Former Minister Brutally Murdered And Dumped Over Her Piece of Land

Updated at 12:30pm, Nov 12, 2014.

Later Cecilia Oba Tito, the former Mayor of Yei town(Photo: file)

Later Cecilia Oba Tito, the former Mayor of Yei town(Photo: file)

Nov 10, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Hon. Cecilia Abai, the former minister of Cabinet Affairs of the Central Equatoria State and the Fomer Mayor of Yei town was brutally murdered on Friday last week.

According to relatives, late Cecilia was picked from her house along with her office manager at gun point, however, Cecilia never return.

According to Suba Samuel, the information minister for the Central Equatoria State, the bodies of Hon. Obai and her office manager were discovered 24 hours later, shopped in pieces and dumped in Jebel.

“It was around three to four O’clock in the evening when finally the police found the bodies dumped in Jebel,” Suba Samuel, CES information minister, explained.

According to the relatives, late Cecilia Oba was hit on her head using a hummer while her office manager was hit using panga. The minister and others government officials who visited the site described the brutal killing as inhuman and cruel.

“We personally went there to see the situation; we found that the Mayor and the office manager were brutally killed and were just dumped in the house which is still under construction.” Minister Suba explains.

“And we came to learn that the house, under construction, actually belonged to the Mayor.” Hon. Suba said.

Although the minister lacked details on the motives of her killing, relatives report that Hon. Cecilia was involved in a land dispute with unidentified General in the government.

The general allegedly claims the plot under construction, insisting that he bought the land from unidentified owner. The general, however, failed to produce both the title deed and the alleged owner.

The information minister, however, said “we cannot preempt or speculate any motive behind this assassination unless the police reported out”

The bodies of late Cecilia and her late officer manager were taken to Church on Sunday morning ,and later to Central Equatoria state parliament after which, the body of Cecilia was flown to Yei and finally to her ancestral home in Kargulo, a suburb of Yei municipality.

Late Cecilia served as the Mayor of Yei Municipality from October 2013 to September this year.

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