By Chuol Chot Puoch,


South Sudan's minister of defense with president Salva Kiir Mayardiit(Photo: supplied)

South Sudan’s minister of defense with president Salva Kiir Mayardiit(Photo: supplied)

August 09, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I can’t understand how things are happening unexpectedly in this beloved nascent nation of the Republic of South Sudan. With patriotism, I want to be very softly impartial in giving you your parts of this mess and your state of ignorant in these crises. This conflict, to start with, has taken so many dimensions: ethnic, political, social, economic, diplomatic & personal dimensions and the list go on. However, in that regards, you MUST carefully have to react, fight and involve putting into consideration all the above mentioned aspects.

Many people even in the SPLM/A – IO have been ignorant about their fight; some of them fight choosing one of the above mentioned dimensions that the conflict has taken, which is not idealistic. I can’t talk about those disgruntled in the government, they are just feathers blowing to the wind direction, when the winds stop, and they will fall down.

Why am I reminding you about this? Well, I would rather say I have been frustrated, ashamed, bored and disappointed by some folks who are insolently supporting Salva Kirr on “No basis and logical reasoning”.  They answer questions with questions; advise with abuse, truth with fabricated leis,  and the only word in their mind is that, Riek Machar tried to remove the government by forces, a claim  even the great Demokirratically elected Kirr’s  supporters like Makuey Lueth have stop telling because no one accept it in the whole world.

Moreover, I said sometime back in one of my article that, we may forgive Salva Kirr but God and the Country will not. So, be mindful as his supporter, that you are in the wrong direction toward ruining this Country and your opportunities of succeeding are almost nowhere to be found. Supporters of a criminal and warlord like Salva Kirr are bad, or even dangerous than Salva Kirr himself as a person. You guys needs to wake up as early as possible and eat silently if you are not ready to bring peace, democracy, federalism and good governance to our Country.

Coming to my point of writing this article, it’s a general reminder to all South Sudanese in government, in opposition, in neutral and in other parties that we are having, and of course going to have, a huge amount of debt to be paid to foreigners.  Currently, apart from other source of getting loan like World Bank, IMF, ADB and individual states, 1.6 billion dollars (USD 1,600,000,000) has already been borrowed from the oil companies. It’s also believed that the same or higher amount is owed to various individual states including China, Russia, Uganda and many other Countries.

Leave alone the destruction caused by this cwar of Salva Kirr, the frustration and loosing of confidence in us (South Sudan) by our major partners like US, UK, Norway, Sweden, Japan and others will compulsorily make it difficult for us  to stand on our feet once again and pay those debts to their respective owners, without support from the above mentioned Countries.

China is known for their unwanted population and their large dependence on foreign investment and especially in Africa. They have nowhere to survive apart from looting and taking the resource (Money) of African Countries with their cheap and less durable items and equipments.  They are currently in a very dirty deals with Salva Kirr groups so that they take over the oil for two or three years while ensuring that Salva Kirr remain in power for that period of time.

In that regard, China will bring in its consummative machines to drain off the oil wells in this Country and move it to China, we may not have the oil in the near years to come.

Apart from China which is doing its business in South Sudan, we don’t have any other Country that will support us soon financially, economically and politically and as such, it’s worth mentioning that, all the debt made under the name of South Sudan will remain to be paid by South Sudanese. The obstructed and spoiled relationship that we used to have with our major partners will need more effort to be restored; it will only be by the willing of God that those oil wells in Unity and Upper Nile states will not be drained off by China through Kirr.

You must fully understand by now, if you didn’t understood so far, that Kirr is just messing up the Country and he will go! It will be you, me and others (South Sudanese) to pay the pride. He know very well that he has lost legitimacy at all cause and the only solution for him is to use the natural resource that we have for his disgusting personal interest of ruining the future of South Sudan. Is that what you are supporting? Is that what you are politically, economically and emotionally trying to achieve?

We must always try to shape our future from now by doing what is needed, convenience and nationalistic. Let’s leave the politics of tribalism, domination, segregation and come up with patriotic move from our very own spirit and souls, and not from our so and so.  We are currently having our simple slogan like that of Christian: “In the name of Jesus” and that of Muslim: Allah’wa’akber”. Ours is “Salva Kirr must go” period!

Chuol C. Puoch (ChuolB’riaal) is a South Sudanese living in South Sudan. He can be followed/added on his Facebook with his full name above, on twitter @chuolchot and via email:

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