South Sudan: Government Lost Battle Tanks in Futile Attempts to Make More Territory Gains

Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang,
Director for Military Information and
Military Spokesman for SPLA (Opposition)

Report N0.97

South Sudanese anti-government soldiers man a tank near Malakal, South Sudan (Photo: via CNN)

South Sudanese anti-government soldiers man a tank near Malakal, South Sudan (Photo: via CNN)

Oct 10, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In the last three weeks, loyalist forces have been shelling our defensive positions in Greater Upper Nile Region including a Relief Center at Kamal in Pigi County, Jonglei State. For over a week, our forces have been closely monitoring unusual movement of government troops and equipment in a number of active Fronts.

In anticipation of imminent attacks, our combat and combat service support units were put on high alert and defensive measures put in place to thwart any attacks. This morning, government troops under overall command of Sector Commander, Lt. Gen. Johnson Gony Beliu launched coordinated attacks on our defensive lines at Dolieb Hills and Zinc south east of Malakal town. Our forces under overall command of Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tangiye and under direct command of Operations Commander, Maj. James Mabor Dhoal acted in self defense and launched counter attacks on loyalist forces.

After just one hour of exchange of small arms, mortar and tank fires and intensive artillery shelling, government troops attacking Dolieb Hills and Zinc fled towards Malakal town with our forces in hot pursuit. While fleeing, Kiir’s troops abandoned two T-72 Tanks and one Anti-Tank (B10) mounted on Toyota pick-up in good condition whereas one APC was destroyed. The loyalists also suffered heavy losses in personnel and more equipment are expected to be collected once searches and mopping operations are completed.

Government’s futile attempts to make more territory gains prompted latest clashes leading to unnecessary loss of lives of dedicated servicemen, destruction of property and habitual violation of Cessation of Hostilities Agreement. The Military Leadership of SPLA calls upon IGAD Special Envoys, the region and international community to condemn government’s intransigence and disregard to efforts geared towards finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing Civil War.

The latest assaults on our positions confirm government’s strong belief in a military solution. SPLA remains committed to all agreements but reserves the right to fight in self-defense.

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