A Response Letter To Lt Col Madak G Rundail On James Hoth Mai!

By Wal Gatluak Thong/ Wal Gatluak Rangdit,


Wal Gatluak Thong....

Wal Gatluak Thong….

July 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dear readers and the extended Nuer community around the world. I am writing this letter as a response to a previous article that has currently been circulating around (mainly within the social media networks) the internet as of late, published by Lt Col Madak  G Rundail in order to not only soil the names mentioned in the article but also to cause unnecessary hate and tension within the Nuer community.

First of all let me make it clear that all the claims in the article were bogus and fabricated. I am NOT nor have I ever, or will ever be a supporter of Salve Kiir and his Regime. I have never been a supporter of Salva Kiir’s regime since the beginning of the killing of innocent Nuer in Juba on 15/12/2013, or even before that for that matter. How can I support a leader who has committed genocide against my people?

I was the chairperson of The Ulang Community here in Australia since before the genocide started in December and still am. I have been a committed supporter of the opposition regime. Together with my community, we have never in absolute terms supported Salva Kiir and his allies. I am a supporter of the opposition movement lead by Dr Riek Machar and his commanders, I love my people and the fact is that I will never betray my community to support the leader that has caused my people so much sorrow.

I strongly deny all the allegations that have been said about me and my family. Ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you, in1988, I was in Itang to seek education and refuge. I know in detail what the Dinkan have done to my Nuer Brothers and sisters. I find it very heart breaking that another Nuer brother would accuse me of supporting a regime that has killed off not only my peoples but also members of my immediate family. Once Again I strongly disagree with all of the false allegations fabricated by Lt Col Madak G Rundail

Another topic that has been raised in the article that I am replying to is concerning my son Nyuon Wal. It is true that he went to China last year to receive an education; however, he was not sponsored by Salva Kiir and his likes. We (His family) sponsored his education ourselves. however when the genocide began in Juba on 15/12/2013, He and His Cousin Nguoth Oth Mai left China and came back to Melbourne because we needed to start supporting our family back home In South Sudan who were stuck in an Emergency Crises. My son is currently studying here in Melbourne and in no circumstance, has he ever been supported by the leadership in Juba.

Another Thing I would like to Clarify is my relation to Mr James Hoth Mai. James Hoth Mai is my relative by blood and I will never deny or reject him. He welcomed me to his house when he came as relative not as a supporter of Salva Kiir’s regime. This alone does not make me a supporter of the Juba regime, my advice as a relative is different to if I was advising him politically.

Traditionally, Nuer people are known for staying loyal to our family members. For example, back in our country, if your son committed a crime, I am sure you would never hand him over to the government to be executed or put in prison. James Hoth Mai is an important member of our family and I can never betray him or bad mouth him because of that. I did not receive any money equivalent “$50,000” or any type of payment. These are complete lies and made up figures by Mr Lt Col Madak G Rundial and his Group(s).

As you are all aware there are a lot of people who don’t agree or support James Hoth, as a result of this we (his family) are well aware that there will be many countless attacks towards us based entirely on our relationship with him and a perfect example of it is this article.

I quote The Bible proverbs chapter 6-16. “There are six things the lord hates seven, that are detestable to him” one of the mentioned ones is “A lying tongue”. I am not a lying man, this is well known by the Ulang community here in Melbourne. It’s sad to see that such accusations about myself and others are being made up like this. Personally I myself am a supporter of the cause to liberate South Sudan from the dictatorship like governing by Salva Kiir and his benefactors.

The shrewd people in Melbourne know about this, they also know about my participation and how far I support the rebellion in the war fields. In conclusion, it is clear that this group of people are trying to damage my reputation as the Chairperson of Ulang Community Association in Australia.

Wal Gatluak Thong

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