South Sudan IGAD led peace talk to resume on 30th this month.

By George W. Mut,

Nyamilepedia’s correspondent, Bentiu, Unity state.

Members of South Sudan's SPLM delegation are seen at the opening ceremony of peace talks in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, Jan. 4, 2014 (Photo: file)

Members of South Sudan’s SPLM delegation are seen at the opening ceremony of peace talks in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, Jan. 4, 2014 (Photo: file)

July 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The adjourned South Sudan IGAD led peace talk will start later this month in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

According to a press release issued on 23rd this month, by the office of the special envoy to South Sudan, IGAD has conducted a broad consultation on South Sudan peace process with the SPLM –Juba faction, SPLM – IO, Former detainees, all political parties, civil societies and the churches in Juba, Kenya and Ethiopia.

“Following the adjournment of the Fourth Session of IGADled South Sudan Peace Process in Addis Ababa on 23rd June 2014, the IGAD Special Envoys have carried out broad consultations with various actors and stakeholders in the South Sudan peace Process.” the report reads.

The aim of the consultation was to take stock of progress, challenges and chart the way forward, particularly on the implementation of the resolutions of the IGAD assembly head of states and government Summit of 10th June 2014 with its main protocols to end the conflict and get the warring faction to focus on the formation of the government of National Unity.

“The resolutions of the Summit included the commitment by the two Principals to the conflict, H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) and Dr. Riek Machar, former Vice-President of the RSS and leader of SPLM/A (in opposition),“to end the war”; and to establish a Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) that will offer the best chance for the people of South Sudan to take the country forward” reads the IGAD report released on July 23, 2014.

The session which is scheduled to run from 30th July to Agust 10th will address how “to finalize and sign the secession of hostilities matrix and negotiate on details of government of national unity.”

The session will also discuss how to facilitate humanitarian operations, without intimidation and barriers, to reach the vulnerable populations in the country. The fourth round will also discuss ways to curb the looming famine.

“The essence of stopping the war is to create a conducive environment for negotiations; and, facilitate humanitarian operations to reach the needy populations and pre-empt the looming famine in South Sudan that is likely to affect millions of the displaced populations.” the report continue.

Fighting broke out in South Sudan last  December, 2013, displacing thousands of people to UNMISS camps across the country and 1.2 millions others to the neighboring countries. More than 10, 000 have been confirmed dead and war continues in many parts of the country.

Efforts to end the over 7 months old bitterly fought civil war, by the regional and international actors, have achieved very little on the ground. Both the US and EU governments have indiscriminately imposed sanctions on the two warring parties.

IGAD and African Union threatens to impose sanctions and punitive actions should the parties violate the agreements, a news that is welcomed by the armed opposition although its irritate the regime. The agreements signed in the last 7 months have been violated by the two parties.

George W. Mut, is a Nyamilepedia’s correspondent, who can be reached directly at

  1 comment for “South Sudan IGAD led peace talk to resume on 30th this month.

  1. July 24, 2014 at 7:49 am

    I am here to reply to the letter that was posted on Nyamilepedia on July 11, 2014 by my elder brother Lieutenant Colonel Madak Rundiaal in South Sudan. First, I decided to disregard this letter and keep silence without responding to it. But in reality, silence in the face of injustice sometime can cause more devastation and more iffy to the public. But In fact, there is no panic, because these are just malicious accusations which are baseless, unfounded and without relevant sources. Second, I would like to concede the vital role that Brother James Hoth Mai had done for devoted his entire life to serve the people of South Sudan in good faith. In one way or another, he deserved to be admired as hero, brother, uncle, elder, relative and as a father.

    In fact, the genesis of all these non-consequence allegations occurred after the arrival Mr. Mai in Australia, and the sole primary purpose for his coming to Australia was to see his family. When James arrived in Australia he was surrounded by large numbers of families, relatives and friends. Thereafter, some community members reacted negatively for his present without attempt to explain their anger to him, and that was considered as a signal of political motivated. Never the less, some of his families, relatives or friends who spent some time with him do questioned or blamed him as brother for civilian killing that occurred on 16-17 December 2013 in Juba. Their blame had a valid reason, and that reason, they believed that James had authority at that time to prevent what had happened not to happen. Their concerned was not because Nuer civilian were killed, even if they were Dinka, Shilluk or other civilian, they should still have right to question him. But these people also understand that their blame to James cannot cross the boundary of family relationship. They believe that politics exist for short term, but family relationships exist for life. Therefore, they couldn’t allow the political matters to be transported into family affairs. Based on that reason the unproven allegations were laid to Gatkuoth Majiok Chol, Wal Gatluak Thong, Dodeng Puoch, Paul Bak Puot, Paleak Puot Mut, Nyoat Mut, Kal Juch, Luk Jiath Riek, Nyakoach Mai, Deng Puoch Nguoth, Teny Puoch Nguoth, Nyagune Thurbil, Nyakuma Thurbil, Pastor Isaac Thok, Shaker Sala Lei, Nhial Puok, Tut Pech Kuichloch, Daniel Abushery Nyang, Jock Diu and Tut Belieu Pal and etc. Sometimes, it is obviously clear that the families may face significant challenges and hurdles as a conventional part of life. But the significant part of these false claims is that, it will send a positive message to others that James Mai has more families and relatives in Australia than what anyone may not be expected.

