When Will The Prodigal Sons of Gajaak Rejoin Gajaak Community!!

Gajaak community Press

Submitted by Deng Deng,

Gajaak Community

The Gaajaak Community in a community meeting in rebel control zone(Photo: Nyamilepedia version)

Oct 6, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Gajaak community worldwide(Longechuk & Maiwut county) have recently met and made a wide consultations through phone conferences and identify the following persons below as true Gajaak leaders who can die for the cost while others group preferred money over their loved ones who got killed by Kiir Mayardiit and his associates.

The entire Nuer Community from Eastern Nuer(Jikany Kiir), Lou Nuer(Borchar), Central Nuer(Pan-gak) and Western Nuer(Bentiu) cannot fight to defense Dr. Riek Machar’s political ambition to change South Sudan into democratic state, but someone somewhere in Juba had killed us and as a result; Nuer responded and defense their community and their territorial integrity using the combined 70% South Sudan regular forces and the Nuer White Army!

The list of the true Sons and the Daughters of the Longechuk County and the Maiwut County of the present day of Gajaak-Jikany Nuer, who are loyalists and had abandoned Kiir Mayardiit government after thousand of Nuer tribe were murdered in Juba by Warrapt’s tribal guards during Dec, 2013. Below are the names of Gajaak Nuer true leaders whom the history will never forget/bypass due to; what they have stood for as many Nuer had perished or killed by Warrap tribal President/ representative, Mr. Kiir Mayardiit.

Hundreds of children, mothers, fathers and above all, thousands human beings were killed during Longechuk-Mathiang operations by Kiir Mayardiit’s army during May, 2014. The following persons are recognize for standing firm and defense the cost of thousands Nuer murdered by Kiir Mayardiit’s regime.

  1. Maj. General Siddam Chayot Manyang Wur(An army and he is for the country)

2.Gen. Khor Chuol Guit(An army and he is for the country)

  1. Gaj. General Duit Yiech(An army and he is for the country)
  2. Amb. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth(Longechuk County; Amb. Ezekiel; you are an Hero compare to other Nuer and Gajaak money lovers whom some are brought up by you, but have lost Vision and Mission!)
  3. Gov.Dak Duop Bichiok(Longechuk County)
  4. Brig. General Peter Kuach Gaak(RIP) killed in defense of change!
  5. Hon. Bor Gatwech Kuany(Maiwut County)
  6. Breg. General Pal Kun Kek (Longechuk County)
  7. Mr. Lam Chuol Thichuong(RIP)killed by the regime, Juba.
  8. Gatdet Bol Bangoang(Maiwut County)
  9. Hon. Mary Nyawech Put(Longechuk County)
  10. Hon. Stephen Tor Ruon(Longechuk)
  11. Sarah Nyanaath Yoang(Longechuk County)
  12. Commissioner Micheal Ruot Gatkuoth(Longechuk County)
  13. Commissioner Gatluak Riek Jaak(Maiwut County)
  14. Koang Toang(RIP) killed in Juba

The persons below are the master minded who planed and helped Paul Malong Awan in last May, 2014 to temporarily occupied Longechuk County and get rewarded either appointment to ministers, commissioners or other related promised posts by Kiir Mayardiit’s regime. It becomes a system of Kiir Mayrdiit as if you killed your community members; you get promoted because you are nationalism! The list of betrayers and disowned Gajaak officials from Longechuk County and Maiwut County are listed as follow:

  1. Gach Nyuot Yoa(Maiwut County)
  2. Amb. David Buom Choat(Longechuk County)
  3. Mr. Gatluol Gach Nguot(Longechuk County)
  4. Hon. Mat Roun Wur(Longechuk County)
  5. Mr. Chuol Dep Kier(Longechuk County)
  6. Mr. Gach Wuol Guandong(Longechuk County)
  7. Mr. Yiech Puoch Luor(Maiwut County)
  8. Biel Jock Thiich( Maiwut County)
  9. Chol Bol Wur(Longechuk County)
  10. Duop Puok Tiir(Maiwut County)
  11. Paul Biel Chol(Maiwut County)
  12. Changkuoth Beal Diew(Maiwut County)
  13. Martha Nyamal Choat(Maiwut County)
  14. Yach Lul Puok-thewat (Maiwut County)
  15. Gatbel Ruot Gach(Maiwut County)

Thank You,

Gajaak Community International (USA, Canada, Australia, Africa and Europe) have signed this document.

You can reach the authors at dengdeng65@yahoo.com

  1 comment for “When Will The Prodigal Sons of Gajaak Rejoin Gajaak Community!!

  1. April 9, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Isn’t it interesting that the numbers of your leaders who rebelled are 16 and those who remained are 15. Is it not really a community which has divided itself equally? Who will disown who now when you look at the quality and number of these people?


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