Response To Gen. Kuol Manyang’s Warmongering Attitude and Bulling of Women and Youth!

By Brig  Gen Isaac Nhial Wich Lok,


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December 13, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudan Dinka Government Minister of Defense Kuol Manyang and his associates must swallow their bitterness. Declaring the end of rebellion in Greater Upper Nile just because they captured the Headquarter of Fangak County, Phom el Zharef, and because of graduating 3000 child soldiers is a pure ignorance.

Manyang and his coward associates, Salva Kiir, Malong Awan, among other warmongers, must know better that they had months and years to recruit and train upto 15,000 tribal militia, hire foreign mercenaries and sacked their targets from the positions of power in the government and military, yet, when the war broke out in December they begged every country for military support, otherwise, their government would have been toppled by Maj.Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka alone. In fact they lost 13 battles to the underestimated, “young boys”, the unprepared Nuer civil defense, the white army, who fought with spears and light weapons after being provoked by the Juba massacres.

Any further war from now must be considered wisely instead of tribal rants. The rebels have captured tanks and artillery within the last 12 months, and there are possibilities that they may get supports from merciful nations. Manyang and coward Malong Awan should never have killed women and children, and even their cattle using cluster bombs if they were men enough to face these brave generals and their white armies. The recent chants in Bor during graduation of only 3000 child soldiers are just crocodiles tears, Salva Kiir will be slaughtered like the children and women that he killed should this war continue

I could easily see where these thugs get their rants from. Capturing of one town, Phom El Zaraf, can never win this war. The history has it that, in November, Kuol Manyang promised that – “we will finish this exercise in three days, this is not 1991″ – but when the hell broke lose in December, 2013, Kuol was the first to collapse and his life was only restored in Kampala, Uganda, after Museveni repeated the same rant of capturing Machar in 4 days. Today, both Manyang and Museveni are losers, and only God knows what they would have to do to erase the history.

What broke Kuol’s heart was that Machar did yet again escape their tribal plot even in spite of the Ugandan warmonger president. To worst of his expectations, the sons of Bor lost more than five military generals in matter of weeks while attempting to follow Riek Machar out of Juba. More than five battalions all succumbed to the well trained major General Gatdet Yaka. At such times Kuol almost died from a combination of heart-attack and diabetes. If Museveni did not intervened and sent 24,000 Ugandans and Rwandans, Kuol Manyang would never set his foot again in Bor. Until today the home of cowards is still protected by the foreign mercenaries while Kuol Manyang is running is big mouth, bullying women and youth, that he will put skirts on men who fail to join his tribal pursuit of power. How many sons does Kuol has in Bor town or any other front line?

We are telling Kuol Manyang that his only chance to defeat the rebels was only in December 2013 because of Gelweny, Ugandans and foreign rebels who joined the war to loot our property. The time you failed to capture Riek Machar, and of course the world know your weaknesses and failures from all the atrocities that ensured in Jonglei state during your dictatorial rule in that state. You never even managed to defend your own tribe from the insignificant David Yau Yau, who fought with less than 2,000 men. Now you want to fight Jundi Iraq and Gen. Dau Atorjong, who command over 200 thousand troops? May God forbid for your own sake!

General Kuol Manyang, how many times have you ever defeat the white army in the last 40 years? The world know that your people, the native of Bor, are overcrowded on Equatorian land all the way to Nimule at the Ugandan border yet they are still the majority in foreign countries because you, their heroes, have always failed to protect them. Why should they now come to defend your bread? We must assure you that this time, it is not only the white army you re fighting against. You are fighting well trained white armies and generals that include General Deng Dau, among other sons of Bor and Twice East. Instead of preaching war, you must preach peace; otherwise, you must know that you have a zero chance to win this war. Maybe you will only be pleased many when you receive news of more death in Upper Nile. For the last five years that you ruled Jonglei state, you fitted the Lou-Nuer and Murle against one another, and this one of the reason that your deputy was among the first diplomats to denounce your tyrannical rules in the country. Kuol has been a war monger in the history of SPLM/SPLA and only the history will judge him.

