Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Stands Firm Behind Lith Payam’s Chiefs

By Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA,

Twi East-Map

Source: SPLMToday

Nov 8, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Recently release article titled, “Twic East’s ‘missing’ district hampers humanitarian response” Published by Sudan Tribune web-site on 11/07/2014

We are stand behind you Hon. Chiefs of Lith Payam: Chief Awandit Ajang, Chief Ayiikdit Maluk and others from Abek and Adhiok Clans. Whatever it takes, we stand behind you guys. This is really a disgrace and those who were behind this bad behaviors will face any kind of punishments from Greater Twic East Community and wouldn’t just Adhiok and Abek Clans of Wernyol city, Lith Payam.

To a sure you our leaders of Lith Payam, we have discovered two individuals who are behind this evil doing against Abek and Adhiok Clans, they have done this before against Nyuak Payam and the rest of Twic East Communities. These two individuals are from Kongor section of Padol. We will not generalize Kongor Clan this time until we have gone deep to this problem. Here they are: Mr. Diing Akol Diing, the former Twic East County commissioner, also he is currently in Jonglei State Local government as Advisor, the position whom he used to be heading before Jonglei State Acting Gov. Mr. John Kong Nyuon took over governorship post after former Governor, Mr. kuol Manyang Juuk. The other man is Mr. Chol Aruei [Chol-Amot] and few of theirs we will not mentioned here though for now. Everybody knows these two individuals bad records when they were holding Twic East County’s Commissioners’ post before they move to Jonglei State and South Sudan’s government levels’ jobs where they are now still harming Twic East Community at large.

Let’s start with Mr. Chol Aruei [Chol-Amot] who is currently heading South Sudan Statistic and Census Department in GOSS. This man was the one who undersized every Clans or Payams [Districts] of Eastern Twi Dinka or Twic East County in 2008 census. To those who read and write, you might notice that the Kongor Payam or Clan was having big population over others Twic East Clans or Payams populations in that matter. Do you Twic East citizens believe that? We don’t believe that at all, because Kongor Clan itself might not surpasses Adhiok and Ayual Clans in populations or five of each Clans of Ajuong and Pakeer Payams either or Nyuak Payams with there big Clans of Ayual, Dachuek and Awulian either in our believe. this claims of ours is being supported by some citizens within Kongor Clan or Payam. “Truth matter over wherever you come from.” By Woi Ngong

Mr. Diing Akol is now known for:

  1. The road that did disadvantage Ajuong and Pakeer Payams in Twic East County when he was Commissioner
  2. Creating controversial idea of Chiefs elections in Jonglei State, the idea we now know has even caused death and an ending quarrels among communities of State of Jonglei upto now
  3. His responses when Ajuong and Pakeer massacre while people losing their lives is another evidence against Mr. Diing Akol Diing
  4. His collaborations with some people from Kongor Clan that did reject the buried of Archdeacon Joseph Mabior Garang in Panyagor [2009] until his body taken and buried in Pongborong village of Ayual Clan. Meanwhile Panyagor which is the Headquarter of Twic East County was refused, and it is belongs to citizens of Twic East County’s Citizens
  5. Twic East County money laundry for his own benefits and nepotism, when ask about that, he will just reply people in wrong language
  6. Controlling all positions right now in Jonglei State through an exclusion of other Twic East County’s Payams’ citizens. For instance, these individuals are all from Kongor Payam or Clan who are are now controlling essential positions there: Mr. Diing Akol-Jonglei State government Advisors, the position he used to be the headman, State Speaker, Peter Deng from Kongor Payam [Though, Peter is the only individual Twi citizens has credited for his good works towards Twi people among these individuals], Duot Ajang Duot from Kongor Payam is now holding high position in State government as well. Who knows there might be more there from Kongor Clan
  7. Mr. Diing Akol and Mr. Chol Aruei and the rests are now busiest scaming church in the name of Kongor Diocese. They created their own Diocese for scam reasons against Twi East County citizens and not truly God purposes, Twic East Episcopal diocese is headed by Kongor Bishop, the new Kongor Diocese is being headed by Knogor person, etc. What is going here people?
  8. Just to name a few and more might come out later on.

According to reliable source, the missing Lith Payam [District] was not just happen this year though but it was done in 2012 by Mr. Chol Aruei [Chol-Amot] when South Sudan’s map was released that year from his Department of South Sudan Statistic and Census. Please check that map (above) here: In this map you will find that, the entire Greater Twic East area was named as Kongor, Pawel town was named as Kongor, and the other four Payams of Twic East County.

Our warning if this issue is not solve immediately:

  1. We call Jonglei State and South Sudan’s governments to investigated the aforementioned individuals for there wrong doings
  2. We advise you Abek and Adhiok Clans Youths not to takes laws in your hands yet until maybe the end of this year. Just be prepare if this matter is not solve immediately. The action wouldn’t be Abek & Adhiok Clans only but the whole citizens of Twic East County might go against these perpetrators too
  3. These individuals had been overlooked by Twic East County citizens for so long. Started with them causing problems within Nyuak Payam’s communities, causing problem within Abek, the undersized of Eastern Twic Dinka population by Mr. Chol Aruei’s Statistic and Census in expenses of his Kongor Clan [2008], and so forth. We think our people, these two people are not going to get away with their dirties works against Twi people this time
  4. We believe that the majority of Twic East Citizens now know what this thing will complicated again due to background histories between Adhiok and Kongor Clans. Thus, we summon our intellectuals to intervene immediately, especially you these intellectuals: Commissioner & Hon. Daau Akoi Jukuc, Hon. Deng Daau, Hon. Atem Garang, Hon Bior Ajang Duot, Dr. Lual Achuek, and the rests
  5. If this issue is not solve immediately, you people know it might rekindle both Adhiok and Ayual Clans to reclaimed back two towns of Pawel and Panyagor through any means in whatsoever. We just say it because you never know what happen when things have gone from good to worse. Furthermore, Ayual Clan might claims back their name “Kongor” back as well. We thanks our citizens for good works, to let out intellectuals accountable. Your contributions has help us to put this information.

Thank you all,

The Press Released and signed by Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Executive Committee on behalf of our citizens

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