Let 2015 Be A Year of Freedom to Journalists!

Editorial Analysis

Chief Editor,Nyamilepedia (file photo)

January 4th, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — Since I started practicing Journalism, beginning from the year 2009 , after my training by South Sudan Radio and Television (SSTV/R), to date I wrote only three articles that were too controversial out of two thousands articles (2,000) I have written extensively with Active Nation Newspaper in 2009 up to 2010 as a regular columnist. Furthermore, as well with Sudan Tribune Newspaper that was changed to South Sudan Tribune Newspaper in 2011 after Independence, The Citizen Newspaper, South Sudan News Agency (SSNA), Upper Nile Times (UNT), Nyamilepedia, South Sudan.Net, South Sudan Nation and Sudan Tribune website where I usually writes regularly.

I have been analyzing national issues, not personal agenda as some people claims and i have been having insecurity in the Republic of South Sudan up to now and I don’t blame them due to the fact that, most of the people who are violating human rights and rule of law lack intellectual dynamism in them.

I know some people are jealous with my approaches on number of issues concerning the Republic of South Sudan but I know one day, some individuals will come to their normal senses and they will begin appreciating me for my contributions about South Sudan. I have written extensively (articles) before the Independence of South Sudan. Who can says I have not participated in the lobbying for recognition of South Sudanese Independency Internationally, regionally and nationally? I tried my level best in 2009 to 2010 where I use to analyzed issues that were calling for self-determination when I was working with William Ezekiel, The Chief Editor of the Sudan Tribune Newspaper that became South Sudan Tribune Newspaper after Independence of South Sudan in 2011. Am a South Sudanese by Nationality not by adaptation and anything I write has got meaning and logic.

Truly speaking, in 2013 when crisis occurred, I was captured and arrested in Gida (Military Intelligence) in Juba for a week , by God grace I was released and I came immediately to the exile up to date. Absolutely, I have been going through serious intermediations from some government officials, individuals for the last six years (6 years) and half but I do ignored them because they have not known what they are talking about.
Hence, I therefore call upon the people who are against Journalists to respect the professionalism and allow freedom of expression, association, human rights and democratization processes in the Republic of South Sudan. I MUST continue with my work as a professional Journalist and continue doing the needful to the people of South Sudan in order for them to know what is going on in the Country whether in day time or night times.

I have chosen Journalism in order to enlighten, inform, and educate the world and people of South Sudan who do not know their rights and freedom. My mission on earth as Journalist is to fulfill the watchdog function. For those who feel up said because of my writings, therefore they should rather appreciates my work or die with heart attract always. I must continue and continue informing the world about the corruption cases, nepotism, genocide carried out in Juba in the year 2013 until , International Criminal Court (ICC) come to South Sudan and begin persecuting the culprits who have been killings civil population in mass graves in Juba and other parts of the Country.

Let 2015 be the blessing to the people of South Sudan!

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