Nuer Youth Union in Ethiopia Support 21 States Proposal,

Press release:-


Revised at 2Am, July 22, 2014(Pacific Time).

Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)     Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)

Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)
Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)

July 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Nuer Youth Union in Ethiopia (NYUE) welcome the recent proposals, made by the leadership of SPLM/A in opposition, led by the former vice president, the commander in chief of the SPLA forces, Dr.Riek Macher Teny and his comrades in the movement .

The creation of more states in the country is essential because it will heal wounds inflicted in the peace loving South Sudanese nationals by Yoweri Museveni and Salva Kiir Mayardiit as mean to an end to clink to power. More states or ethnic base federalism, as other would call it, will relax current tension between our diverse tribes.

It will ensure that communities that have lived to solve their differences would continue to live in peace and harmony without dragging other communities, which some could be hostile to sub-population of the states. For example, in Jonglei states Murles, Dinka Bor and Lou-Nuer have had very little respect for one another due to stereotypical believes and political polarization over the years.

Forcing these communities to share resources in one plate has funded genocides, massacres, rapes and merciless killing for the last years in Jonglei and other states. It has engulfed the whole country and continued until today.

To reduce this tribal hatred and suspicion of “born to rule” or “child abduction” or “nyigaats”, let each of these sub-populations have their own states and solve their problems as it was instituted by the colonial masters. Let this be done in others parts of the country as proposed by Dr. Machar’s leadership

This proposal will encourage development, peace, reconciliation, justice, equality and prosperity in the new born nation. If these are the dreams that our forefathers fought for, then this must be the solution. We must embrace this proposal as we did to our referendum a few years a go.

We believe that this proposal may not heal the old wounds in the short run, however, it would expedite the establishment of federalism, a system that would elevate the living standard at the grassroots and among other classes.

We believe as the country move out of property and instability the old wounds and hostilities would eventually catch up with civilians, education and happiness of every citizen in the country, and thus, would such wounds would be healed. We can’t preach peace and reconciliation when the our tribes are scrambling over resources.

For these reasons, the Nuer Youth Union in Ethiopia would take this opportunity to congratulate the elites and architectures of these genius proposal. We urge the peace loving South Sudanese, in the strongest terms possible, to embrace nationalism and the future of this country.

It is unfortunate that Salva Kiir and his government would try to tarnish anything and everything that is proposed by their opponents, however, as the youth of this nation, we must stand for what is right for the next generations. Our uncles have lived and will be gone shortly, and thus, we can’t base our decisions on their short terms interests. The SPLM/SPLA is dominated by young leaders and intellectuals, and thus this proposal must be in public interest.

The two proposals are the components that the South Sudanese citizens were lacking to establish the foundation of this country. We, therefore, encourage all the citizens of South Sudan in Western world , Arab countries, and East African countries to dedicated their voices and supports for the proposal and the creation of (21) states. This will be the only option that will bring a new change, Development, Peace and Prosperity in south Sudan.

To those who have reservation, we would like to say that the nation has failed but we must get up and exhaust all avenues. We believe this is the right time to try something new instead of hanging onto a failed and vulnerable system. The current system would never be reversed because the nation is sinking, from 4th most failed state to third failed state and currently the most fragile state in the world. This can’t be reversed!

The recent proposals may not be perfect but there is room for change. The 21 states, for example, may not all survive but rule and principles would be instituted to aid decisions to integrate or create new states. This gives room to collapse or expand states until South Sudan finds what suits all our diverse cultures and talents.

This is our take and we would like to encourage constructive debate from the intellectuals who have heart to help build a viable state.

Once again, we the Nuer Youth Union in Ethiopia (NYUE) declare our full support for federalism as the only system of governance that will bring a change of development, and long lasting peace in country.

We congratulate Equatorians and Chollo communities for declaring their allegiances to the SPLM/A in opposition and overwhelming support for 21 States Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan.

May God bless South Sudan.

Signed by:

Koat Gatkuoth Thoat Diu.

Chairperson, Nuer Youth Union in Ethiopia (NYUE).


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