By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,


Nuer ethnic gentleman with traditional scrafications on his head and numerous marks as a passage to manhood(Photo: File|Nyamilepedia)

Nuer ethnic gentleman with traditional scrafications on his head and numerous marks as a passage to manhood(Photo: File|Nyamilepedia)

August 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan is small country with large number of different ethnicities occupied it vast territories. It has got 64 tribes with different cultural diversities. The marks on the bodies of the people the differs from one tribe to another, the traditional marks sometime appeared on the forehead or some other parts like; hands, back and, mouth etc.

More especially the Nuer and the Dinka has their marks on their forehead making them to be recognized and differentiate so easily.

So by the time the 15,16,17,18 and 19 December door to door killing which was carryout in Gudele, Manga teen, 107 and Gumbo respectively by Special Forces recruited by President Kiir and Pual Malong Awan in Luri infantry centre. The only people that were targeted by these murderous recruits were those carrying traditional marks on their foreheads. The Nuer youths.

This group was mostly targeted and is still being embattled in various places in south Sudan whenever they appear in the public. Many youths who were sinless civilians were force to meet their ancestors without their wishes. So this was unlawful and tribal act of cleansing only one tribe.

“My culture is my identity so the marks you see on my head shouldn’t be covered because some people said so, we will never regret having them on our heads, never! “ shouted Gatmai Rut Thijoak Dol whom I access to tell me more about how people with marks on their head face discrimination in south Sudan during the crisis.

However, many people lost their lives in different corridors in the country simply because they belong to particular section of community or they speak the language of the enemies without knowing whether he/she should have belong to different tribe.

Dinka from Duk and Atar from Jonglei were affected by this senseless killing of those with traditional marks, Dinka of Unity state were brutally cleansed in Juba by the so called Gelweng or Mathiang Anyor an uniformed kind of exceptional unit structured by President Kiir and Paul Malong to act as defense forces for president it comprise of his only tribesmen the Dinka Bhar el ghazal this did this thinking they killing only Nuer people because they have got marks on their foreheads.

South Sudan is a country which has just got her independent just of recent and it’s carried all the cultural activities along with it. Moreover if one tribe thinks of choosing this formula of traditional marks killing of helpless citizens simply because they have something that shows that they belong to a certain tribe? Then it’s both tribes to suffer since they do have them all.

Definitely President Salva Kiir Failed us and he terribly failed our country by bringing in invaders like Ugandans, Dafurians…………and many others.

So I ought each of you (Dinka) wherever you might be that don’t killed civilians simply because they have marks on their foreheads any how, Nuer tribe share their marks with different clans of Dinka so don’t end up having killed your step-brother since the bullets doesn’t know the owner!

And remember what you are doing now because it can easily be done to you again by those you oppress!

Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is a student of political science living in Egypt- Cairo; He can be reach through his email address


  1. December 11, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    I’m proud of carrying Nuer identity……………..


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