Revealed: A “Spectacular” Briefing By Dr. Majak Agot in Arizona, USA!

Updated at 10:15pm, 27th Oct, 2014(PST)

 The former deputy minister of defense and veteran affairs, Dr. Majak Agot reveals facts about the South Sudan conflict in Arizona, USA(Photo: past file/Bundeswehr/Aschert/Andreas Aschert)

The former deputy minister of defense and veteran affairs, Dr. Majak Agot reveals facts about the South Sudan conflict in Arizona, USA(Photo: past file/Bundeswehr/Aschert/Andreas Aschert)

October 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Members of South Sudanese community of Arizona, USA, who attended Dr. Majak Agot’s weekend briefing in Arizona, confessed to Nyamilepedia, that the former deputy minister of defense and veteran affairs reveals, “in a spectacular briefing”, many facts and truth about the 10-month conflict in the world’s newest nation, South Sudan.

According to the reports extended to Nyamilepedia’s editorial team, the former political detainee, Dr. Majak, was invited to Arizona on October 24th by the Dinka Bor and Twic East communities.

Dr. Majak held a “well-attended” briefing on Saturday, 25th October, 2014. The attendants attest that the briefing cleared many doubts on the conflict.

“Dr. Majak made briefing on Oct 25, 2014 and  all South Sudanese in the cities of Arizona attended the briefing. South Sudanese in Arizona were very satisfied with Dr. Majak Agot’s explanations about what put the country, South Sudan, where it is today.” part of the Arizonans report reads.

In his speech, Dr. Majak elaborated on the following:

  • The was no coup in Juba; and as “we won the case in Juba, I can assure you that I can still win it even in this room if any body still believes that there was a Coup”
  • President Salva Kiir trained 15, 000 militias from Dinka tribe, who were recruited from the two states of Warrap and Northern Bhar el Ghazal. These forces are responsible for the genocides committed in Juba.
  • Nuer were massacred in thousands by president Kiir’s private army.

The attendees reiterate that Dr. Majak encouraged the South Sudanese communities to work collectively to encourage peace in the country and to enlighten the international community on the South Sudan conflict.

Dr. Majak encourages other communities to join Nuer community during protests and other public rallies to create awareness in the west.

“Dr. Majak encourages the South Sudanese Diaspora to work together and join Nuer community during demonstrations whether in New York (to get UN Security Council attention), Washington D.C (for US Congresses) or at state level to get American friends inform about the genocide Kiir Mayardiit had committed.” the Arizonans report explains.

“Dr. Majak Agot encourages Diaspora to talk to their American friends and tell them that, Kiir is not any longer a President of the country due to massacre he committed against one tribe, Nuer and thereafter, many lives were lost.” the report continued.

Dr. Majak blames the South Sudan president, Salva Kiir, for the conflict in the country and confessed that the SPLM party and the government have lost visions.

Majak admits that Salva Kiir has turned the party and the government into tribal entities. However, Dr. Majak confesses that the whole Dinka tribe does not support or benefit from Salva Kiir’s government.

“Dr. Majak said, SPLM during Kiir leadership becomes a tribal party and many South Sudanese look at it as Dinka party and I do agree with them. The government is perceived as Dinka government and it was Kiir who implemented that policy of tribal domination.” the summary report reiterates.

“But in reality, it’s not all the Dinka that benefits from SPLM, only small portion from Dinka Bhar-El-Gazel enriched with this party.” the summary report continued.

Questions and Answers:

Towards the end of his speech, Dr. Majak opened up the forum for the audience to seek clarifications. One South Sudanese asked; “what about the 1991?”, while trying to connect the recent conflict to past conflicts. Majak reportedly ascertained that “I don’t live in the past, but in the [present] and future”.

“Dr. Majak was also asked about who will be responsible for the atrocities committed during this 10 months  crisis? Dr. Majak said, anythings that had happened will be squarely blamed on Kiir Mayardiit because it was Kiir who imposed war against his opponents.” the report reads.

After a short moment of silence, Dr. Majak asked the seemingly satisfied audience of why some people blame Dr. Riek Machar for declaring his interest to run for presidency, which has been constantly cited by the government supporters as a prove for the alleged coup.

