Who is Yiey Puoch among alleged rebel Defectors to government

By Lual Magok,


Yiey Puoch Lur, was lured to Juba by from his hide out. Yiey traveled to Juba last week but relative remained in UNMISS Camp(Photo: supplied)

Yiey Puoch Lur, was lured to Juba by from his hide out. Yiey traveled to Juba last week but relative remained in UNMISS Camp(Photo: supplied)

Oct 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This is to provide the people of south Sudan with facts about the alleged defection of rebel members to government sides. We today with second man from the defectors Yiey Puoch.

Hon. Yiey Puoch is best known as fisherman who spend most of his life in the oceans of the United States of America. Yiey from Chiengwau Gajak section in Maiwut County, went primary school and later on went to United States of America for resettlement and was just known for his being a fisherman without any military or political background. When Yiey encountered family issues in USA he decided to ran to South Sudan when peace agreement was almost and he become close supporter of Dr. Riek Machar.

When peace agreement was signed, Yiey was appointed as Hon. Member of parliament representing Maiwut Constituency in the State Parliament and when he made conspiracy in 2009 he was appointed as Commissioner of Maiwut county with help of Bol Ruach who was State director for SSRRC . He promised to support Bol Ruach for the position of Hon. Member of parliament and later on break the promise .

When Yiey was appointed as commissioner he was stranded and unable to perform his duties as commissioner with little education and resorted to excessive drinking till he was removed by Simon Kun for non performance and excessive drink.

When he was removed he joint the opposition against Simon Kun in Juba and because he has no qualifications and due to heavy drinking, he was isolated by the opposition groups. Again he resorted to drinking but alone. When Yiey was almost dying due to effects of excessive drinking yet ran out of money, he decided to go back to USA but on his arrival he was chased away from the house by his wife.

Yiey was forced to join fishermen in the ocean and when he returned from the oceans, he contacted Simon Kun and apologized for all mistakes he made and ask for forgiveness and later on explained the hardship conditions he was undergoing in the fishing bay. He was promised a position for the second time to rescue him from the situation and was appointed as Minister of cabinet affairs in the State government. When he went to office, Yiey again was stranded because he is illiterate who cannot read and write as the job need educated person to perform but little did Kun know that he was employing a fisherman.

When Yiey discovered that he couldn’t do the job, he resorted to excessive drinking and rumors. When the governor learned that the fisherman has no qualifications to run the Ministry, he was sacked due to poor performance in less than 8 months. So Yiey rebelled against the State government.

When fighting erupted in Juba on 15/12/2013 he started to mobilize Jikany youth to attack government installations in Nuer counties and Malakal town. He joint Gen Gathoth Gatkouth on campaign for fighting. He ran to UNMISS on 18/12/2013 before the fighting started in Malakal but continued to mobilize and incite youth to attack Dinka soldiers.

When fighting erupted and the white army captured Malakal town on the 26/12/2013 Yiey came out lobbying for position of deputy governor. His sister and her kids were all killed by government troops and Yiey started mobilizing his body guards to kill innocent dinkas and Shilluk as revenge for his sister and kids .When government forces recapture Malakal town he ran to Canal and then to Lanken where he finally went to Ulang and Nasir county for youth mobilization .When Malakal was recaptured Yiey ordered the killing of Dinka prisoners of war including Capt thon and his body guards.

When Yiey came to Addis Ababa he resumed his excessive drink and was planning to return to USA because he cannot any longer afford money to buy drink but he married another wife which can put his life at great risk from his wife in USA plus accumulated child support waiting for him. Because he was semi literate he know the SPLM/A IO is working on reform to appoint people on merit and he was quite sure he will hardly get any assignment and Yiey decide to make contact with Lual Gatwech who was assigned to Addis Ababa without portfolio to lure desperate individual to government with money . He first met Lual Gatwech in a hotel call Awarraris where Lual spend more than 500 $ for drink and food.

There was allegation that Lual Gatwech later on pay him some money and when the money got finish , Yiey went back to Lual looking for drink. He was connected with Commissioners by Lual and was given money for clothing and later on given room, drink and food in very expensive hotel in expense of Commissioners. He was later on pay 1500$ to settle his outstanding bills and he contacted Simon Kun for forgiveness for third time and he express his interest to rejoin government but fearing to return because of the atrocities he has committed in Upper Nile State against innocent dinkas and Shilluk as revenge to his sister and her children.

When Simon Kun give him assurance for his safety , he started mobilizing other desperate individuals to join him and later on announce his defection to government hoping to be given a car like Mr. James Kan and get money from drink in Juba .

We are urging Gelweng, Mathiang anyar and Shilluk militias to take measures against that drunkard and ask eliminate him as he is the man behind killing many civilians to revenge his sister and children. Any Dinka or Shilluk who lost his love one should make the revenge on that greedy man who has no vision. He has killed your relatives and he is now backing to your end to drink and loot your money again.

The writer is concern south Sudanese and can be reaching via lualmagok@yahoo.com

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