Reaction to Hon. Jemma Nunu’s speech during SPLM Youth Rally

By EX MP Sophia Pal Gai,

Sophia Pal Gai, the former SPLM Secretary for(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Sophia Pal Gai, Former MP and SPLM Secretary for Administration, giving a speech in 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Sept 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This reaction message is a warning statement to Minister Jemma Kombo, for praising President Kiir as SPLM Chairman; crowning him as a hero at the expense of the Nuer people in general and women and children in particular after we’ve seen killing, mass destruction of properties, displaced or victimization of individuals due to their ethnicity in this current ongoing conflict which emerged on the 15th of December, 2013. The dear Minister made this statement during the SPLM Youth Rally in Juba, under the theme of one people one nation. The purpose of the rally was to mobilize people, including women, in support of the President Kiir, who continues to violate the Cessions of Hostility in three states of Greater Upper Nile, in the name of being an elected President.

I would like to warn the Minister that if you want to polish the president’s face and keep him clean, it should not be on the expense of innocent people, specifically women and children, the message you gave that day is your own opinion and does not reflect our opinion, we are not in support of the President after all he did to us as women and members of the SPLM Party.

To us, the President is a murderer, killer and a dictator who deserves to be condemned and taken to court of justice for what he did in December. I think your statement could increase harm and more suffering to our people including women, children, youth, and elderly who are currently sheltered under UN protection or in the Refugee Camps. Instead of praising him for a job well done, the President should have been condemned by South Sudanese women leaders for imposing war against the people of South Sudan.

As Members of the SPLM party, some of us have witnessed and survived the events which had happened in December, taking us back, we remembered the three major Party meetings conducted by SPLM leaders, the first was on 6thDec.2013, in this meeting the SPLM leaders call for reforms in the party as well as in the government, and how the government has failed to address issues of corruption, tribalism, nepotism, delivery of basic social services, economic reforms, Insecurity, abuse of human rights, just to mention a few. On the second meeting done on 10th Dec. 2013 it was a respond meeting on the issues raised by SPLM reformist and the third meeting was on 14th Dec.2013 which was SPLM liberation Council meeting the focus was on SPLM main documents and Secretariat reports including endorsement of removal of the Secretary General from his position, there were no plans to over throw or wage war against the government rather people were hoping for general elections to happen within specific time indicated by the election authorities.

The news of a fabricated story of attempted coup to overthrow the government was not true; this has been determent in the court of law when investigating the 11 SPLM political detainees who were later freed with no charges proven against them.

However, as women leaders, daughters, and mothers of this beautiful land of South Sudan, I would like to advise that we should state facts and say the truth, of what had actually happened on December 2013 which ignited the current war, additionally, as Believers in the Bible, we should say the truth, unless we say it, the truth will never set us free, says the BIBLE and the truth includes the fact that our President is guilty and has the sole responsibility of bringing peace back to the country.

How can he do that? One way was proposed by the Dink Council of Elders; who suggested that he steps down to save the country from disintegrating further. This will encourage peaceful settlement to the conflict, and open positive avenues for reconciliation and healing to happen among our people.

Instead of us defending our positions to remain in power or flattered the President that he’s good, we should encourage the leaders to be forgiving toward themselves so as to facilitate peace process and reconciliation among the people irrespective of their political affiliation.

Women leaders should aim at facilitating reconciliation process and not be part of the conflict itself, this is because many of them would love to see peace in the country, it becomes ironic if some of them would fuel the war through passing of hateful messages against individuals or community such as that of the Minister.

However, the Nuer women have to take courage, be strong and forgiven to those perpetuators of the genocide, those who hurt us so much and caused a lot of pain and suffering to ourselves and our people, we believe we are innocent and our ethnicity victimized us, we need to pull ourselves together, wipe our tears and embrace forgiveness, knowing that a true justice and accountability will only be done by GOD the CREATOR of the universe.

Many of us are traumatizes, hopeless and desperate for peace, peace within ourselves as victims or survivals of the war, peace around our neighborhood and within our country, we know that this war may have long term effect on us, we may need rehabilitation to cope with reality of destruction, this recovery may be achieve or not. But I would like to encourage us that may we tolerate the situation and allow the blood of our innocent people be used for democratic transformation of the country.

Additionally, we are hoping that our sisters from other tribes of South Sudan should not use this short coming of war situation or our fragility to victimize us openly and use this opportunity for economic or political gains.

The current real situation however, calls for human survivals particularly in states of Uppernile, Jonglie, Unity, we feel aggrieved to see women leaders fabricating support of death, lies, destruction or evil on our people.

In conclusion, let’s learn to be prayerful all the times, learn to love our country above resources and power nationalism, support peace which is just, fair and sustainable and critically propose solutions to the conflict where protection of human life becomes center for a just peace without it we will all be engulf in another difficult situation which can engulf our country including the president.

Long Live South Sudan and her people.

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