Simon T. Dahel

May 16, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The war in the Republic of South Sudan it should not be considered an unfortunate war, it was a calculated war against Nuer by President Kiir. To go back to the root cause of the civil war in the old Sudan, Dinka were pursuing the so called secular united Sudan while Nuer was pro-secession of South Sudan. The motivation for Dinka calling for the unity was an articulate policy of hanging into power through acquiring support from North because of fear that if South Sudan became independence, Dinka may not freely yearn power they want to attain and do what they want to do in South Sudan at the present of Nuer without being corrected. After the seventeen years civil war that resulted to local autonomy that was granted to the people of South Sudan pre Addis Ababa agreement 1972, immediately the leadership was hijack by Abiel Alier who was Dinka and deputized by Peter Gatkuoth Gual who was a Nuer and the policies of that self-rule was conducted against Nuer that resulted into decentralization of South Sudan into three regions comprise of greater Upper Nile, Greater Equatoria, and Greater Bahr El Gazal. Under the Dinka leadership by then, President Abiel Alier imposed Dinka superiority against the rest of Southerners by occupying the land of others ethnics groups and dominating the entirely position of the government by prioritizing the appointment of Dinka alone and ignoring the participation of others non Dinka. This resulted to the munity of Akobo 1972 under the leadership of L.t Benson Kuany Latjor that resistance the Khartoum regime with dictatorship tendency regime of Abiel Alier in South that last for 12 years in bushes.

In May 15, 1983, after South Sudanese troop who were station in Ayod and Bor under two command of William Nyuon Bany and Kirbino Kuanyin Bol felled the agony of the oppress of Khartoum regime they defect from the various location and they decided to join the movement of Anya nya two in Bilpam. Immediately after Abiel realized that South Sudanese are moving to join the exist rebellion, he immediately called John Garang who was private Secretary of former Jaffaar Nemirie and told him to join the movement because South Sudanese particularly Nuer will get chance and fight for the secession of South Sudan that would not work for the favor of Dinka, he instructed Garang to go and change the objective of the movement from separation into secular United Sudan in order to give Dinka a chance to rule Sudan in particular and also if it happen for South Sudan to get a passion of government granted to them by the Khartoum. There immediately, Dr. Garang decided to join the moment on a ground that he will hijack the leadership that was calling for the independence of South Sudan, Garang when and manage convening the Ethiopian leadership on a three ground (1) he convinced Mangesto leader of Ethiopia on ground that he was the only high ranking military who have come out from Sudan (2) he would suspend the support of Eritrea moment that were fighting for the separation of Eritrea (3) He fully accepted the communism to be explore to Sudan that would give horn of Africa a chance to be a communist society. From there Garang hijack the entirely moment and change the objection from separation to Secular United Sudan that completely would not favor the situation that South Sudanese facing for many decades. Within the mess of 21 years atrocities was committed just simple against Nuer whom had intent to liberate South Sudanese out of bandages.

Why Declaration of 1991

Nasir declaration was not struggle of leadership between Dr. John Garang and Dr. Riek Machar, it was the resolution of Garang failure to recognized the call of South Sudan for their freedom. During the declaration, Dr. Riek Machar was having three point that led to the declaration of 1991.

1-    Dr. Machar was sincerely calling for the Right to self-determination and hoping Garang should recognize the call.

2-    The call for democratization of the movement because the entirely movement was led by single one person who intent to own or lead the movement without deputy.

3-    The call for the human right violations, intent to the enormous human rights violation that been practices in random with no justification whatsoever.

Those three points only one was achieved the right to self-determination that resolved to the total independence or birth of Republic South Sudan that Kiir now enjoying the leadership and massacred the same people who votes for Referendum and elected him to that especial office of the nation. For that reason, Dr. Riek Machar have a binding right to show the indigenous of the Republic of South Sudan on how citizens could enjoy the dividend of peace in their home land.

However coming to the current crisis, since inception of (CPA), Kiir intent to intimidate everybody particularly the Nuer whom seem to be critics to Dinka dictatorship, Kiir had put a plan on how to execute what he term to be big project according to secret agents of Uganda who have leak out the information that was discussed between Kiir and Museveni. The natures of project were proposal to destroyed Nuer from the state of South Sudan and allow Salva Kiir and his alliance the Dinka would rule South Sudan forever. However, Uganda agreed and accept the project and both Kiir and Museveni contact the Kenyan leadership and they both agreed to carry out the mission. However, the same case was about to be refer to Ethiopian but the Ethiopia leadership reject the plan and advice Salva Kiir that if you start that war we’ll ceases their support and kiir suspend his direct contact with Ethiopian government. From that day, Kiir started to organize his people by recruiting his own people from Northern Bahr El Gazal, Warrap and Lake state that dominance of Dinka community about (15,000) who came to juba during the events of Dec 15, 2013, to execute the genocide against Nuer.

