By Simon Tongyik Dahel

Simon Tongyik Dahel(photo: Dahel)

Simon Tongyik Dahel(photo: Dahel)

June 29, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The mindset of Dinka is to rules South Sudan with intimidation and to silences population through use of forces with no resistance. South Sudan is an inhabitance of (64) difference ethnics groups who have their cultural values that distinguish them out from different ethnics. Such values in modern society, leaders should always be cautious how to handle their rights and their cultures and if once try to enforce is own will, it would be easy to lead the country into disintegration.

South Sudan historically is divided into three major categories. Those categories are Bentu, Luo and Nilotics subdivision. Banto always being rules by Chiefs and somehow, few of them are still rules by kings nowadays. The major predominant Luo that rules by Kings are Shullok, Anuak, Achuoli, Juri chul and others. While Nuer and Dinka are rules by sub-chiefs and the elders; such crucial values in lives should not be blindly ignored and should someone be expecting sustainability of peace and harmony in such a nation.

President Salva Kiir would never realize the mistake he committed to young nation of South Sudan. His heinous crimes against the innocence people of South Sudan committed on tribal dimension has created or inflicted un-healable wound in the memory of many generation. If you look very closely, you would realize that, the trend strategy Kiir was using is a devastating kind of policy that nation like South Sudan could not yearn it. President doesn’t recognize that the legitimacy he is claiming for was a legitimacy of the people whom he and his blind hatred genocidal individuals are systematically continues massacring people(s) now in Juba and elsewhere in the country. The worse part of his strategy governing system was dominated on the ambition of wealth collection instead of legacy. He, emotionally cord up on ambition that, attaining such a powerful position, would never come back to him and he assumed that only choice to make him powerful would only be the use of intimidation and for use of force.


President Kiir and his natives Dinkas has chosen or are more interested on wealth than the legacy. What brought this young nation into chaos today was ambition of wealth because since the inception of signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) both John Garang and Salva Kiir had tabled how to own the nation of South Sudan and Sudan more than freedom of its people. During 21, years of struggle, John Garang was open on his so called strategy of secular United Sudan. if he manage attaining such a vision, he and his alliance Dinka could allow them to control the whole Sudan and they should stay in the top and own everything on that regard whereby the entirely country would bow down to their leadership and establish the so call Padaang Kingdom in Sudan that could give them prestige in the history of whole world on that matter. But because fail dream always unachievable, John Garang did not make it and did not finalized his dream, God who knows everything took him to rest. The drastic took over of the Presidency by Kiir after the perishing of John Garang, President Kiir started his rules by establishing the un-Condon authoritarian regime by appointing all Dinka to the government of South Sudan on a believed to dominating the system and legitimatizing Dinka has the only people who are so wise to rule the South Sudan and to empowering their proclaimed of Majorities and the fulfillment of ambitions of wealth that could make them self-sufficient financially in which about the ways they did. President Kiir accomplished issuing the keys position of the government from South Sudan to members of Dinka such as finance, foreign affairs, interior; petroleum and mining etc are being held by Dinka since attainment of peace up to the total attainment of South Sudan independence up present. All financial institution in Republic of South Sudan is being held by Dinka. The civil servants are all Dinka and the rest of sixty three difference ethnics are left unrepresented in the system. If you look at the size of the Dinka in South Sudan, they did not even much the size of Nuer in term of population comparison and that is the small fire that burning down the entirely nation of South Sudan right now.

Imposition of self-rule

President Kiir and his rogue Dinka governing system is a real threat and problematic in South Sudan. Kiir has completely corrupted the country and institutionalized the corruption, nepotism and tribalism that South Sudan never experience sign days one the region came to existence. Since the inception of Kiir leadership, things never had been right. People prostrated with a lot of disappearance, land grapping, displacement of the population particularly in Juba, torturing, mass Killing and marginalization of population into classes. Those categorize issues are automatically an indication of imposition of Dinka dominance toward others ethnics groups that may and already created chaos in the young nation and has causes the ongoing genocide in the country.

As matter of fact, President Kiir and his Dinka alliance has thump their noses into indigenous people of Republic of South Sudan affairs. President Kiir claiming to have been elected and he should not step down from the Presidency within this turmoil inflicted into people of South Sudan. The question that is unanswered is that, those who have elected President Kiir are only Dinka minority that he is serving now? What about majority people that composed of (63) tribes who are left out by this regime are they not part of this election? The true answer is that, for President Kiir making his step down in to red line is completely insult to the people of South Sudan, because during the election of 2010 was join effort from all citizens of Republic of South Sudan and not only Dinka whom Kiir term it to give the a legitimacy as the people who elected him. However, President Kiir don’t realize that, usurping the sovereignty of the people is the only way to hung on the power and is what give the President the legitimacy rather than legitimization of the people power pertain upon you.


Ascendant of Kiir to Presidency was by chance and was dedicated to him by God due to his ruthlessness. At the times of reunification of SPLM/A of Nasir Faction or South Sudan Independence Movement ( SSIM) let by Dr.Riek Machar Vs SPLM/A of Torit faction let by Dr. John Garang De Mabior, Dr. Riek Machar was the legal Deputy to Dr. Garang according to agreement. At the time of reunification, the mediators were pushing two men to unity for the cause of the people of South Sudan that had been suffering for 21 years. The debate between two was the cause of the split, Garang was having fear that, machar trying to take over to the leadership of the movement but Dr. Riek were telling mediators that, his cause of his defection was the question of right to Self-determination for the people of South Sudan that Dr. Garang was opposing. Dr. Riek insist telling them that if Dr. Garang accept the right for Self-determination to be the part of the agenda of peace between NCP and the SPLM they will united and he Garang will remain Chairman of the movement. Dr. Garang accepts the notion and he became Chairman and C – in C and Dr. Riek Machar become the deputy to Dr. Garang. That was the composition of peace between two according to the agreement.

