By Elbow Chuol,

June 05, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — There is an impressive regarding Dak Kueth that amazed people with reference to his wallop in his claim. He can perceive before other the unfamiliar hidden clandestine of the mysterious world ultimately pleasing your very appetite.

“Dak” in local Nuer parlance mean “displaced\shattered, tribulations or nuisance” is the name which some of the most influential south Sudanese fear in next to no time more rapidly. Becoming a bell ringing over the ears of president and his closest friends, “Kueth” mean, “insults, abusing” if any of such can do is much better than time and space. This is the man you called Dak Kueth.


The short but an athletic gym types can walks faster than you can imagine. Spending his childhood in Uror he is known as silencer. Dak know nothing than the important of cows. Sometime later the youthful man disappeared and many believed that he went to school to learn the Whiteman language and it A B C. Hence essentially he is on stage of “do you” talks. Every year the unpredictable young energetic man is disturbs by the massive sacrificial of bulls to unknown supernatural by the elders. He pretty had no idea about this strange practice he would eventually renowned in the near future. However, under his gaze at this was the way of life

He was believe to be fascinated by how elders adopted the tales of prophet Ngundeng and the way they calls upon unknown earth spirits to listen to their complains when things unquestionably get shoddier. This would be the duties of Gatdak in the near future.

Bulls sacrifice was prominent practice among Nilotic tribe of Nuer centuries before this contemporary generation sprouts. It didn’t astonish him further. It was a duty that should be in consign.

Some don’t stomach the young man while further without a doubt adored him with fervor. It’s just a tradition in Africa culture where social substitutes occurred and when they rise they affects the attitudes of people alongside them. No doubt the possession of unknown spiritualism to people living amongst us impressed the on lookers with stunts bolt from the blue with acceptance. This is why many made name for themselves.

In his 20th Dak Kueth made a forename for himself. The young man mostly known as the Dayiom of prophet Ngundeng has been rolling the landlocked of Jonglie for over three years now. How he managed to commands the loyalty of thousands of mythical Lou Nuer White army is the question we are strolling to address here.

His critics, reminiscent of presidential press Secretary Ateny Wek Ateny interpret him as a prophet of doom and other whispered his name in awesome. Government of south Sudan has been hunting the said 28 years old self proclaimed prophet over the power bestowed upon him by the unknown forces of dark world over four years yet nothing made the youthful gentleman handover his believe about the things that he is persuaded to protect his people from. His ability to forecast brought him unto the spot light across the world.

His YouTube videos command good numbers of viewer. There is something about this young man that attracts both his critics and friends alike. His ability to see far depress his haters and create a center of attention for his friends.

For a very long time Lou Nuer land has been the massive root where countless spirituals men and women raised forcing their followers to fight enemies and leading them to victories. Some like Urnyang is believe to be a victim of this societal mental lay down in which during early 1990s under the influenced of a god he believe to be guiding him and other people to control the time and nature. The fact that, he was killed doesn’t limit other to forgo their interest to follow the other rising stars which promised them victories against their enemies. While it’s widely believe that, many of their magicians occurred during the time when many people look unto the nature for helps, there is no different for them to be in deep control.

The illustrious juggler as numerous brand him is bigger than his age and name. He was born around 1980s in the County of Uror, Jonglie state. The renowned Dak Kueth in his life time never trance of being a spiritual leader but four years ago something eccentric happened to this young man.


In 2010 while the outstanding Lou Nuer white army raiders went to the territory of Murle ethic to scrap over cattle. The young man ran along the frontline naked with spark yellow trouser forcing the viewers to term him as mad man walking dead.  It was early in the evening hours when an old man noticed the drama. Nobody bother him as everybody was busy collecting much cows as possible. The incident went unnoticed until later he has to proves what disturbed him so much while keeping it off under the carpet.

The possession of enormous Dak Kueth took off when the government of south Sudan announced her intent to disarm defensive Lou Nuer white Army whose minds were more concentrate on the threat of Murle ethic their long time adversary. That was early in the months of 2011 and Dak decided to reveal himself on the face of his critics in the great land of Dauny. He first gave various tiny phenomenal tricks to magnetize the attention of his skeptics who only hears when they glimpse reality. Then his mental break down began forcing the young Kueth prepared to walks naked and preferring to roamed bear foots. In the long run, truth came out. Dak Kueth was under unfamiliar spirit that made him who he is, the legendary seer of our time.


The former alleged high school drops out who can glibly prounced the word “voltage” effortlessly is a man of his words who can do anything it take to save his followers from any peripheral coercion. Unlike self decorated false clairvoyant Urnyang Gatkek from Gawaar of Fangak who forced men and women in his encampment to walked wholly doll exclusive of anything to cover their hush-hush.

Dak Kueth is master disputes who spot far beyond any conjurer that ever walked on earth. Urnyang went to Ethiopia and made Ethiopians soldiers looked in stunt by a man who instantaneously turned their long and coiled hairs into maize. That alone promoted him.

He further proved himself at some point when men who where there declared that he has a power that decided Ethiopians guns went off. I wonder.

Dak in other hands is a master disputes who can tell you the where about your lost cow and goat. Nothing else than informing the complainers that, their properties are with their relatives and their lost coin is under the bed. Nothing but atypical delirium that he can glimpse your bull being sold in far edging of Ethiopia and that, Kiir is planning to massacred the Nuer in the next coming year.

Some of these things are the solitary that made Dak prevailing idol than you and I.

