also confirms that the government troops are retreating towards Twic East County as the white army take the lead to liberate their relatives in the town of Bor and its outskirts.

“Government forces are retreating towards Twic East County. Our Regular Forces and Volunteer Fighters from Lou-Nuer White Army conducted joint operations against government forces. The combined forces are moving with lightening speed in order to go and rescue survivors of Bor Massacre of last week,” Brig. Gen. Koang affirmed.

Nearly 150 people, including 2 UN peacekeepers and 2 IRC workers were killed instantly, while over 270 civilians sustained wounds. The unarmed 5000 civilians, mostly Nuer ethenic group, broke the fence and were chased either to the bush or to the other camps, populated by the Dinka Ethnic group.

It is not clear why the UN has not explored the inhuman attack on its base in Bor but critics believes that it is due to pressure imposed on the international body by the officials in Juba.

SPLA/M Resistance Army warns:

The SPLA resistance army, which denies the recent UN report on targeting civilians in Bentiu town, further reinstated that civilians in the contested towns including Bor must seek refuge in the UNMISS camps to avoid being caught up between the guns of the battling soldiers.

Maj. Gen. Koang Chuol, reinstated in Bentiu that civilians left the contested town in January and only government troops and Darfur rebels were slain in Bentiu town.

“By the time we came in Bentiu for this second time there were no Sudanese civilians or traders still in Bentiu who we were aware of as they all fled in the early weeks of January 2014 when violence erupted in Bentiu,” Gen Koang explained

The conflict started with targeted killing of the Nuer Ethnic group in the capital, Juba, by the presidential guards. As the war escalate to the Greater Upper Nile region, similar targeting were reported in the town of Bor, Malakal and Bentiu.

However, it is not clear what the civilians wait in Churches and Mosques, despite the present of protection camps in the towns.

SPLA resistance army in Bentiu believes that the defeated government troops ran to hide in the churches, hospital and Mosques as they could not access the UNMISS compounds while armed.

Ugandan army warns SPA-Resistance:

On hearing the looming attack and the consequences incurred by the mercenaries in Bentiu, Unity state, the Ugandan forces, who are currently protecting Bor, have sent out a warning to the resistance army. The UPDF spokesperson, Paddy Ankunda, believes that it is paramount for the SPLA/M forces to stay away from Bor town.

UPDF spokesperson Paddy Ankunda threatens that the SPLA resistance army should only step foot in Bor at their own peril.

“Should anyone dare attack Bor town, they will do it at their own peril” Ankunda twitted.

“We are waiting for them[SPLA]. We have warned them that we are well prepared to receive them,”  the concerned Ankunda further added.

Uganda army was constructed in December,  following an undercover deal sealed in January 2013, to quilt the rebellion in the shortest time possible. Museveni believed that his guerilla-hardened UPDF could capture Dr. Machar if he doesn’t “surrender in four days”. However, the war has dragged on for four months and Dr. Machar is now threatening to match his forces over the UPDF in Bor to Juba.

The UPDF hoped that the IGAD would have deployed forces to help protect Juba and strategic towns like Bor, Bentiu, Malakal and oilfields, before they withdraw, however, Machar has declared it unnecessary for the Eastern African bloc to intervene militarily.

Akunda 01 2014-04-22 at 1.01.15 PMUPDF, which were expected to withdraw in the mid of this month, have reported being attacked by “dead soldiers”, whom Ankunda believes to be rebels.

The scared Paddy Ankunda twitted his misery on his twitter account alleging that “Bor town back to life but the dead are not dead”, but little did he know his forces would battle live rebels in the town within the same month.

The hard working Paddy Ankunda has twitted his disappointment, claiming that the UPDF is protecting the civilians despite the recent onslaught under their watch.

Ankunda believes that  if “Truth be told, UPDF save the UN camp in Bor from being overrun by attackers.” However, it is not clear when and who the attackers were. It is yet to be verified whether the attackers are the “dead rebels” or the “armed youth”.

Although Ankunda claims that the UPDF is protecting the civilians at the UNMISS camps, the spokesman did not response or condemn the attack until three days later when the UPDF were accused by the SPA-resistance army of being part of the assailants that attack civilians.

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