Isaiah 18: A message to Nilotic Nuers

By Elbow Chuol,


Source: Freedom Congress

Source: Freedom Congress

May 15, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Now, an  enterprise to misinterpret the words of God biblically reach  you far to this end- Revelation 22:18-19 in which the famous John of Patmos warned the readers, learners and the faithful in Unisom never to attempts adding words on this book of prophecies or  tries in any wise way to removes  a single jot of it.

What an amazing curse-blessing to this people?

However, in the light of truth any person with God given reasonability and capacity to think critically, you don’t need fire from heaven to understand what prophet Isaiah foretold long ago concerning a people in a nation who’s their situation is going in disarrays.

Who are these people? Did you ever ask yourself or find out what the heck?

And this brings us to one single question of sanity. Was prophet Isaiah talking about the Nuer of modern day of Naath? I think so and then let us taste the bitter truth by examining what the bible is saying.

For supplementary period of 6,000 years before the self-effacing son of a carpenter in the terra firma of Judah, Jesus of Nazareth was born. An insight was foretold about a nation in which a message was to be given to detailed scrupulous people in that lonely land of rivers and shrubs overshadowed with wings and thrills. This is an astonishing prophecy my brothers and sisters.

Keep cool my friends there are more revealing perhaps celebrating after the end of this crushable prophecy.

A loads of Biblical Scholars, Priests, Popes, Evangelists and effortless historians attempted and crack to think about this chapter but they progressively failed to concludes virtually in sagacious sense what it mean. But did you ever read and unspecified the message in the consecrated book prophesied by prophet Isaiah in the chapter eighteen of it chapters?  Conceivably!

According to famous evangelist founder of modern Methodist Church, John Wesley tried desperately in his commentary note book to explain this chapter in it right common sense biblically. He had no clue about south Sudan’s chronological fate and destiny. He never heard of Nuer of south Sudanese by that time. All he can see was a land far up there beyond the rivers of Ethiopia and definitely the message is to that nation.

Such a pity!

At this very point I would relieve your thoughts with one particular fact that you may find pertinent for your sympathetic. But for the sake of knowing the truth we need to attempt comprehensively each verse at a time with it thin-skinned fact clouding it.

Here is the famous chapter foretold centuries ago by a poor heartless prophet who loves his people no matter what. And the controversy chapter is right here at your finger tips.


The chapter talks about people in a nation in which those people are terrible and strong from the beginning and their own land sufferers a lot but they shall one day raise the banner and the whole world will see it. Some kind of contradictory here

Many nations indeed thought it was ancient Egypt but when the Ethiopia emerges they putted aside this claims and resorted to Abyssinia. Along the way they realized that Ethiopia is where the rivers going to that land originated. They again in condescension suggested the Old Sudan, the Cush people. Like it wasn’t enough the entire Sudan came down scrambling and there was a Sudan and south Sudan. Then it became clear that the prophecy talks about south Sudan but the messages was to specific people whose land is more deeply spoiled by rivers from the highland of Ethiopia.

Let’s take a look.


What did it says?

According to the King James Version of 1611 edition,

“Woe to the land shadowed with buzzing wings which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia”

In the scripture (wings) represent a great armies in a battlement or to the sails of ships or soldiers in boats.

That suggestion is an attempt by Wesley

Let’s all remember that, it’s not a river but rivers. Many people got lost here. They mistook River Nile with the rivers. Then Nile is just among the rivers that divided this land.

Woe always means an eccentric word permuted a curse. It’s a curse reproving stereotypes.

In this strange fate one doesn’t need to have scientific knowledge for further confirmation of this truth or acquire an elephant eyes to see beyond the nose. The bible gives us a clue. The land is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. And which land is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia as bible putted?

most unspecified answer is Sudan before the old Sudan broke down into pieces. Yes that is true. Sudan is the answer but the message is not to all Sudanese but to certain cursed people historically. Yes, there is a land beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.

And which land is this my people?

In fastidious sense beyond is describe as in a head of some kind when it come to version of land. This mean north south and east west

In simple knowledge, Ethiopia has twelve important rivers most of them jerky towards the north part of the country. To make it dumpy, Ethiopia on it north-west has some very visible rivers in the history of mankind flowing down toward this land whose rivers divided.

Blue Nile is one of these rivers rising from the Lake Tana on the High plateaus of central part of Ethiopia. The plateau progressively slopes to the lowlands of the Sudan on the drifting along on east Part of today’s south Sudan. I think you begin to get the clues here.

Tekeze River in the north of the Abay in the center and the Sobat River in the south bring almost to an end of this most arguable verse in mankind history. Notice Sobat River

Atbarah River gradually falls from the west down to Sudan forming Baro and Gelo River north east of south Sudan bouncing west north from Ethiopia Highland. These rivers descendents from the mountains in grant falls and like the other Ethiopia streams are navigable in the upper Nile courses. The Baro on reaching the plains plateau becomes conversely a navigable stream affording an open water way to the Nile.

The Baro, Pibor and Akobo form far 400 kilometer (249miles) the western and southern water frontiers of Ethiopia. Guess where all these rivers rooted, Nuerland. Saddest truth

If you look closely to the above rivers they are deeply passed and rooted winglet within the Upper Nile populace heavily inhabitated by Nuer of Nilotic. The people the Holy Book refers to Terrible and strong from their beginning. Nuers are also believed to originate from Dinka tribe and most of them from Shulluk and Anyuak. This is terrible indeed.