One Sunday morning in the month of 2012 in Uror County an irresolute man came to him after expenditure good money to magicians who keep preaching the bad news to him about the whereabouts his only Bull. Dak informs the looker that, the problem is between his legs. Using idiomatic expression to revealed hidden proceedings, the man was overwhelms when several kilometers way as instructed was told to go and meet with his only hope for the wedding.

As he marches out with his eyes closed. The sun didn’t kiss good bye to moon sooner than meeting his only beloved son coming back with the bull where he has taken it for selfish use. This was after he refused to bewitch the boy since his father demands his death thinking it was not the son who has the bull.  Dak don’t kill though he had that power but solves gears.

Dak in the course of many other things became prominent in the land of larger Lou Nuer to the perimeter of Ethiopia. In midst of 2011 Kueth was declared the enemy of peace in greater Jonglie and was forced to move to Rom Yieri where he got engaged with Ethiopia troops and they desperately failed to incarcerate him. On his returned Dak ordinate the notorious youth leader Bor Doang to command his entire forces and promised to swift Murle one and for all and threaten to fight UN and government of south Sudan.

Taking into account his influential character, he managed to mobilized more than 13,000 white army for what he term us grand future preparation to fight government and clean off Murle to content great Ngundeng Bong prophecy scheduled on Murle and Salva Kiir Mayardit. So officially, Dak was rebel minded before the current rebellion was imposed on revolutionaries. .

Dak is believed to have married with children thought I independently didn’t confirmed it. He is one of the wealthiest magician ever lived in the land of Lou Nuer.


In due course, Dak Kueth has superfluous perform unsurpassed in all his doing. He overhauls as a dominant poli-religious chief mediator among the several disputes In Jonglie state.  He has political influence in Lou youth called white army over proving on his divine coordinate to perceive things before they really happened. And so Kueth was a man of distance personality who could do nothing than pleasing his followers.

The massacred of Nuer civilians in Juba met Dak Kueth to wage war against the government long ago something which his supporters claimed he saw the previous years and that is why he had to mobilized over thousands of white army for the battles of tik yual kuoth (God bearded man) for the justification of south Sudanese.

In truth of time, everything falls into place with no retrace. During the battles of Bor in December and Gadiang, Dak did an extraordinary by guiding white army into battle fields. A victory they won from the foreigner allies and the mercenaries of spla under government of south Sudan. when the mighty white army heard the news of Juba massacred, nobody mobilized them, Dak Kueth already command the loyalty of more than 20, 000 Lou Nuer youth roaming Jonglie with guns and going wild. Dr. Riek Machar never informed anyone for the rebellion and indeed the entire Lou rejected the man who the government of south Sudan accused of mobilizing thousands of youth to fight government. They all met the same objective, fighting the government who killed her citizens.

In December when thousand of white army returned back to Uror County, Dak anonymously sent them hap of bees in the forest that bite a person almost to death.  They all returned back to his station with nothing. Dak saw the coming of Ugandan soldiers that dropped cluster bombs. Among the said, more than 17 bombs dropped in between Gadiang and Mangala only three blasted. The worse which killed people was the one dropped in Mangala resulting into death of more than 400 soldiers on opposition side and 1, 2300 on government troop and their mercenaries.

They attributed these events to Dak. His power to see that, there will be bombs drops here and there at this time and where, help not only the white army but also the massive spla defectors. Dak at some point is suspected to have a power like any other magicians that cast the nature and made things happen.

These people theoretical believed he had power to silence them not to blast. He proudly deployed hundreds of wild animals in Bor town before Powerful Gen. Peter Gatdet took the town in January. It was widely circulated that, both lions and hyenas walked together. Elephants and giraffes became unbelievable herds advancing the town of Bor to service as a verbal warning.

He don’t used to spiel curse to make things happen, he simple informs you that, this is going to happen, there it’s going to happen and this will be the effect and that will be the upshot. Hence he earn the name, Thuraya because his followers believed that, he can see beyond other and hears your nonsocial before you reach him. He monitored battles while in his headquarter just directing his disciples.

In 2011, when he went to Rom Yieri, Dak advised his guards distance before they arrived to their destination that, “go and you will get a boat empty and take all the guns and food inside” and it does happened. Officially, before General Simon Gatwech Dual made it out of Juba, thousands of white army up to the date remains in his encampment.

Though sound young man, Dak Kueth commands the loyalty of thousands of Lou Nuer youth due to his ability to anticipate things that are under earth. Hence every jungle boy is freely safe walking with him. Lou Nuer is such a people that, when your power is displays, they are next to you and when it’s coming to an end, they may be the very people to kill you. Neither do they listen to Dak Kueth nor most of their generals. Time and space made them adhere to their interest and how they see things on their own way.

One has to be incredible enough to gain their interest or else, the recent persuading by Nyadak Paul and Dr. Riek Gai to lure them is just a wishful thinking which will never bear fruits. Lou Nuer white army perceives enemies in different perspective than other people. Nothing not even the money can make them change their mind once they are aware who their enemy is.

And this is how Dak Kueth controls their cosmic mainstream. They all have the concept of who is their enemies are, the mythical white army, the Dayioms of Prophet Ngundeng Bong cannot be cheated on empty floor.

Because they can only walks with person that can foresee things, shortsighted like Dr. Riek Gai can never influence the white army at the moment. Dak speak the language of the Lou Nuer White army in addition to his ability to see things, this is the distinguishing. He is the only modern Seer who used the advance of technology.

Dak Kueth became the legendary of our time because he sees things that white army want. The moment he cease to see things, they will throw him away.

Elbow Chuol is concern south Sudanese living in Juba, elbow.chuol@gmail.com.

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