TO: Bill Haslam,, Governor of Tennessee State

1st Floor, State Capitol

Nashville, TN   37243


South Sudan's Upper Nile State Governor, Simon Kun Puoch(photo: via ST)

South Sudan’s Upper Nile State Governor, Simon Kun Puoch(photo: via ST)

June 06, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Nuer Community of South Sudan in the State of Tennessee is dismayed to hear that General Simon Kun Puoc, the current Governor of the Upper Nile State of South Sudan, is coming to the United States, specifically to Nashville, Tennessee to incite communities and support for genocidal government of General Salvatore Kiir Mayardit.

Governor General Simon Puoc had killed 13,000 innocent civilians in Upper Nile State Capital Malakal weeks after war broke out in South Sudan Capital Juba on December 15, 2013. General Puoc as supporter of General Salva Kiir’s genocidal government that indiscriminately massacred 23,000 unarmed Nuer tribesmen, women and children in Capital Juba with in period of five days and forced remnants to feed on their fellow dead bodies, had wholeheartedly assumed that all Nuer citizens in Malakal Town with exception of him and a few supporters, were either rebels, supporters or sympathizers of rebels who fought against murderous government in self-defense. For that matter, General Puoc intentionally targeted Nuer and other community members who joined Nuer in mourning for their dead.

It is worth mentioning that, President General Salva Kiir Mayardit of the Republic of South Sudan committed genocide and crimes against humanity against the Nuer tribe in Juba on the night of December 16-20, 2013 as per the United Nations report. Governor General Simon Kun Puoc was part of hit squat of genocidal regime before he committed a separate genocide in Upper Nile State. On his capacity as Sate Governor, General Simon Kun Puoc introduced cannibalism, sexual violence and culture of burning children and women alive in Malakal Town, the state capital.

Part of regime strategy, is to incite other communities against the Nuer tribe as it hired at home foreign mercenaries who used world’s banned cluster bombs against South Sudanese in Jonglei and Upper Nile states while using national resources, so that Nuer as tribe must be wiped out on the map of South Sudan. General Simon Kun is coming to Nashville, TN and his coming will cause chaos and havoc situations because many people whom their relatives have been massacred by General Simon Puoc and General Salva Kiir live here in Tennessee State. Therefore, the Nuer Community chapter in Tennessee State humbly begs the office of Tennessee State Governor to block the coming of notorious Governor General Simon Kun Puoc of Upper Nile State of South Sudan to volunteer State. Most importantly, the Nuer families whom their loved ones were lynched in Malakal Town by General Simon Pouc will not allow him to walk freely on streets while in Nashville, TN. This community would not allow him to enjoy the freedom he denied to innocent civilians whom he murdered at will.  Governor Simon Kun is coming to the United State as genocidal agent to place South Sudan tribes against Nuer tribe who enjoy peace and freedom here in the United State that the said Governor denied to citizens at home.

It is to be recalled that President Kiir hailed General Simon Kun Pouc’s action of killing his own tribesmen in December 2013 by saying that every state governor in South Sudan is authorized to eliminate unwanted citizens. General Salva Kiir’s government is totalitarian government it denies citizens their basic rights to hold public rally, right to free speech, and right to vote anybody to public office. Regarding the murdering of civilians, General Simon Kun Puoc is actively supporting the idea of President Kiir to wipe out the Nuer tribe in the country and in fact is personally responsible for the killing of innocent Nuer civilians in Malakal, Upper Nile State.

Finally, General Governor General Simon Puoc involved deeply during the killing in Malakal Town as he personally murdered his own cousin who advised him with insight and respects not to kill our tribal people. He officially ordered his bodyguards on spot to kill him. The man was shot twice on the head and prohibited anybody to bury him, warned serious consequences in any attempts to do so. In all our mightiest and weakness, we do not want him to set foot on American soil in general, the land of freedom, and Tennessee in particular, and that if he is allowed to come here, he will do so on his peril danger. As citizens of this country, we urge our state government to deny this evil man an access to the United States especially to Tennessee land so as to avoid havoc situation that he will bring to us, and no one is going to be responsible for his security, but himself.



1. Ruach Koang Chuol, Chaiman, NCDS Chapter, Tennessee, USA

2. Intikabat Dugak Lieth, Deputy Chairman, NCDS Chapter, Tennessee, USA

3. Wal Rambang Chuol, Secretary General, NCDS Chapter, Tennessee, USA

4. Tut Kailech Lam, Information Secretary, NCDS Chapter, Tennessee

5. Kim Gatwech Jal, Treasury Secretary, NCDS Chapter, Tennessee

6. Gatchang Chuol Duach, Member

7. Nyajuok Maluth Bol, Member

8. Tut Koak Mut, Member

9. Nyakhor Jock Mundit, Member

10. Kai Dol Kai, Member

11. Gatluak Pal Chuol, Member

12. Yien Tung Diew, Member

13. James Jokchuor Bol, Member

14. Nyaruot Deng, Member

15. Juale Pal Kuanpal, Member

16. Tut Wal Rut, Member

17. William Deng Wur, Member

18. Chuol Dugak Lieth, Member

19. Simon Tongyik Nguoth Dehl, Member

20. Kuoth Deng Bayak, Member

21. Koang Bakual Chol, Member

22. Yien Lam Puok, Member

23. Gatluak Lual Hothnyang, Member

24. Yien Kek Reath, Member

25. Chuol Jock Both, Member

26. Michael Gatwech Jock, Member

27. David Bab Ler, Member

28. Duop Dojiok Kuoth, Member

29. Johnson Chuol Maleak, Member

30. Kuin Thuok Guandong, Member

31. DinaMaruach Wal Yat, Member

32. Khan Puot Riek, Member

33. Dech Kuek Jiokthiang, Member

34. Ruot Deng Mutthiang, Member


Cc: John Kerry, US Department of State

2401 E. Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20037


Bob Corker, U.S. Senator of Tennessee

425 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C., 20510


Robert F. Godec, U.S. Ambassador to Kenya

United Nations Avenue Nairobi
P. O. Box 606

Village Market
00621 Nairobi, Kenya

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