As a matter of fact, the genocide that have been done to Nuer in juba by Dinka that resulting to the killing of 50,000 Fifty thousand was an intent to eliminate Nuer from South Sudan. What wondered me was that, if Dinka wanted to confronted Nuer, why they when and invited others nation to come and fight their war that supposed to be war between Nuer vs Dinka?

Uganda must make note that their calculation was wrong choice for future relation between, Uganda and the Republic of South Sudan. Museveni was hopping that, crashing Riek Machar would make him having chair of South Sudan oil. Unfortunately, he was not aware that the tribe he intent to destroyed in a four days with his mighty military is not easily tribe and he has put Ugandan innocence military in a dangerous position that they would not easily came out has Museveni expected .

Dinka should bear in mind that, confronting or intimidating Nuer is not an exceptional thing to do, President Kiir has mobilized 63 ethnics group to came and fight one tribe the Nuer they were defeated. He went and invited Uganda, Rwandan, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania Jam Darfur Ian, SPLM NORTH, and now Egypt hopping that he would defeated Nuer but with the help from all those mercenaries still could not crush Nuer has Musevni plan. However, President kiir has put himself in a middle of fires that he and his alliances would not escape.

As a matter of fact, Salva Kiir and his genocidal mindset regime would not relinquish the power as long as those brutal hatred individuals comprises of Kuol Manyang Juuk, Bona Malual, Salva Mathok, Promitive Paul Malong Awan, Telar Reng Alew ayen, Barnaba Marial Benjimen who portents to be Nuer while his pure Dinka, George Kongor Arob and big devil Micheal Makuey Lueth. Those individuals are the most notorious who their intention was to execute Nuer and weep them out of South Sudan to stay in power for their lives times if possible. The above mentioned individuals are driving well that hill advising Kiir to carrying on the atrocities against innocence Nuer population that has got nothing with this war.

It is not easily for South Sudan to be the same against soon, to maintain peace in that fragile country would require much not empty talk. If the so call international community committed to find a final solution to the senseless war instigated by brutal regime of Salva Kiir, is to let President Kiir Step down and let Dr. Riek Machar step in and put a soled democratic system that shall be rule with justice and equality for all indigenous of South Sudan. South Sudan is more diverse country in the whole world that has got 64 different ethnics groups with difference cultural values and they don’t deserves to be rule with dictatorship rather be rule with federals decentralized system that could give indigenous a chances to exercise their own powers through themselves instead of being force by somebody who intent to impose their own culture to others ethnics. And we encourage the international community to not judge people with outsiders instead of judging with the insiders. Dr. Riek Machar is the only person who could establish the real democratic government that will eliminate the corruption, nepotism, tribalism and maintain stability to the entirely nation once for all.

The purpose Transitional government would be a more disastrous to the country if it’s not treating well. As a matter of fact, if the international community try to impose President Kiir to lead that purpose government, the nation of South Sudan will be in perils due to the fact that, thousands of Nuer ethnics who were murdered in cold blood by Kiir and his Dinka, is not easily thing and I hope the worse disaster will occur once against because people lose confidence on the leadership of Kiir particularly Nuer whom their innocence population were killed with no reasons. It would be preferable to let Dr. Riek Machar lead the government for him to be able to convince or to work for reconciliation that would convince Nuer not to revenge on Dinka tribe for the atrocities they committed.

Therefore, the solution for South Sudan crisis is to let the purpose transitional government be form under leadership of Riek Machar to bring full transformation and the stability to the country and let President Kiir step down to enable thoroughly reconciliation and the national healing and absolute nation building base on collectives contribution from all ethnics groups of South Sudanese not one tribe.

The author, Simon Tongyik Dahel, is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at


  1. May 16, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    How can one claim to be a concerned citizen are write a highly biased article as such?


  2. May 16, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    It does not make sense when someone claim to be a concerned citizen and begin to post articles with subjective and exaggerated tribal opinions.What disaster are you again warning of here? Which crisis has idiot Dr. never caused in this country? Don’t you feel ashamed of listing these baseless claims which you have left unsupported? Would there be Nuer if 50,000 were killed in Juba plus those who have been killed at the fronts in the last 5 months? When will you stop lying to the world? That is why it is so hard for the international community to quickly accept or respond to your calls! Don’t you feel ashamed that the eleven politicians and former detainees are soon deserting the idiot Dr.? Waging war in the name of Dinka will make you lose your vision and finish your community. What is wrong with Dinka which is not even fighting you back? Salva Kiir can not make you hate the whole tribe. Dinkas are respecting the constitution and they will peacefully elect whoever they want to lead South Sudan when time comes, regardless of ethnicity. They do not
    encourage this mad thinking of wanting to introduce a culture of taking power by force in South Sudan.


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