Breaking News: South Sudan Lawyers’ Conspiracy To “WIN” Election!

AcuitDec 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In their letter, entitled Ref: Appeal For Support to Make SPLM Wins Elections of South Sudan Bars Association, and signed by Acuil Malith Bangol, the National Secretary, for the SPSOs/SPLM National Secretariat, the SPLM Lawyers’ League (SPLM/LL) have laid out an intensive plan to whitewash the none-SPLM Candidate(s) in the upcoming election.

The lawyers – while appealing to the SPLM National Chairman, his deputy Wanni Igga, and other top cadres in Salva Kiir’s SPLM faction that include Kuol Manyang Juuk, Awet Akot, Martin Majut Yak and Ann Itto, the acting Secreatry General – are seeking support to silence the top SPLM Cadres, who are believed to support the non-SPLM candidate:

“SPLM National and states leadership to engage Cde Barnaba Korino (0956038333) and Cde Emmanuel Abraham Gandi (0927355990) to shift their allies from supporting candidacy of a presumed none SPLM candidate predictable to champion a honest aspiration of majority votes, the young lawyers” reads the lawyers’ appeal.

“Majority young lawyers’ aspiration is made possible by Barnaba and Gandi in rallying them to remove alleged patronage in approving Bar Certification and in granting authority of Commission of Oath to new lawyers” the lawyers strongly emphasized.

The lawyers, spearheaded by Mr. Acuil, urge the SPLM leadership, under Salva Kiir Mayardit, to support the SPLM Candidate, Gamer El Deen, financially and physically, to win the upcoming election.

Mr. Acuil urges the SPLM Chairman, Salva Kiir and his Deputy James Wani to meet the proposed candidate at the SPLM House, in a media campaign and in present of members of SPLM, to lure public perception.

“SPLM Chairman and SPLM Deputy Chair to give audience and moral boosting to CdE Gamer Eldeen by meeting him in SPLM House witnessed by the media and members of SPLM in legal fraternity. That shall reflect the SPLM stance behind candidacy of Cde Gamer El Deen”.

The lawyers’ league urges Salva Kiir’s leadership to grant financial support and a car to boost the status of the chosen SPLM Candidate to win public support.

The league pledges that their candidate, being from the ruling party, must win the election to polish the judicial roles, and influence judicial processes within the SPLM and the country at large.

The league states that the “SPLM conditioned its candidate to success to commit support”:

  1. “Easing the process of certification of lawyer collaboratively with judiciary and Ministry of justice and”;
  2. “SPLM led government to contribute towards the cost of building Bar Association House and SPLM shall establish Legal Development and Training School to help young lawyers to master law and Enghlish Language”.

The leagues believes that the SPLM must establish a stronger legal foundation, the SPLM League, in order to boost its mobilization in the country.

“To boost its mobilization SPLM shall establish SPLM legal fraternity by forming SPLM Lawyers League that shall include advocates and all certified legal professional practicing, teaching and legal counselors.” The appeal ends.

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