As the result of that agreement, the question came up from Salva Kiir Maryadit, questioning the legality of the reunification and the alignment of the SPLM leadership structure. The fundamental question from Kiir was how could the movement be led by two people whom categorical from the same region of Greater Upper Nile while the rest of the Region are not represented. Dr. Riek Machar responded by asking Salva Kiir that which one is greater is its being in one region or being a one tribe. Machar tell him that, honestly I and Garang are from greater Upper Nile but difference ethnics group and you Kiir and Garang are in difference regions but you are in the same tribe the Dinka which one is better, is it good for one tribe to line up the leadership and isolate the rest?. That question was not answered and Dr. Riek give up his post for the sack of peace promise Salve that he should become the second man deputizing Dr. Garang and he Riek would fall into third position.

After the death of Dr. John Garang many people within political Bureau and national liberation Councils suggest Dr. Riek Machar to step in as Vice Chairman of the Republic of old Sudan and the Chairman of SPLM/A but Dr. Riek advice the leadership that we should keep or follows that hierarchy of the movement and the one whom we chosen as our chairman should not be omitted let him take over the leadership in which all leaders are convinced and Kiir unanimously endorsed the suggestion of Dr. Riek and Kiir step in has a 1st Vice President of the old Republic of Sudan and President of Autonomy of South Sudan and deputized by Dr. Riek Machar to fulfilled the leadership hierarchy. At the same time, after attainment of South Sudan independence, Kiir were installed has a President of the Republic of South Sudan deputized by Dr. Riek accordingly. Because President Kiir had secret hidden agenda against Dr. Riek and the tribe of Nuer in General, he decided to dismissed Dr. Riek and the entirely cabinets on a ground that they were involved on embezzlement of (4) billions of US dollars while Dr. Riek never involved on such a crisis of corruption since the inception of formation of government. In a sincere sense, President Kiir was the one who institutionalized the habit of corruption, nepotism, tribalism and the misappropriation of funds in any institution. He authorized all his own clans who was appointed in all public institution to embezzle anything relate to funds because whoever did not become self-sufficiency financially at his regime he/she should not blame him the Kiir.


President Kiir mayardit together with is native’s alliance the Dinka has long times ago calculated the ongoing genocide against Nuer for many years. The reason for President Kiir to instigate this war against Nuer is couple of reasons. One, Dinka had a deep hatred against Nuer traditional. The reason behind was a jealous because Nuer don’t appreciate the behavior of Dinka fundamental behavior of lying, corruption and their attitudes toward others. Two, Nuer don’t like mistreatment of others and if you came to Nuer land, they could accommodate you and be fairly treated has the citizen of Nuer. The could provide you with anything a citizen deserved to have, such as land, wife and even they could selected you to become their leader where nobody could ask about your background where do you come from.

At the beginning of First movement or the munity of Torit 1955, and even before that date, the disagreement between Southerners, Northerner and British who intent to amalgamate the two regions south and the North, Dinka were in the favor of united Sudan while Nuer were for the secession of South Sudan. That kind of that hatred Dinka took it has a personal and they do hoped that if the people of South Sudan attained the independence, Dinka would got no room for the leadership of that Country because of fear of Nuer. Therefore, it would be best to destroyed the call for separation of South Sudan and exchange it with the Secular United Sudan in order to get help from the North If it come to war between Nuer and Dinka, that was the main concern of Dinka toward independent of South Sudan. However during the 21 years of struggled that has perished the lives of three millions people, was the result of two different ideology comprised of right to Self-determination of the people of South Sudan whereby would allow Southerner to determine their political destiny and the so call Secular United Sudan that look like a betrayal to the people of South Sudan.

As matter of fact, President Salva Kiir have indeed prepared himself to wage war against Nuer long times ago. The man had hatred on Nuer and that was why he mobilized his own tribal men to a huge number of 15,000 before the beginning of Dec 13, 2013 events and also bring in the Ugandan troops to Juba before the break out of war. This sign are a real indication of his being ready to committee atrocities and the fulfillment of his dream and Dinka of murdering the Nuer unarms civilians in Juba and elsewhere inside South Sudan. However, Kiir forgot that, his intention is not only jeopardizing his leadership also putting the future leadership of Dinka into doom. Base on my best knowledge, I don’t think there would be another chance give to any futue Dinka leadership seekers that may yearn to contest for the higher office of Republic of South Sudan because all South Sudanese indigenous had seen what took place during the leadership of Salva kiir and not would dare to elect another Dinka to give people a hard time for his removal from the office. I hope this message and example is enough for this generation and Dinka had destroyed their future opportunity.

For the Nuer vs Dinka side, I don’t would it be easy to be forgotten what Dinka have to Nuer, it would require many decade to normalized the situation between the two rivaling tribals and it would be had to maintain peace and instability.

Simon Tongyik Dahel is a concern citizen, living in  theUnited States and should be contact dahelnguth@gmail.com


  1. September 23, 2014 at 4:27 am

    The COMPREHENSIVE PEACE ACCORD signed in Nairobi had numerous loopholes which the DINKA and NUER were aware of.At that time both Tribes were enjoying the publicity the World offered.The Nuer have fallen hard on their own SWORD.Please recall KOKORA philosophy.


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