Soldiers, all my life I have been living by a code and the code is simple. Honor the goddess, love your women and defense your country. Troy is a mother to us all, fights for her —Hector, the son to King Priam and the Commander of Trojans Kingdom’s army forces more than 3, 200 ago.

By Elbow Chuol,


"He had recently had massive plastic surgery and that’s the reason he looks like a grotesque freak with his forehead, face, and undereye area pulled completely taut. – insider"(Photo:

“He had recently had massive plastic surgery and that’s the reason he looks like a grotesque freak with his forehead, face, and undereye area pulled completely taut. – insider”(Photo:

August 11, 2014(Nyamiilepedia) — Men are owned by the vast obscure of vanity. And so we asks ourselves, will our actions act across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought and how fiercely we have laughed?

There exist no race, tribe, creatures that can wholly be pilfer out by the action of men proceeding the call from who created them. If there existed such a mind is an illusion.

The recent annotations by John Kerry on south Sudan crisis is nothing but absurd comments displaying fail-able search for useless interest and portrayed how poorly Obama Administration is weedy on foreign policy. The reason is clear and simply. The aftermaths of Dec 15-20 in Juba were more than 30, 000 innocents’ civilians from the Nuer ethnic, women, children, old, students and like were hound down door to door and thousands plighted to UNMISS for their dear lives before the watch of Kerry tell us more about him. Perhaps the innocents blood in his hand still haunt him and thirsty for more to see dies and suffer inhumanly like what he did in Vietnam.

South Sudanese were badly threw into Nile, dumped outside Juba, hundreds burnt alive and it becomes clear that, Kerry is planning another mass ethnic cleansing in south Sudan particularly against those who oppose his plan to maintain a killer. Perhaps shocking to learn that, Kerry himself killed hundreds of Vietnam civilians according to the testimony of the several people. The disgrace action of self-claimed hero of peace John F. Kerry in Vietnam south-East Asia against civilians is more hurting than discussing.

He is one of the US egocentric politicians who never provide justice for human lives and that is why he terrible failed in US after trying desperately running for presidency. I personally never like him because on his face nothing good come out of him than hidden mass atrocities against innocents civilians. He loves seeing people dying.

What did his best friend James R. Wasser said about him during one of their operation along the canals of Vietnam in An Thoi early 1969?

“Kerry was an extremely aggressive officer and so was I.” according to Jeffery ST. Clair article recorded last year. Displaying one of the Commanding officer’s testimony against young Kerry, Admiral Elmo R. JR Zumwalt revealed that, “Kerry’s record (in Vietnam) will haunt him” which is completely correct. Listen to what he told one of his friend in a boat one afternoon after terrorizing civilians and killing them for no particular reason, “the face would stay with me for the rest of my life and it was better not to know whether it was a smile or a grimace or whether it was a girl or a boy” this was after firing at a women with M-16 machinegun killing the baby of woman who was disgustingly stranded in the farm scared for her life and that of her children. Kerry what have this child got to do with your military operation in Vietnam? Or you want to gather courage and see a certain child dies of malnourish in UNMISS camp and smiles? These civilian in UN sites across the country are inside this camp for their dear lives. They fear a killer who killed their relatives, mothers, fathers, uncles, sisters, brothers and the list go on. Then seeing you maintaining president Kiir you are contributing to greater death in the near future in south Sudan crisis like what you did in Vietnam according to the testimonies of the Americans who worked with you, who are pretty are aware of your motives. You will not bring peace in south Sudan whether by military welfare against this civilians you want to see continue dying or by hiring more mercenaries for terroristic president Salva-crisis.

The only way America will achieved peace in south Sudan is to let the killer go and we shall put down our guns. Period.

He was known of torturing prisoners at An Thoi southern Vietnam killing some along. The military career of Kerry in Vietnam lasted only four months and 12 days something very strange in military service. He was there to revenge the death of his best friend, Dickie Pershing killed in Vietnam War and so the man joined to do the dirty Job. I think he is revenging the votes were not given to him by south Sudanese but to president Bush Jr.

In proper sense one would only be shock about the poor foreign contractual obligation which the Obama Administration is doing keeping a blind eye on millions suffering in south Sudan and failed to condemn the bereavement of more than 30, 000 people massacred in less than a week while US Embassy was in the heart of the city.

I could be wrong if I wasn’t in Juba, but I was there, someone from nowhere was shooting a gun at me and four military tanks crushed down our home alongside other thousands in Juba. And here Kerry talks of Kiir being “an elected president” when did he elected Kiir or it’s the presumed constitutional parliamentary suggestion to maintain Kiir as an interim president until south Sudanese held an election in future? Is that what he talks about? Be a shame Kerry. South Sudan is not Vietnam.

It was last month when Iraq was on fire and the Obama and Kerry are there condemning. MH17 was taken down somewhere in eastern Ukraine. You were sanctioning every single citizen of Russia. Palestine are suffering and when one bomb hit Jerusalem thousands of American would come out condemning while keeping a blind eye on south Sudanese. This America policy of supporting Wrong guys is disturbing. In the light of the truth, when you see people like Kerry barking peace they are just disgusting the name of peace. Deep inside them they mean war. And this is a clue.

