By Ter Manyang Gatwech, Kampala, Uganda,



Ter Manyang …

31st December, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I would like to thanks God for blessing the year 2013/2014 at Cavendish University Uganda, which stands out as one my best years in my academic life. My gratitude is also gone to my late father Michael Manyang Gatwech Gatchang, who taught me to be the strong man that I am today. I complete my Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Public Administration and Management today. (BAPAM) I invite you all for my gradation day on 13th, 20th, and 27th of November, 2015.

Special thanks gone to my  Parents:
Namely;   my mothers,Nyajany Ruot Michael,Martha Michael,Nyabol Michael and Nyakoang Michael, thank you so much for always being willing to help me out and for your love and also my brothers and sisters namely; Rebecca Nyajuma Manyang, Teresa Nyawal Manyang, Chol Manyang, Nyamouch Manyang, Nen Manyang, Gawar Manyang, Gatwech Manyang,thank you so much for your good morals throughout the time, when am not around.

Special thanks gone to my  lecturers:
I would like to thank you for the knowledge you have given me when I was at Cavendish University and their names as follow; Madam Philomena, Madam Susan Bantebya, Mr.Sengiar and Mr.Muganzi Enson for showing me your kindness and acceptance at Cavendish University.

Special thanks gone to my  classmates:
Namely; Marko Akch Diew,Mr.Ali, Francis Beek Beek,Mrs.Male.N.Irene, Conny Akello,Ceasar Likambo, and Lodu Gworit for your cooperation you have  shown in class throughout the time. I thank you so much for electing me as a class coordinator for one year in the faculty of Social-Economic Sciences in Cavendish University.

Special thank gone to my assistance:
Maj.Gen.Thomas Duoth Guet, the Director of External Security, South Sudan, our newly Bishop, Thomas Tut Gauy, former Member of Parliament Hon: James Diu Chak Lam,Rebecca Nyakerah Yak Puol, James Theam Duot, Dok James,   and Peter Par Diu. I thank you for your efforts, financial and word of encouragement support you were given to me as to enhance my education through your contribution and advises. I do appreciate you that spirited and keep it up for whom is need of your assistance, God grant us as a mankind we will never forget God, I refer this to your contribution and I will never forget you forever and ever.

Special thanks gone to my  University
Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) I do highly appreciate the Administration of my University specially the Board of Directors, Lecturers for the professional skills which they were tirelessly energetic and for their efforts to take us through the all phases toward the end of the course, hence for their high professional qualifications am now qualify to carry out my duties and tasks without facing any difficulties nor supervision from somebody else. Thank you all and I wish you all Happy New Year.

By Ter Manyang Gatwech, chairperson of Gawaar Community in Ugnada. Just pending for his graduation day on 13th, 20th, 27th of Novermber, 2015. You can contact me through email address;

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