Majak clarifies that Dr. Riek, like other South Sudanese politicians, has a constitutional right to declare his interest in any position of power in the country and went on to elaborate that it was not only Dr. Machar who declared interest in SPLM chairmanship and presidency.

“Dr. Riek declared his intention to run for SPLM chairman during the SPLM political Bureau meeting in March, 2013 when the SPLM convention was only two months away. And by the way, it was not only Dr. Riek Machar who was interested to run for the SPLM party’s chairmanship alone, but also comrade Pagan Amum, comrade Rebecca Nyandeng and comrade James Wani Igga also revealed their interest to run against Kiir during the SPLM convention.”

The former Deputy Minister of defense urges the South Sudanese to speak out the truth irregardless of their tribes.

“For south Sudanese tribes to live in peace, facts must be told and I cannot hide what had happened in Juba just because I am a Dinka”. Dr. Majak said.

Mr. Agot, further blames the “Bor Youth” who accepted the responsibility of having killed the Nuer IDPs in UN Compound in Bor.

Such statement provoked another question; “what about the killings of Bor civilians by Lou Nuer white army in Bor?”, but Dr. Majak responded that “if Nuer were not killed in Juba, nobody would have been killed in Malakal,  Bentiu or else where”.

“Dr. Majak said, its Nilotic culture, if you killed somebody’s loved one, then, expects the revenge and that is what the Nuer had done and they cannot be blamed for that.” the summary report reads.

Majak was also asked to clarify why his group, the G-10,  decided to be “neutral” and refused to join either of the warring sides, however, he responded that “to participate in war, is an individual’s choice and If I don’t join the war on Dr. Riek’s side, it’s my choice and nobody would encourage me to do so”

Deng Deng from Arizona, who contributed to this report, can be reached at

  9 comments for “Revealed: A “Spectacular” Briefing By Dr. Majak Agot in Arizona, USA!

  1. October 28, 2014 at 11:54 am

    son of bitch Nuer f your mom in 1991 you know what I can not belive majak Agot will turn his back to slava kiir with out kiir will be no majak today you guys dinka Bor were not Real dinka go with those who f your mothers in past and day to come


    • October 28, 2014 at 10:58 pm

      Chol please not all Dinak bor and even not all twi east to tell you the trust 99% of both Twi east and greater bor are not with Majak Agoot. It is Majak Agoot and mama Nyadeng who forgot what Riak did to his people in the past; because the need position! Thanks


    • October 28, 2014 at 11:54 pm

      it was political cloying statement. These are tactics and ways for maneuvering for political gain. majak is prodigious devil that he is trying hard to deception and win the hearts and minds of few gullible individuals in the gathering and beyond.


    • November 3, 2014 at 3:06 pm

      John M Chol be educated person do u belief this news company? Majak can be a rebel but he will not say those words in present of Dinkas. think before u act.


  2. October 29, 2014 at 5:02 am

    if Majak is saying that the past can not be mentioned than why is majak mention those killed in Juba alone and neglected those were killed in Bor in 91 and Bentiu malkal those who where killed in Juba should not been


  3. October 29, 2014 at 5:09 am

    There must be something behind majak mind, but what I can say is that majak is covering himself and I am sure no one believed on what he stated in Arizona; only followers and food lover can believe his speech apart from nil.


  4. October 29, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    You are right brother. Majak is claiming that their leadership has been taken away from them as said the born to rule people and that is in Majak Agot mind.He forget how the got that freedom.We all know with out the two State Majak have mention we was n,t have called South Sudan.My friend you know it two State fought for you to get your Ass out from slave with in your own Country. Two State are protecting people of South Sudan from enemy like you Majak Agot enemy no 1


  5. March 26, 2015 at 11:31 am

    you will continue write , write and white no
    solution to the problem without kiir. .


  6. Atem Deng Atem
    August 11, 2015 at 12:49 am

    My dinka should know that south Sudan is not ours and we can’t let ourselves to be spoil by one person (kiir) so kiir wanted to killed two bird with one stone; this is to create war on nuer to make a revenge with the nearby dinka (bor)
    thank majak for being clear!


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