    Then after, carful investigation of this matter, finally, Madak politely told me that he received this information from following people in Australia such as Gatluak Deng Gai, Bil Jock Ruot and Choul Deng Gai and others. Madak was furious and enraged after he acknowledge that the information that were given to him were false. Perhaps, he was not aware that these people have recalcitrant attitude in the community and very difficult to trust them, because they are duplicity. But the good news is that, what they wrote doesn’t make any sense to us here on the ground, to South Sudanese community in Australia and to the nation-wide. I compared their statement like what so call coup in Juba, which makes a narrow meaning to up to 192 countries in the world. But the truth is that, what they did will cause great astonishment and consternation for themselves in the community.

    Coming back to these false allegations, the questions that someone may ask, why James could be given that amount of money, and not Riek Gai Kok, James Kok Ruey, Peter Bol Kong, PulJang, Nyang Chol, Joseph Monytuil, Chuol Rambang, John Kong Nyuon and others?. What could compel James to give this money to close relatives rather than giving them to entire Nuer community or other South Sudanese Community? Why could James bring this money to Australia and not given them to relatives or friends who are in great need in neighbour’s countries such as in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt?. Why James’s wife could have problem with taxation office and not the wife of Taban Deng Gai, Riek Gai Kok, James Kok Ruey, Simon Kun Puoch, Luka Abong Deng, Peter Bishir Bendi, Salva Kiir family in South Australia and etc.? Do these people really know who James is? To make it short, James Mai had never been known as corrupted person, he will not be a corrupt person, he will never be a corrupted person and he would never encourage corruption. I can agree with you to blame James for other things, but it would not be something that related to corruption; otherwise you will make yourselves to be known as white liar’s tellers for those who knew him.

    To clarify some few points about these non-contiguous false allegations, it was mentioned in the letter that Tut Beliew pal was given contract to buy military vehicles from China, James Mai currently working with Pieng Deng to transfer Nhial from Malakal to Juba, and Gatkuoth Majiok Chol was appointed as ministry of Upper Nile State since 2012. The fact-finder is that, all military equipment that was brought or need to be buy fall under SPLA Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistic, doesn’t have relationship with any non-military personnel like Tut Beliew. Second, what connected Pieng Deng who is Inspector-General of the South Sudan Police Service (SSPS) with ordinary person like Nhial Puok who never work at police service through his entire life? And If Gatkuoth M. Chol was appointed as Ministry in 2012, which ministry in Upper Nile State that was vacant since 2012 that Gatkuoth should be appointed to? Or do they think that every ministerial post have two ministers? To synthesis these false allegations, I concluded that these people they have non-knowledge about how the government institutions is functioning or operating. But my advice for them, they need to wider or upgrade their education knowledge, if they want to fit in political arena. Here I decided to demonstrate some few names amongst the non-complainant group on their level of education. Deng & Teny Puch Nguoth have master decree, Gatkuoth Majiok Chol have two Bachelors Decree and now doing his master, Wal Gatluak and Tut B. pal will complete their decree at the end of the year. Tut Pech, Bak & Peleak Puot Mut will complete their decree at the end 2015. Based on the level of their education, it shown that these people are great influential leaders in the community, whatever was said against them will never derail their popularity or trust that was bestow on them by community members.