Kuol before you blackmail the sons of cattle keepers and poor dinkas, you must return your sons from Diaspora and dressed them up in military uniform or skirts as examples to the sons of poor men in the villages. Failure to do so, you will join the front line to defend your own bread instead of wishing the sons of poor Dinka to die in defend of your empty tribal promises. How many widows did you buy skirts when you were the governor of Jonglei state? Why would you buy men skirts when you can’t feed their widows when they died while defending your tribal government? Kuol remember you lost this war in 1990s and you will lose it again. So, it is useless to blackmail the innocent poor South Sudanese.

As per the history of Nuer, Pangak in this case, try to read through colonial books, which vividly tells that the colonial wars subsided after attempts to conquer Pangak Nuer territory. This is where Prophet Ngundeng prophetically transformed the Anglo-Egyptians into marabou storks (“kiel”) when they attempt to extend their colonial rules in late 19 century into the interior of Nuerland. Although subsequent attempts in the early 1900s managed to penetrate into Lou-Nuer land and subsequently disrupted inhabitance at Wech-Deng after the death of Ngundeng, and the ultimate capturing of Ngundeng’s son – GuekNgun-deang-  in 1929 and the temporary establishment of colonial administration at Wathgoal Luong Rial was never declared by the Britain as a victory or a conquer over the Nuer nation. Instead, the colonial masters shortly thereafter realized that the Nuer headquarters had been moved to Rek Thiliek, which is today known as Old Pangak. The white man gave up in pursuing the Nuer.

This history has again repeated itself within the last 12 months of conflict. After your government invested $ 1.5 billion US dollars on weapons and mercenaries, in addition to your massive training that was graduated in April, your forces, through Nuer traitors conspiracies, managed to capture the historic town of Nasir but today the brave Generals have establish another Historic Centre at Pagak, just a few kilometers away from Nasir. This is where the world has yesterday witnessed a world-class conference that was attended by over 3,000 attendants, a more successful convention than your rubbishes in Juba. We must assure you that, if you next interest is Pagak or Fangak, we can let you come in to burn them down, however, the end will justify that our people never surrender. They always win!  SPLM/SPLA -IO will never be intermediated nor will we quite or give up to those cowards thugs and murderers in Juba.

The only thing that we still demand from our competence and well-trained Command in Chief of the soon to be South Sudan Armed Forces, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, and his brave Deputy, Lt Gen. Alfred Lado Gore, and the SPLM/SPLA- IO Chief Mediator, Lt Gen. Taban Deng Gai, is to convince our military high commands to often not just express their gratitude for our services and sacrifices but to explain, and firmly justify, why these sacrifices are necessarily for a just cause; why our fight is noble; why this cause is ultimate, and must prevail. This is necessary because when the SPLA-IO soldiers and the Nuer Civil defense forces (white army) put theirs lives at the bar, they need to be assured that the Commander-in Chief, who leads by examples, in peace and in war, believes in their mission. The generals must not concentrate on peace talks, and Dr. Machar must create enough rooms for the military generals to deploy their strategic military plans as deem necessary to defeat Kuol Manyang and his incompetence god, Salva Kiir, if they choose war.

Instead for us to control the Greater Upper Nile, we must be prepared to capture and defend Greater Barh el zhal and Greater equatorial. This must be done, otherwise, fighting the wars in our Greater Upper Nile region give these warmongers of Salva Kiir the chance to destroy our property and kill more of our innocent people every day. Capturing of Equatoria region would be easy than defending the Greater Upper Nile. We already have many fighters in the bushes of Equatoria and even in Juba but they must be triggered and supported to minimize disruption and destruction of property and lives the region. With maximum coordination and plans, Salva Kiir and Kuol Manyang will not escape!

Last but not least, we thanks the leadership of SPLM and organizers of the Historic Pagak Conference. A history has been once again set straight in this country. Pagak will remain in the history as the mother of Democracy and Governance. The unity that was shown here and the resolutions that were unanimously passed here will set the roadmap for a lasting peace in this country. As agreed, SalvaKir must be a ceremonial president while the Prime Minister must run the government to save many lives and the sovereignty of this nation. The SPLM/SPLA-IO and the SPLM/SPLA-Juba must be united and work in mutual respect to give peace a chance in this country.

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