South Sudan: Military Governor Peter Gatdet Appoints New Commissioner For Mayom County!

By George W. Mut,  correspondent from Bentiu.

Peter Cheriay Changath, Peter Keah Jal, Michael thot Jany and David Gatluak Damai(Photo: Ruot George|Nyamilepedia)

Left to right: Peter Cheriay Changath, Peter Keah Jal, Michael thot Jany and David Gatluak Damai during a farewell ceremony on Thursday, Sept 4, 2014(Photo: Ruot W. Mut|Nyamilepedia)

Sept 05, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The military governor of Unity State, Maj. General Peter Gatdet Yak has appointed Brigadier General, Peter Cheriey Changath, as the commissioner for Mayom County. Cheriey has been serving as the field commander for Leer and Mayiandit since May this year and latter recommended by his colleges to go to Mayom to unite the people of the control areas under one umbrella.

Brig. Gen. Cheriey, according to Peter Gatdet has united the people and restored peace in the areas under his command, thus, deserves the promotion to serve the civil population and SPLA-IO forces in Mayom.

Michael Thot Jany, the acting field commander, appreciates the rolled played by Brigadier Chierey in response to the massacres of the unarmed Nuer civilians who died in the hand of Juba regime between December 15-19 last year.

Brig General Thot said “Brig. Gen. Chierey is neutral in his actions and we proposed him to be the commissioner of Mayom 5 times but did not succeed” adding that “Chierey has never mistreated people when he was in charge of security in Bentiu before the war”

The announcement for the new appointment was made during a farewell party for Mayom commissioner yesterday in Leer, under the able leadership of Military Governor Peter Gatdet.

The farewell party was attended by Peter Cheriay Changath, Peter Keah Jal, Michael thot Jany, David Gatluak Damai among other subordinates.

While addressing the ceremony, the newly appointed commissioner said he will unite the people of Mayom through the prayers  of South Sudanese and the souls of those who died during this crisis.

With exception of Unity State’s capital, and a few major towns, the oil rich state is under control of the SPLM/SPLA[In Opposition].

Unity State is among the worse affected states by the man-made crisis where each of the warring parties appoints its own governor for the state.

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