Peter Gatdet Yaka: A Fearless General

Season one: An introduction to appreciates General Gatdet’s struggle

By Elbow Chuol,


Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In one end of the country close to the edging of Sudan respite a cosmic territory occupied by the people whose stillness is the voice of humanity. Across the shrubs of what delineate the green pastures in the country, Unity State situated down on the northern part of the country with a necessitate of love that made everything in it moves in beauty and in the aptness of her panorama. There, is the bunch land of rub down moving beyond the power of imagination that control human version and passion.

Resting in the plain of the former province of the kingdom of Nubian previously enclosed in the rich empire of Greece kingdom. Troy would be much mentioned here than this land which for centuries haul in several myths of its own kind, power, military strength and economic alliances that distinguished it from the empire of Kush kingdom. Unity State was long inhabited by the people whom their existence is very questionable. These people don’t have Kings or Queens. They exist in fundamental believed of federal over centuries not offending their neighbors but retaliated in case they are affronted.

Far away in that land a space is reserved for the beauties that echo the life and the activities of it populace.  It’s believed underneath the land that supported the entire being of this accumulation serene of its kind is black gold.

Unity State is different from the rest of south Sudan.  It rest on the plain of terra firma that is beyond power of find irresistible and influence. It’s the original homeland to the four clans of the Nilotic Nuer tribe of south Sudan coalesce it with their cousins Dinka. And so the story has just begun.

There is one man in particular that south Sudanese government fear the most and when his name heard it caused some funny kind of butterflies running their stomachs and that mean disaster. Among the warlords the world has ever seen, powerful experienced general and tactical military genius, Peter Gatdet Yaka was born here. He is fearless and nationalist who doesn’t sell himself over fake claims over injustices. He defected more than 10 times in due caused of Sudanese struggles history and nobody knows what Peter is always after but impartiality and justice.

He commands a vast supports from his clan men and women. He is one man who doesn’t joke with his feeling and never surrender but people always goes for him. General Peter Gatdet Yaka is one man that always stood beyond the map of suggestion and myths. He fears nobody and his military experience is beyond any general in south Sudan history, even Bashir trepidation him the most.  He is a conservative man of his kind who spoke broken English and powerful Arabic version. Though outgoing, Peter trust nobody included his bodyguards. He is a good man when merely a sleep. Otherwise, if you constantly been in Gatdet encampment you can tell the difference how he carry out his duty. His men don’t rest they are always busy borrowing such military characteristic of Napoleon’s military strategy from him.


Since then, Peter Gatdet fought over 40 worse battles and still more seems to be coming up. As I help you beat the drums of his battles only few will be mention along this story line. Among the said mentioned is the battle he fiercely fought in the plain of Dura, Iraq during the first Gulf-war in early in 1970s.  For those who have had the chance to hear about how he outstandingly won the admiration of Arabs league and western world, Peter was the only man who could overtakes commanders’ duties when the war get tough and only tough keep going. He was one man on that cloudy day in early summer of 1978 stood beyond the odd of myths and beliefs. Many called him Jundi Iraq. They says he was just a simply soldier with no rank when leading Sudanese army into the battle of Persian War. Peter Gatdet is the only renowned general who can execute government duty with military success.

The Gulf War

In the midst of historical intake, early 1990s sees the communistic ideological on eastern blocks spreading in darkness like a bush fire across the shrubs of Islam world. And the oil interest took effect excessively. Therefore, the calls for friend in need arose among the nations and it was sarcastically invented and formed against Saddam Hussein. As they struggle to establish a good relationship with the outside world and who to trust on amnesty of good will work for futures development. The people of Prophet Mohamad, the Muslim world of Middle East fondle to choose between a beautiful woman with an anglesite face and such kind with a wonderful heart but pretty uglier outside.

The war was on. United state claimed to rescue Kuwait from Iraq invasion and to establish the rules of law for future economical development. Operation Desert Storm blazed the desert of Iraq and the Gulf or the famous Persian war came into being. United States’ influences horizontally move far above the expectation. More than 34 countries allied with US fighting against famous 20th century dictator, Saddam Hussein the then presumed king of kings of Iraq. Sudan was then a minor contributor through Egypt.

Though he did not participate in the second war of 28th, 1991 the game already kicked out early in 2st August 1990. More than 950, 000 soldiers chip in Fighting against Iraq making it the largest alliances the world has ever seen since WW II.  The war took 6 months, 3 weeks and 4 days and US and her allies liberated the entire Persian Gulf from Saddam Hussein. Peter was a dispatch rider. He was the only south Sudanese outstanding each battle the mass destruction weapon was fired against Saddam Hussein in 1978.

Battling against David Yau Yau

The State of Jonglie came into chaotic immediately the former high school graduate and pastor in Kakume Camp and military intelligent agent David Yau Yau became a real pain in the ass of the government. There was no one in particular to fight the man and president Kiir’s attempt to arrest him bore no fruits. And so, Peter Gatdet was sent to encounter Yau Yau. He did this successfully. Though his commandos were finished by the Murle youth at least one man knew that tonight I am going to sleep well because Peter has been deployed to resist the advancement of Yau Yau armed force. The truth remain, he didn’t substance the Murle until the white army were involved in the practice. Peter Gatdet fought the David’s force from 2012- 2013. It was one of memorable war against the private army of David. He also fought Gen. Tangginya in 2008 a battle he could only managed than anybody else.

This seems to produce the fact that, among the warlords south Sudanese has ever brought into a book of record, Gatdet is the best of all. Gen. Gatdet fought furiously the Arabs on the attempt to take away the oil rich county of northern Bar el gazel, Abyei. He was the only one who could counter the well trained army of Bashir and we all know what has happened until president Kiir sold the land.


Just like his late cousin Paulino Matip Nhail, Gatdet is an unforgettable warrior in history of south Sudan. As young boy he grew up in Tooy payam of Mayom county where his late cousin powerful Gen. Paulino Matip Nhail was born. The boy grew up in the hand of mother to Matip until he know how to kick around with the goats and cows before he join the liberation movement in early 1983. His name Peter was given to him by a small local church in Khartoum more than 60 years ago. Though nobody knew when Peter was exactly born, his name Peter means the solid rock according to the Bible and Gatdet in original dialect of Nuer mean, shepherd. When Gen. Matip Nhail died, he left message of care to him asking Gatdet to take care of the children. He took the responsibility against those practicing injustice in upon his shoulder and he never hesitated to defense his people.

Early 2000 in Khartoum, Peter and his cousin Paulino had a little misunderstanding between their armies. They both went on each other resulting to death of more than one thousands Bull Nuer in city of Khartoum. Their differences where later sorted out and things becomes normal as usual. The story remained unstoppable. Bulls Nuer are known to be appealingly brave among the Nuer of West. Arabs trained them of how to shoot guns and war has been on their door steps for half a century in the history of previous Sudan.

Peter has several wives and children. He is a rich man whose wealth is invested in cattle and children in schools across the globe. He fears nothing but nothing. He dedicated his life to serving his country rather himself.

In the next episode we shall go into details of each battle and reveals more about this historical general, Peter Gatdet Yaka.

……….. To be continues.

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