    Let me give you short briefs about the background of those who wrote that letter. Person like Gatluak Deng should not be blame why he made these false allegations against James Mai‘s family and relatives. He has inadequate knowledge about traditional culture and couldn’t understand the fundamental belief of sensitivity of family relationship. Gatluak himself was raised as orphan, his mother died when he was at early age and was brought up between families. Base on above reason, it was quiet legible that, Gatluak have ultimate right to criticised James’s family, relatives and friends. Secondly, he was not a responsible person, he unable to manage his family fair or able to finalise his marriage process. Gatluak had great depression and dementia because he has been under the influence of alcoholic and used violence against unmarried wife. One day, he fought with his wife, after he was questioned why he arrived home at 4:00am, and after that he was given intervention order. But lucky enough; he was found by Pal Gideon roaming around Melbourne streets at night. He was pickup by Pal who offered him a place of accommodation at his resident. Pal deserved to be congratulated by saving the Gatluak’s life. Person like Bil Jock has synonymous character like Gatluak, but Bil known as half education and irresponsible person in the community. He cannot work, study, nor supporting himself or his family, he cannot lead, or able to finalise his marriages process, but he’s a good follower. What Bil can afford to do, is destroying other family relationship as he did to Yahuana Chol’s family. Bill is a person that should be in Jail, if this happened in South Sudan. Both Bil and Gatluak have no respect to their in-laws such elder Dodeng Puoch and Tut pech who gave them their wives free after they shown to their in-laws that they cannot afford to do their marriage process.

    Choul Deng Gai is just a person who chooses to work as treasurer for life, due to his inefficient knowledge to do other jobs. He worked three times as treasurer of Sudanese Community in Australia, and ends up at Dandenong Magistrate Court in 2009, when he and his president were not cooperating with the auditing process, and later discovered that he used community fund that was estimated to be around $40,000-70,000 that he paid for his mortgage. This case was not faked; it is a popular case among the Sudanese Community Association in Australia. He also worked as treasurer of Ulang community and department of health in juba. Latter employed part-time by Daniel Banguot Kier at the insurance company in Juba as assistance treasure, but it was not long when it was discovered that the money begins disappearing from the insurance company that was estimated to around 20,000-40,000 South Sudanese pounds. Daniel didn’t have time to wait; he dismissed him immediately because he knew the Australia case. Now he want to contest as treasurer of Ulang Community Association in Australia.

    In other hand, the external sources also reveal that, Mr. Choul Gai has been privy to information on rebel activities to government in Juba. He did this by frequently contacting some Opposition leaders and passed the information to his Minister of health Dr, Riek Gai Kok in Juba which pass them to security organs. A source privy to the security agent of SPLM/A IN-Opposition revealed that, Mr. Choul Gai had passed security information to the government forces to attack rebels positions, such as to laid ambush to Chie-Bichiok freedom fighter in Adong at late April 2014, led government forces to captured Doma, Ulang, Nasir, Mathiang, Gadiang, Ayod and etc. In another development, the source indicated that Choul Gai had influenced his cousin Chuol Tor Gai to record all the activities that had been conducted by the rebels and freedom fighter at Eastern Jikany areas. Some sources revealed that Both Chuol Tor and Choul Deng gai will be travelling to Khartoum next week, where Chuol Tor will hand over all videos taps or DVDs to Choul Deng Gai. Mr. Gai will submit them to South Sudanese embassy in Khartoum with exchange of cash that estimated to be approximately around $100,000-150,000 USD. Based on this credible intelligence report, we take it seriously, and we alert all our military units, top military commands, military intelligences & information and the leadership of the movement. Choul Gai’s name and his followers has been forwarded to our head quarter in Fagak, and two security intelligence officers were already order to travel to Addis Ababa to monitoring the movement of these guys.

    Finally, the reason why we took arms, me, my brother and others, doesn’t mean that we are brave enough or like fighting. But it was because the non- avoided war was imposed to us by Salva Kiir. For example, the killing of unarmed civilians in Juba was a signed of declaration of war to Nuer as a tribe. If you look it carefully, you will find out that, 80% of those who were killed, were government supporters, but, why they were targeting? Salva should have good answer for that question? Now, our demand as rebel is very simple, Salve has failed to perform his obligation duty as president, and he must go. Salva have no legal right to sit on that presidential chair anymore. But we have no objection, if he wants to buy a nice chair on the market to sit on it, but not that one anymore. To make it clear to everyone, we rebels, we have no problem with Dinka as tribe. Dinka they are our brothers and sisters, we fought side by side and died side by side with them during our struggle, and we often managed to break multiple complexes together. But, our problem is only for Salva and his elements in Juba who killed innocent civilians and divided our country along with tribal line. If Salva think that the killing of unarmed civilian was cheap, sorry, is just a matter of time, he will pay a very very very expensive price for their death.

    Captian Bandak G. Rundiaal in South Sudan


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