Kerry is revenging something on us. There is no way the same level of mind that created the problem can solve the problem. Kerry you cannot solve south Sudan problem by standing with Salva-crisis otherwise you are fueling the civil war. It will take us years to see this to an end. Ask British what happen between them and Nuer of south Sudan particular Lou Nuer. British colonized you for 300 years and it took the same kingdom 80 years to leave the land of our ancestor who fought her with stick and spear while they were using both world wars weapons against the civilians.

It took US decades to recognize the dehumanizing segregation of Native South African by European descendents.  It went through thick and thorns months to assert what took place in Rwanda genocide. A lot of noise about the Balkan, Middle East is easily noticed. What is going on, Kerry? Or you think we don’t know you? You are a killer and so you can only support your likes. Neo colonizer.

Anyway perhaps you may not get time to read this article, but let me assure your Administration and all those keeping a blind eye on south Sudan situation by trying hard to keep president Kiir on power to continues killing our people, looting our resources, promoting and setting south Sudanese against each other, ruling with an iron pist, that we are like a sand along the beach of red sea and no matter how you try your best we shall still exist just like when you collects sand and some refill back and that is it. You killed and continue killing enough but that will not back us down.

Stop your policy of forcing people into submission. We are fighting the right course and we are on the safe side of the history. Nothing and nobody will force us into this already rotten government. It will take the world centuries to realize that, perhaps the world was round before regretting the death of those who claims it was. We are fighting a Just war and we must removes this dictator trying to set our people against each other to maintain his interest.

Kiir is a tribal president because he keeps addressing people in his mother tongue in national Medias. He keeps touring his home towns of Greater Bar el gazel, training not less than, 16,000 private army to execute ethnic cleansing from his tribe and he claims to be a president of south Sudan. I don’t want to mention the current government without opposition in it dominated by his Gelweng. I didn’t vote for Kiir. I just accepted him to be president because he was a wolf in a sheep clothes. But now he has eaten the sheep he pretended to guards. How can you ate more than 30,000 civilians and millions runs away from you and expect their parents not to turn around? Are you not yet full with the blood you sack for the last 8months?

President Kiir’s troops and the mercenaries burnt down every single things the civilians known as their livelihoods and yet the world did nothing of any kind to see what Kiir is doing, this indeed is pretty horrific. In Leer, they burnt down everything, killing old people, tiring apart the sleep bed death of Emma, while those in Mayom uprooted the grave of the late Gen. Paulino Matip Nhail. In Ulang government troops lured civilians and after assembling them they fired squad them only running in dismays. More than 9,000 civilians killed in Malakal, hundreds of them in Bor UNMISS and US did nothing. Government poison civilians’ food in Mathaing what Kerry has got to say? That nothing Kiir has done and so he is an elected president?

We are tired of selling ourselves for the survival of our kinds. The Nuers who took sticks, stones and pangas supported by political nationalists in south Sudan are facing extremely impending threat of extermination or an undeviating dehumanization. In the light of truth such a conspiracy was perfectly designed, devise, backed and executed by regional rudiments allied with western powers, national and international organization with evil minds of attempting a famous world policy of eliminating race, tribes, ethnic, religious and whatever you called it. But the history has proven them wrong that millions of religious freedom fighters in Europe found a safe haven in the land of freedom in which people like Jerry or Kerry whatever you called him are abusing. Breaking away from the path of truth and discoloring it with selfish-seeking backed up by evil minded people.

As part of human society we have all the right under whatever world convention to defend, fight and stand for the right course of south Sudanese. Millions of Jews were broadly burnt in the watch of America and nothing has happened. Do you want Salva and Yoweri to finish south Sudanese and then you say, oh what have Kiir done now/ is that what you are waiting to say? Seek helps Kerry.

This is a call to defend the civil Nuer population in south Sudan. No matter what you did president Kiir and your business associate Kerry we are like sand on the beach and nothing will take away that. You may bring in whoever you want to help fight against us but we say we don’t want you anymore. You can take that to the bank and keep it in the bedroom of John Kerry if it doesn’t please you.

So Kerry, the UPDF, Tarboro, JEM, M23, SSLA, Splm-North, Darfur Rebels, Egyptians, 64 tribes fighting a single handed opposition army of Nuer and now plus you, you think we may submit ourselves to be kills like rats. Such a sweet dream. Perhaps any of you will wake up from soon to see that, it take men with personality, loyal to themselves to execute the duty for mankind. Men like Mandela are needed. Women like mother Teresa are needed in human families not killers.

And so, opposition across south Sudan will oust Kiir out of power and peace shall come back home. This is a national movement not for certain tribe anymore. But justice is important and must be executed for peace to come home. Singing peace without justice is nothing but an old song sung over centuries. or are you telling us you want to keep UPDF to kick away Kiir?

The truth is, we are not putting our guns down with Kiir still in power.

The author, Elbow Chuol, can be reached at for further comments

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