Full Severe Civil War is Expected Should The Peace Talks Fail In Ethiopia.

By Tor Madira Machier,


Rebels Forces  celebrating after Malakal Capturing early this year 2014

SPLA Forces in Malakal(Photo: file)

Sept 11, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — No thing, but a severe civil war expected by the civil population should the peace process fails in Addis Ababa and there is no doubt that the government’s stance on the peace procces is not realistic. The government is based on persecution of human rights and not just how it pertained those who are politically different with its policies.

Putting ahead personal interests is hampering peace process, and i will make it very clear in my own policy that a government that has lost morethan 70% of its army, kills – % of its nationals is no longer a democratically legitimate government taking its constitutional duties seriously because the government would have realised that it is not longer popular among its citizens. But now salva kiir is pushing for his personal interests in conditions for the peace to move ahead. But salva kiir has got it wrong because either the civil population nor the SPLM IO will comply with this agreement. If Salva kiir want to maitains his position as the president , he would have let the people to decide wether he maitain or give up his post as the leader of the country.

Being a pessimitic leader Salva Kiir is now back against the wall because thinking day and night how to sell the nation to be under foreign nations is not ever mentioned in any form or system of a government world wide.He has already knows that his management of a country will have himself perish like late Muamar Gadaffi of Libya and now seeking for an destructive way to make sure that his post is maintained and then his war crimes are omitted .

How can the people accept peace when there is wide spread extra-judicial killing, siezure of properties and other human rights abuses ?

The purpose of a national government is to unite the people and out of them build a nation. At this point i thing the government is responsible for he escalation of war in South Sudan.

So if the government is not serious on the peace process a fulscale civil war is in place.

Tor Madira Machier is a South Sudanese student living in Egypt, he can be reached at : tormadira2013@gmail.com or +201024930577

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