Lou Nuer Youth: We do not want any proposal that maintain Salva Kiir as a president instead of resignation.

Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)     Nuer Youth Union In Ethiopia support 21 states in federal democracy(Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)

We do not want any proposal that maintain Salva Kiir as a president instead of resignation. (Photo: customized by Nyamilepedia editors)

Nov 7, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — On behalf of Lou Youth and Nuer youth in general, we would like to express our strongly objection on any proposal that shall keep Salvaholic Kiir as the head of government of South Sudan.

Let the world understand very well that Salva kiir has killed and divided the people of South Sudan directly and indirectly, therefore there is no single reason to reward him again with more blood of the people whom he have destroyed and divided.

Salva Kiir will never bring peace but more bloodshed to the people South Sudan in general, and among the Nuer and Dinka in particular. In his office before his own invented war, he was targeting Nuer people in the policy. He has retired several Nuer generals by putting them in non-active lists. How will his policy be now after confronting with Nuer? We cannot accept vulnerability in our wake.

Our grievance as Lou Nuer community, we are strongly objecting his proposal as a leader again, his policy has been a great threat to us by targeting disarmament against our community, the Lou Nuer.  In term of development, he has failed to achieve anything apart from this war and division, for that reason he has no national agenda to reunite the people of South Sudan again.

We object any move that maintain Salva Kiir as a head of state. We therefore demand to know why Salvaholic Kiir regime targets Nuer tribe in the mid Dec 2015. We demand to know why Salva Kkiir brought UPFD to kill us? We want to know why Salva Kiir brought JEM and SPLA-N to kill us?

Unless he tells us, through a legitimate court of law, the reason of the killing, we will never be free to live under him and we will not accept to hand down our gun for any peace that maintains Salva Kiir as the head of the government while thousand people are in UN protection sites because of him and million flew the country because of him.

Let me assure you, Lou Nuer will not be part of any peace deal that maintains Salva Kiir as a head of State. We will never recognize Salva Kiir as the president because he loss all his legitimacy by killing and dividing the nation. Under him there will never be a peace in South Sudan.

IGAD has prolonged this crisis, therefore, we want you to hand it over to UN so that they assume your mandate to bring peace to our country. We do not want IGAD to stand still, wasting time, by deceiving the people of South Sudan that they are going to bring peace.  They are not working toward peace instead of wasting time in order to reach dry season where they will send join military support to the regime to fight the voice of democracy.

The IGAD, comprise of groups dictators some of whom were facing their own internal problem in their respective country, so, they can never be flank when dealing with East African affairs. But, among African leaders no one has reached the level that Salva Kiir has reached in term of killing his own people. He has killed more than thousands of people of South Sudan in his own making war.

So African leaders need to isolate him, for he is a power greedy leader who kills his people for him to remain in power. We demand the world to isolate him financially, so that he will stop thinking of wining the war militarily through the resources donated by the good-hearted nations for the development of South Sudan.

The world should isolate Salva Kiir from providing military and financial support to kill and divide the people of South Sudan. We know that there are number of country who are standing behind the regime. You need to know that your efforts or supports for this dictatorial regime is increasing the suffering of South Sudan citizens. You will be hold accountable for your contribution on this crisis.

He should be isolated totally due to the fact that he has subjected the people of South Sudan in unwanted situation. We will remember and considered him as the curse and big insult to the people of South Sudan, given the situation he has created. That is the legacy he deserves after contributing nothing but death to South Sudan for over 40 years.

Signed by;

The Chairman of Lou Nuer Youth
James Yien Bor ,
South Sudan

Email: belkwenywhar@hotmail.com

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