To Who Might Be Naive If Not Nerd in This Crises!

By Yien Lam


UN IDPs protection sites in Bentiu Unity state(Photo: Nyamilepedia/file)

UN IDPs protection sites in Bentiu Unity state(Photo: Nyamilepedia/file)

Oct 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This is reality folks. I am neither surprise nor dismiss the news that is being publicized. The killing of Nuers in many places in South Sudan if not most, is apparent. No doubt about that in views of many.This has been the purpose of the regime since the beginning of this crises. The regime aim was and continues to be as such. In this case, if you choose to work with NGOS and follow the money pass, be it! And make no mistake your life will continue to be in endanger as long as your identity remain Nuer.This is the fact and continues to be so in the days and months  to come.

Believe it or not, this will make no change whether you are mark or markless. This may only be a matter of time for you to dash away. The intention of the regime is fixed and continue to practice what it wants as long as it still in power. In this scenario, anyone who intends to dispute this may have an issue that needs medical attention in my interpretation of it. I have seen this and witnessed it from the very beginning of this crises.

However, whether you are with regime or not, it is not believing in you.No matter what you may be doing. This regime will continue to bluff you because it knows your interest as the once who is not only values his/her pockets also value not, his/her brothers, sisters, mothers and father that were killing by it with  no apparent reason other than being Nuers.In this case though, I blame not the regime cronies in this context rather than novice who continue to believe in the government that killed their people and telling them you are not in it. If these people are not occupied by their pockets in which is not necessarily the case for all rather than some of them, what would make them to believe in the regime that has deliberately killed their kin knowingly in front of them?  Put your thoughts together and think about that question judiciously if you can as an independent thinker.

Nonetheless, as the regime mendaciously reported that this is not a tribal war, what is it? If that is not the case as the government has been saying, how would a stable person describe it while the two cases of kidnapping in Maban as well as malakal were only Nuers, and the victims of the December the 15, 16, and 17 were also Nuers? How a sane person can continue to deny the very reality as such if none other than the regime sycophants? Digest it for your own consumption!

As the matter of fact, some may heed not to any advice. But this is the genuine and the nature of the regime is to kill as much as it can in the pretext of not “tribal war” when in fact it is. If you are out there in which I know, let not yourself be fooled that you are not with “them” you are with “us” and you’re better than them. My friend, I have seen and heard the language as such for long time. It is the true nature of divided and killed instead of divided and rule system that I witnessed in Sudan. Heeding the language as such as an individuals, will in the end allow you to pay an ultimate price of your ambivalences? I know some people are still being blindfolded by their pockets and taking it naively. This is not new to anyone in South Sudan. But let me tell you this, valuing not your country than your pockets is shame on whoever does that now. Not only that, it will eventually takes the very life that you may goofily think you’re saving with the regime. The time for the regime is shrinking day by day.

In this case, however, some may still be ambivalence about this crises as it seems. But the reality is coming without being known by many as the bible says “the coming of son of God will be known by the blowing of the trumpets and only few will hear it.” This is the fact and only people who hear things through their ears not their eyes will understand this for certain. People who are believing in money and friendships may not heed to this change. If you are among those my dear, the wind of change is coming and it will not be heard by many only few.

In addition, to tell you the truth though, if you do not change, change will ultimately does it for you in the end. Whether you like it or not, this regime will not do good things for the country that we all love than destroying it. Therefore, the only thing that the regime is doing now is to appease you individually in order for it to achieve its goal of killing certain group one at the time. Some goofy people mistakenly think that this problem is for Nuer alone. Oh, my friends. This is not the case as you may artlessly think so.This will not be the case as one may have thought naively  as such in a days and months to come.

Moreover, I know there are people who hear things through their eyes than the normal ways other do through their ears. These people are the only ones now paying the ultimate punishment from the regime. If you are the ones who believe through seeing things than earing them, well, wait your own time if you are not already gotten by the regime pals. I am saying this because there will be no point to work in the government or NGOS that are working under the government that does not like your people and thinking goofily as different with your own. How would that be possible in your own thinking?

Finally, as long the war still dragging on, the ambivalent individuals will continue to bear an ultimate price of suffering. Whether they like it or not, “them” and “us” is applying to the regime encircles despite being the devoted soldier, civil servant, government officials and minister. The mist of being who you are will still haunt you in your effort as long as this regime leader still being your boss. Otherwise, you need to think independently about your future.

The author is the concerned South Sudanese that can be reached at

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