The fact that they raided their neighboring like Dinka and other minorities’ tribes claims them how strong they are perceived according to the Bible and the ancient stories tales.

Talks to Professor Douglas H. Johnson, Dr. Evan Pritchard and many other missionaries in Nile Heritage historical records, Nuers for the last 500 years in the modern history of mankind or so never had been defeated in a battle by their neighbors. This is also food for thought.

They were never colonized either by, Turkish, Italy, British, Anglo-Egypt and finally the Arabs of North Sudan. This explains why they are the most marginalized society and unsophisticated tribe in south Sudan previously. But we can see change. This is why they are heavily in military since in old Sudan military accommodated only unlearned people.

British desperately tried to teach them but they finally fallen out with the last son of historical prophet, Guek the son to Ngundeng Bong whose father long ago prophesied the current looming crisis in south Sudan. In which again Ngundeng uplifted the prophecy of Prophet Isaiah of cursed tribe called Nuer. Let’s get back to the business.

According to the world Wikipedia for Sudan Rivers 90 percent of the rivers in south Sudan are deeply planted in greater Upper Nile in which heavily populated by Nuer. Slow the truth, 90 percent of rivers drain and end in Nuerland in most part of south Sudan

Verse two:

“that sendth ambassador  by sea even in vessels of bulrushes upon the waters, say; “go ye, swift messengers to a nation scattered and peeled to a people terrible from their beginning hitherto, a nation meted out and trodden down whose land the rivers have spoiled”

Wesley had this to say in verse two.

Those at this time are sending ambassador to strengthen themselves. The message is to this particular nation which is in trouble. The messengers was given a commission By God to this people in this seated nation and calls others nations to be witnesses of the message sent.  Sound kind like contradictory too but no.

Now in the verse above there existed some important rigorous words should not escapes our consideration.

Sendth: delivering a message or something. Scattered: Not in banishment but in their miserable and in the land they habited. Peeled: their hairs spooled off. In their calamities and the way they approach their destruction. Terrible: can either man feared or desperate. Meted: in the line was said to their destruction. Trodden: drives to the way they approach their calamities. Spoiled, by rivers that cross the land in which they inhabited. Courtesy of Wesley

This brings us to nothing but one termination. What is all this elucidation?  Let’s borrow one very important word up there. Peeled on how they approach their destruction. Nuers currently are in deep destruction considering all the foreigners allies to cleanse them in this current crisis. Just find out how they are approaching this destruction. They are using nothing but sending Ambassadors with boats from Nasir to Malakal and others area whose noting with rivers. Are you not yet convinced on how they responded to this sickening problem in south Sudan? Self defenses they are peeled in this too.


The message displayed here is an amazing victories and how God will just relax to allow them in their despairs with no helps to offer to this people in this particular land. Read it if you have time for the sake of knowing the truth.

In verse four, these people will raise a banner and the world will see it. They will blow the trumpets of war and the world will hear it. Are these not happening now?

And the world continues to be silence about the suffering of one single tribe, The Nilotic Nuer of south Sudan. As God declared that I will seat in heaven and look down in their miseries. This painfully show that whatever in future or at the presence happening. There nothing will be virtually help them soon or early to this truth. They will sort their problems while the heaven and earth take a look on how they are suffering.  They will desperately mingling in this situation just how now the entire globe is busy face booking and preparing their ways for world Cup in Brazil and they are left unto the hands of wolves and hyenas.

The verse six declares the disasters.


“They shall be left together unto the fowls of mountains and to the beasts of the earth and the fowls shall summer upon their and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them”

Wesley here dedicates his time finalizing the features of this people.

They: their branches being cut down and throw upon the earth so that either birds or beast may shelter themselves with their or feed on them both summer and winter.

This verse is the central idea of the whole chapter. The main message to this these people tall’s and smooth skinned people are the disaster read above. The prophecy is at their worse in time of summer and winter. Analyzed the history you will tell me that there is sense in this verse more than we can think of.

In verse seven in the 18 chapter of Isaiah. The message is clear. Praise to specific and particular people and added that, their land is divided by rivers and they will bring gifts to the mountains of Zion and the whole world shall see.

This particular people whose their land is divided by rivers of Ethiopia are Nuer Nilotic of old Sudan and the modern south Sudan. If anyone has claims over this issues convinced me that the message was to greater Upper Nile and I will tell you all those rivers from the highland of Ethiopia lowdown to Nuer land of West central and East.

Take it or leave it.

Elbow Chuol is a concern south Sudanese living in Juba. He can be reached at

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  1. Antony Githuka Kamau
    May 11, 2015 at 5:58 am

    This land is Kenya


    • Antony Githuka Kamau
      May 11, 2015 at 6:45 am



  2. Ariet
    March 27, 2017 at 2:06 am

    If you really think those rivers are nuar’s how come the names of the rivers are not in your language? Gilo and openo


  3. Ariet
    March 27, 2017 at 2:11 am

    Any way you claim them but if God didn’t make it for you it will never be yours so let wait for the time when the words of God come live or happened


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